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manchen              wirtin              kriminalist              baronin              polizist              newlinsky              dunskus              rechtsanwalt              brausewetter              direktor              vertreter              bendow              thimig              angestellter              staatsanwalt              redakteur              schauspieler              dumcke              generaldirektor              karchow              jerschke              offizier              harbacher              theaterdirektor              studienrat              schafheitlin              zofe              kellnerin              hotelportier              betrunkener              schutzengel              verehrer              pledath              ministerialrat              gutsverwalter              kammerdiener              kolldehoff              gstettenbaur              eybner              besitzer              auftritt              tochter              mediziner              kommissar              besondere              zigeunerin              garderobiere              zuschauer              meyerinck              bildhauer             

Examples of "inspizient"
The "Inspector of veterinary medicine of the Bundeswehr" (de: Inspizient Veterinärmedizin der Bundeswehr) holds the rank "Oberstveterinär".
Schenck moved to a German Air Ministry staff position in August 1942. He was awarded the "Eichenlaub" (Oak Leaves) to the Knight's Cross on 30 October 1942, and in January 1943 was appointed "Geschwaderkommodore" of Schlachtgeschwader 1 in the Mediterranean theatre, flying the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter-bomber. In December 1943 he was again wounded in combat. Hospitalisation followed and on release he was appointed as 'Inspizient der Schlachtflieger'.
After the war he worked in the grocery business before joining the Bundeswehr on 16 March 1956. Streib was asked to testify in the aftermaths of the 1961 F-84 Thunderstreak incident. For three years he commanded the pilot school A in Landsberg am Lech, equipped with the T-6 Texan. He was responsible for training the beginner pilots in the German Air Force. Brigadegeneral Streib's military career ended with his retirement on 31 March 1966. His last position was "Inspizient Fliegende Verbände" (Inspector of Flying Forces).
Trautloft took part in the Battle of France in May 1940. On 4 July I./JG 20 was redesignated III./JG 51. During the Battle of Britain Trautloft got a further two victories with JG 51, bringing his total to 10. In late August it was becoming apparent to the German High Command that the battle of Britain was not going as planned. A frustrated Göring relieved several "Geschwaderkommodore" of their commands, and appointed younger, more aggressive men in their place. On 6 July 1943 Trautloft was appointed as "Jagdflieger Inspizient Ost", serving with the "General der Jagdflieger" office. This position put him in overall charge as Inspector of all the Fighter aircraft units fighting on the Eastern Front. In November he became "Inspekteur der Tagjäger", giving him overall responsibilities for all day-fighters.
JG 54 received its first Focke Wulf Fw 190's in February 1943, and on 23 February 1943, JG 54 claimed its 4,000 kill. On 7 March 1943 the unit claimed 59 aircraft shot down in one day. Trautloft left JG 54 in July 1943 when "General der Jagdflieger" Adolf Galland asked him to join his staff as "Inspizient Ost". (He ended the war with 57 victories and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.) After his departure JG 54 continued operating on the Northern Front, and their victory tally rose continuously. "Feldwebel" Helmut Missner was credited with JG 54's aerial victory on 17 July 1943. The 7,000 JG 54 claim was made on 23 March 1944, with the 8,000 mark passed on 15 August.