Synonyms for intimidated or Related words with intimidated

embarrassed              deceived              harassed              offended              humiliated              amused              annoyed              victimized              shunned              fooled              unnerved              bothered              misled              mistreated              duped              swayed              disgusted              shamed              overpowered              bullied              infuriated              exasperated              angered              puzzled              dismayed              outraged              incensed              daunted              taunted              disheartened              tempted              appalled              intrigued              frightened              enticed              disconcerted              ostracized              prejudiced              seduced              victimised              cowed              flattered              hassled              comforted              incited              unfazed              intimidating              inconvenienced              averse              insulted             

Examples of "intimidated"
Although intimidated by Saint Jacob's stubbornness and persistence, finally,
Zweig admitted to be intimidated about doing these interviews:
In contrast to the Directory, the two Councils were not yet intimidated and continued meeting.
and “Workers are very outspoken and they’re not intimidated at all.”
The "Associated Press" picked up the story of the apprentice printer who could not be intimidated.
In the north, candidates had been intimidated and prevented from registering.
The first time Yogesh saw Salil da, he was too intimidated to open his mouth.
She intimidated the man with constant reminders of his supposedly low birth.
gruesome murder, they turned to Johnny Purvis, the town "weirdo". They yelled and intimidated
Some human rights activists and journalists continued to be intimidated and attacked because of their work.
Michael often finds himself intimidated by the lavish lifestyle that Dr. David leads.
Prisoners who had bribed officers and intimidated other inmates lost their privileges under Osborne's regime. One of them conspired
Many paper print publishers feel intimidated by the idea of publishing content online before publishing it in paper media.
In 2004, Shahabuddin's opponents were intimidated against campaigning even though he was in prison during the elections.
At school, he does well and gets very good marks, but is often intimidated by his teacher, Miss Hara.
"It was amazing, I was so glad when he agreed to do it. I thought I would be intimidated, because it’s Black Francis you know? But it wasn’t, it was amazing. He picked us up at the airport in his car, and he’s just such a friendly enthusiastic man. It’s hard to be intimidated by him, really, as he’s just a good person."
In his book "Crossfire", Jim Marrs gave accounts of several people who said they were intimidated by FBI agents, or intimidated by anonymous individuals, into altering or suppressing what they knew about the assassination, including Richard Carr, Acquilla Clemmons, Sandy Speaker, and A. J. Millican. Marrs also wrote that Texas School Book Depository employee Joe Molina was "intimidated by authorities and lost his job soon after the assassination", and that witness Ed Hoffman was warned by an FBI agent that he "might get killed" if he revealed what he had observed in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination.
To reach these goals they started fights and intimidated black youths; when backup was needed it was supplied by the Los Angeles Police Department.
A young woman witnesses a mailbag robbery that ends with a dead postman, but she is intimidated into not coming forward.
Roxanne (Diana Magness) Roxanne is an outspoken, slightly scruffy school friend and then girlfriend of Philip's. The Prentice's are somewhat intimidated by her and her dog Die Hard.