Synonyms for intimidates or Related words with intimidates

goads              deceives              brainwashes              hypnotizes              coerces              cajoles              blackmails              harasses              goading              tempts              frightens              hypnotises              insinuates              shapeshifts              smuggles              goaded              mistreats              ingratiates              seduces              badgered              shoves              loathes              coaxes              pesters              bluffed              devolves              conned              outsmarts              guilts              tricking              terrifies              pummels              outwits              inveigles              belittles              gropes              browbeats              accosts              detests              guilted              bashes              enraging              chides              disowns              flings              despises              blackmailed              cajoled              apprehends              duped             

Examples of "intimidates"
Spit – A scornful dark green cat who has a strong dislike for Binka. He intimidates Binka and Tango.
Keith Finch (Erik Walker) only appears in "Defending Dustin." He intimidates Dustin after Dustin corrects Keith's mistake in their math class. He remains Dustin's enemy after the episode.
Tywin is tall and slender, with greying blonde hair and has a very powerful presence and easily intimidates those around him.
Meanwhile, Demesta is still in a rage. He intimidates Kate's friend, Roy (Christopher Knight), and vows to find Kate, implying that he will harm her.
Even after political prisoners are released, they continue to face ill treatment. The military intimidates and harasses ex-political prisoners in order to prevent them from participating political activities.
Emotional abuse (or psychological abuse) is behavior that threatens, intimidates, or systematically undermines self-worth. According to the Istanbul Convention, psychological violence is "the intentional conduct of seriously impairing a person’s psychological integrity through coercion or threats".
The team later encounters the Hulk in the Arctic ice fields outside the Leader's devastated sanctuary for cancer victims. The Hulk, believing he had just lost his friend, intimidates them into fleeing.
He has somewhat of a reserve about him, which often intimidates others. However, Darius has a genuine heart, and ultimately wishes to help those in need of his abilities.
The Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 prohibits "any conduct which "offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules" another person" on the basis of attributes including race, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.
Juan Mairena, president of the Honduran Press Association, said, “This horrendous crime intimidates all Honduran journalists. We strongly urge authorities to clarify...whether or not the motive [for the crime] was his profession.”
Agent Kramer returns to the FBI to speak with Diana, who has recently announced her engagement to Christie. Kramer intimidates Diana, learning that she, Peter, and Jones (Sharif Atkins) have been covering up Neal’s recent crimes.
Upon arriving in Turkey, Morena is forced to work at a dreary nightclub where Russo (Adriano Garib), head of security and member of the ring, constantly intimidates young women by threatening to harm their families in Brazil.
While he is leaving court, Uncle Junior is hit in the head with a boom mic and falls down several steps. Tony advises him to take advantage of the opportunity, act mentally incompetent, and employ it as a ruse for not continuing the trial. Later, Eugene Pontecorvo intimidates a juror, resulting in a deadlocked jury, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial.
Browning begins by summoning the shades of all dead poets to listen to the story he has to tell. The one who intimidates him most is the "pale face[d]" Shelley (whom he does not name). The citizens of Verona have just heard that their Guelph prince, Count Richard of St Boniface, has been captured by Taurello Salinguerra.
With his mission completed, John returns to London for his end of the bargain. In the MI6 headquarters he releases the djinn and intimidates the MI6 officials to free Assera in Iraq and give her a new life of luxury. Frightened, the officials agree.
Stiggs has a friend, Maddox, who intimidates John and the two are involved in a brawl which culminates with Maddox being shot by a security turret. John manages to grab Maddox's Intestinator and gives it to D-Day before he is taken away to be subjected to a mind-wipe procedure as punishment.
Despite their success with Stokes Quinn is unable to let go of his failure with the other case. He again visits the group of men, this time taking his gun, he intimidates them into giving him the information he needs which he writes down. As he drives away the men ambush and murder him at a stop sign.
Supporters' groups and ultras are renowned for their fanatical vocal support in large groups, defiance of the authorities and the display of banners at stadiums, which are used to create an atmosphere which intimidates opposing players and supporters, as well as encouraging their own team.
Rowena Claiborne, who arranges "dates" for the prostitutes, persuades Lisa to join Bobbie on a night out with two wealthy clients. One of the men, Jason Franklin, claims to be offended when he discovers that these women are hookers. He intimidates Lisa, who recoils from him and falls through a window to her death.
Fiddler crabs such as "Uca mjoebergi" have been shown to bluff about their fighting ability. Upon regrowing a lost claw, a crab will occasionally regrow a weaker claw that nevertheless intimidates crabs with smaller but stronger claws. This is an example of dishonest signalling.