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Examples of "international_deejay_gigolo"
The DJ Hell Remix was included on the compilation album "International DeeJay Gigolo CD Twelve" by International DeeJay Gigolo Records.
Intimités is the second EP by Miss Kittin & The Hacker. An electroclash record, it was released in 1999 on International DeeJay Gigolo Records.
An association with International DeeJay Gigolo Records started in 2007. Leading to the release of Seelenluft's 'Birds And Plants And Rocks And Things" LP on DJ Hell's label in June 2008.
Kirschner is also a DJ. She has released DJ recordings, such as "Princess Is a DJ" in 2002, "Now Is the Winter of Our Discothèque" in 2005, and "American Gigolo III" on International DeeJay Gigolo Records in 2007.
Steril is an electronic musician releasing music on International Deejay Gigolo Records, Lasergun, Erkrankung Durch Musique and Richard Bartz' Kurbel Records. He was also known under the alias "Latex" between 2001 and 2003.
In 1997, "Slut" scored another first, by securing a full in-depth feature on German label International DeeJay Gigolo, arguably anticipating the short-lived electroclash craze which would happen four to five years later.
The first Zombie Nation five track EP was released in the spring of 1999 on DJ Hell's label, International DeeJay Gigolo Records. A remix of the song "Kernkraft 400" on this debut release landed in high chart-positions all over the world, including number 2 in the United Kingdom.
Leichenschmaus (English: "Funeral Feast") is the first studio album by the German DJ and producer Florian Senfter (a.k.a. "Zombie Nation" and "Splank!") who worked together on his debut album with Emanuel Günther (a.k.a. Mooner). It was released in the beginning of 1999 on DJ Hell's label, International DeeJay Gigolo Records.
In 2006 the Swiss division of Universal Music signed an agreement with Moonbeam to include their vocal single "Malaria" in the compilation "Private Fiction Vol.3". Later on, the track "Vision" (Main Mix) was included in a compilation by DJ Hell on the label International Deejay Gigolo Records.
As an electronic/techno musician, Korda released two LPs and six singles and EPs. Korda toured Europe with her album "Man of the Future", released in 2003 by the German electronic music record label International Deejay Gigolo Records. Korda has toured worldwide, using her own software to perform live, including the Sonar music festival in Barcelona 2001.
"Emerge" is an electroclash song and the first single from debut album "#1" by Fischerspooner. The song was originally released in 2001 through International DeeJay Gigolo Records and later jointly rereleased in 2002 by Fischerspooner's imprint label FS Studios and Ministry of Sound. In 2003, the song was released again by Fischerspooner's new label Capitol.
Throughout the last decade, Peter Kruder produced various artists, such as Marsmobil, Urbs, Christian Prommer's Drumlesson as well as DJ Hell's highly acclaimed "Teufelswerk" album. Additionally, he has released various singles under his own name on labels such as International DeeJay Gigolo Records, Macro, 2DIY4 and the Compost Black Label.
The year 1991 proved to be a turning point in Perras' career, when his tracks “Beginning of Life” and “Keep Movin”, both released on Bassic, were licensed over the ensuing years by top recording labels such as Azuli, BBE, International Deejay Gigolo, ITH Records/Defected, Logic, Outland and Global Underground.
His first album, "Ultra Sex" (2002/International DeeJay Gigolo Records (Europe) and Emperor Norton Records (USA)), was released to good reviews. It was influenced by German and British New Wave bands, funk, and electronica. It was a concept album that focused on the themes of technology and sexuality. The album contains the tracks "How We Do" and "Rational Behaviour."
While establishing themselves as musicians and appearing on several compilation albums for Mental Groove Records, Miss Kittin & The Hacker eventually signed to DJ Hell's label International DeeJay Gigolo Records to release their debut EP as a duo "Champagne". The Hacker explained in an interview with In the Mix about the musical direction of the EP:
"Lose You" is an Italo disco song written by Peaches and Simian Mobile Disco, and produced by Simian Mobile Disco. It is the second single from the album "I Feel Cream". Alternatively, the DJ Hell Remix was released in Germany by International DeeJay Gigolo Records. The version "Lose You" (vs. Drums of Death) appeared on the iTunes and Japan bonus discs for "I Feel Cream".
Vincent went on to study law and Axel studied medicine, one of the reasons being they could stay as students for a longer while to avoid working in offices or factories. The two eventually followed their passion and pursued careers in music. Axel and Vincent formed The Penelopes and started making music in the rock and electro scenes around Paris. The first deal was on DJ Hell's International DeeJay Gigolo Records.
Mount Sims' second album "Wild Light" (2005/International Deejay Gigolo) is a much darker album than the previous release. Its themes are death and information. Major musical influences are darkwave and post punk. David J. of Bauhaus played bass on some of Wild Light's songs. Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. was responsible for some of the synth production. It contains the songs "No Yellow lines," "Lights on," and "Restless," a single featured in Amped 3.
Ever since its original release in 1980 “Veb Heimat” has been re-released on numerous occasions, primarily for compilation albums. Apart from its integration in compilation albums such as 80's Minimal Electronics (Volume 1), Return Of Flexi-Pop 3 (Tribute To Flexi-Pop 13) and The Call Of The Banshees, in 2003 Veb Heimat was also used as opening track for DJ Hell's hugely successful New Deutsch compilation which was released on International DeeJay Gigolo Records.
Their earliest productions were released on the Continuemusics label in 1997, and their first taste of a well-respected label was with their "Music" track on François Kevorkian's Wave Music label in 1999. The team released their first album, "RAL9005" on the Four Music label in 2001, which was later licensed to Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's Classic Recordings label. Tiefschwarz continued to release on Classic until its collapse in 2005, as well as releasing on labels such as Fine and International DeeJay Gigolo Records.