Synonyms for intrigued or Related words with intrigued

fascinated              puzzled              dismayed              amused              disgusted              enthralled              astounded              entranced              unnerved              appalled              amazed              flattered              disconcerted              astonished              unimpressed              mystified              embarrassed              annoyed              offended              seduced              mortified              saddened              overshadowed              enamored              mesmerized              intimidated              exasperated              horrified              smitten              tormented              deceived              captivated              enthused              comforted              incensed              gratified              displeased              awed              infuriated              dumbfounded              unfazed              shunned              startled              disheartened              disappointed              unconvinced              upstaged              outraged              enamoured              bemused             

Examples of "intrigued"
Buechner's readers are intrigued and inspired by the confluence of genres within his works:
Lola is intrigued with Randy and after a while, a special friendship develops between them.
Judy Noonan - a feminine, provocative, and apparently rebellious teenager who is intrigued by Jim
Tokarev had extremely broad ethnographical interests, and was particularly intrigued by early forms of religion.
Although intrigued by Emily, Harry repeatedly angers her with his wiseguy remarks and inappropriate behavior.
I was most intrigued by the Third Symphony. It is a fascinating work and beautifully composed.
intrigued and guessing until the end. In fact, she had so many clues and
Scientists have long been intrigued by the shelf and its composition.
Joseph Cornell were intrigued by the Tom Tit illustrations, and incorporated them into their own works.
Early on, Ruth became intrigued by electronic music possibilities. According to "The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers,"
Lisa was first intrigued by astrology while translating the French book " Lo Zodiaco - Segreti e sortilegi " by François-Régis Bastide
Jim Stark - a masculine, disaffected and apparently rebellious teenager who is new in town and intrigued by Judy
Although Voříšek was enthralled by the classical style of Mozart, he was more intrigued by the incipient romanticism of Beethoven.
Prum, intrigued by some of the recordings taken in Arkansas' Big Woods, said the evidence thus far is refutable.
A conflicted manager on a business trip is intrigued by an elderly worker and investigates his life.
Victorian illustrator and traveller, William Henry Bartlett, was clearly intrigued by the "Faldetta", describing it as follows in 1851:
Fascinated by lapidary or fragmentary form, from Martial to Sappho, he is equally intrigued by the explorations of contemporary music.
Myron is intrigued by Brenda, and agrees to help her, not only to have the chance to
Department of Health researcher Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) is intrigued by the find as well, particularly when several more victims show up with identical symptoms.
and I went to see them dance, and I was so intrigued that I went to see them rehearse. I was sitting in