Synonyms for intemodes or Related words with intemodes

internodes              cauline              inflorescent              stolon              primocane              floricane              pedicels              forclone              stipule              petiolesthe              areuseful              petiolules              rosettethe              infructescence              suckering              primocanes              isuseful              phylloclade              phylloclades              stolons              cyathia              lengthshort              petiolethe              sympodial              rosulate              seedpods              leafless              fastigiate              conidiophores              cymose              coleoptile              petiolule              marcianna              cmplant              taproots              culms              theshortened              marginshoot              cellpanding              floweringflowering              soilatgenexpress              peduncles              primordiastomata              spikelet              nectaries              bushier              floweraltered              sepalsthe              petioles              cellexpanding             

Examples of "intemodes"