Synonyms for intagliatori or Related words with intagliatori

ricchezze              sconosciute              dotati              manoscritte              oracoli              titolate              deperditarum              ventidue              peripatetici              analrom              autobiografico              reddito              mahometi              collati              pronomine              sanlibo              armissan              vulgatam              aeneidem              transmarinarum              squarzoni              nozione              estinte              perfectis              mormorar              metodologiche              emancipazione              hebraeae              mayronnes              enigmatico              nachschrift              virgilli              mandiya              bobiensia              intrecci              aunat              fulgonium              allegoricae              aggiornata              mondadore              cosmographicae              aggiuntovi              dyongor              renansart              agatopisto              saluberrima              ucenicie              haeredum              taulignan              nevrotteri             

Examples of "intagliatori"
He was born in Pasturo, near Como, he wrote the three volumes published in Milan during 1830-1833 of the encyclopedic "Dizionario degli architetti, scultori, pittori, intagliatori in rame ed in pietra, coniatori di medaglie, musaicisti, niellatori, intarsiatori d'ogni età e d'ogni nazione" (Dictionary of the architects, sculptors, painters, engravers in wood and stone, minters of medallions, mosaicists, jewelers of niello, and makers of intarsio work). The work was a then up-to-date assembly of biographical data and works of artists from Europe of the prior four centuries to the contemporary time, who were known to the author through exposure or the work of previous authors.
He published two books, "The nine churches of Rome" ("Le nove chiese di Roma" 1639), and "The Lives of Painters, Sculptors, Architects and Engravers, active from 1572–1642" ("Le Vite de’ Pittori, scultori, architetti, ed Intagliatori dal Pontificato di Gregorio XII del 1572. fino a’ tempi de Papa Urbano VIII. nel 1642", 1642). The latter is still seen as an important historical source for artists living in Rome during the lifetime of Baglione. His first book was an artistic guide to Rome`s nine major pilgrimage churches, which is notable for its period in taking an interest in the works of all periods, and remains useful to scholars as an account of these churches at a point before many subsequent alterations. It "marks a watershed in the guidebook literature of Rome-the turning point between the older tradition of devotional guidebooks ... and the modern tradition of artistic guides".