Synonyms for inveigles or Related words with inveigles

cajoles              coerces              goads              intimidates              shapeshifts              guilts              brainwashes              browbeats              cajoled              coaxes              hypnotizes              goaded              cajole              devolves              goading              guilted              wheedles              deceives              woges              metamorphosized              ingratiates              shapeshifted              hypnotises              blackmails              metamorphosised              inveigled              purred              transmogrified              restrengthens              insinuates              bluffed              delved              woge              lulled              forayed              tempts              dragooned              shoehorned              suckered              coaxed              conned              parlayed              bellevan              transmutes              delves              seduces              sleepwalks              smuggles              railroaded              snuck             

Examples of "inveigles"
In Turkish mythology, Chesma İyasi (Turkish: "Çeşme İyesi" or "Bulak İyesi" sometimes "Pınar İyesi"; Azerbaijanese: "Bulaq İyesi", Tatar: "Çişmä İyäsi") was a cat-shaped well or fountain-spirit. She inveigles youth to death.
Louie finally inveigles Doc into calling Nikki and they date. On his way home from Nikki's place Doc is accosted by three men in suites. Having been a street cop he makes a good account of himself and from two of the beaten men he confiscates I'D"s and large amounts of cash. The men are Treasury Agents.
Enjoying his new lifestyle, Clyde becomes infatuated with Hortense Briggs, who inveigles Clyde into buying her an expensive jacket. When Clyde learns Hortense desires his colleague Sparser, not himself, as a lover, he becomes jealous. Hortense repeatedly tells Clyde that she loves him while getting him to buy her the jacket (for which they are overcharged by a stereotypically greedy Jewish shopkeeper).
He named a force within man that he felt took invariable precedence over reason: the Will to Live or Will to Life ("Wille zum Leben"), defined as an inherent drive within human beings, and indeed all creatures, to stay alive; a force that inveigles us into reproducing.
Twain admits to a certain similarity between himself and the recalcitrant Tom. He watches with amusement as Tom, doomed to white-washing Aunt Polly’s fence, inveigles his pals into performing the task for him. They have entered, teasing Tom with the song, We’re Goin’ Fishin’, and they exit with a victorious Tom singing along with them.
"... a she-devil who deliberates, inveigles her child into her den, and cuts her throat, adding to the horror and barbarity of the act by vociferations of her resolution to perpetrate it in answer to the prayers of her struggling victim, is thought a proper object for the clemency of the Crown by the Home Office" cited in the
From his tower observatory, Ox can witness all the effects of his gas, which has animated the town and aroused people’s spirit. Prascovia comes to the tower and, like a siren, inveigles Ox down. At street level the doctor is under the influence of the gas, and he says he loves her, and, then reveals to her the password for the moderator « thesaurochrysonichochysidès ». As she already has the key, Prascovia can now take control of the laboratory.
Some critics have argued the story's many details can be deciphered into a message—for instance that the son has committed suicide, or that he is in an afterlife and free from his torments, or that the third phone call is from him, saying that he has escaped from the asylum. However, the predominant interpretation is that the story inveigles the reader into an attempt at deciphering the details and thus "over-reading", which is "another, milder form of referential mania".
Ukridge sets up a bout for "Battling" Billson, using the man's desire to wed his girl Flossie to persuade him to take part. Finding Billson's training methods (mostly involving ale and cigars) somewhat lacking, Ukridge inveigles the big boxer into his Aunt's house as an odd-job man, allowing him to personally supervise the training regime. His aunt is a little nonplussed, but is soon persuaded everything is alright.
Poe visits Paris under an assumed name, having used travel papers belonging to a stranger he has seen wounded in a bar-room brawl in New York. He has the intention of parlaying his West Point training into a position in the Lafayette Circle, a group of volunteer soldiers about to aid Poland against its Russian occupiers. This inveigles Poe with a young Charles Baudelaire in a plot to expose Baudelaires' stepfather (who rejects Poe's application) to blackmail, to free up Baudelaires' patrimony.
When Arch chides Lee for overdrawing his bank account by withdrawing $500 in gold, Jen realizes that Lee fathered Lily's baby. She confronts him and Lee tries to lie his way out. She decides to leave him but is persuaded by Owen and Arch to stay. Lee inveigles Arch to make him a partner in the ranch by saying that he will strike out on his own unless he gets a half-interest and learns that the other half will go to Owen once Arch retires.
He succeeds, setting up his own syndicate and known as "Lucky Blake," but his attitude becomes cynical and hardened, his transactions more like gambling than insurance. Jonathan meets Lord and Lady Stacy again and he begins seeing her in secret. Stacy, with heavy gambling losses and hounded by creditors, inveigles Jonathan to give him a share of the profits of his syndicate by insinuating he will expose them. But war with France results in disastrous losses that threaten to bankrupt Lloyd's. When the insurers raise their rates, British ship owners complain that the charges are exorbitant and refuse to sail unless the old rates are restored.
Son of Gally's old pal Boko Bagshott, Sam is a struggling lawyer and poorly paid writer (occasional contributor to "Tiny Tots", the Mammoth children's paper), who is brought to Blandings by Gally to mend a rift between himself and his girl Sandy. While in Market Blandings, Sam gets into trouble with the local police, after accidentally purloining Beach's watch, and hitting the constable who subsequently chases him down. To keep him out of trouble, Gally inveigles him into the castle, in the guise of Augustus Whipple, the famous pig-expert, in "Galahad at Blandings".
The scene shifts to Shadizar, Zamora's infamous City of the Wicked, where the newly arrived Conan attempts to steal an emerald cup to repay a gambling debt, only to be thwarted by the interference of Tamira, a female thief. Meanwhile, the high-born Lady Jondra scouts out Conan as a possible paramour, even as Tamira inveigles her way into her household with intent to steal the lady's jewels. Looking to settle scores with the thief, the Cimmerian follows Jondra's hunting party out of the city.
Chris becomes enamored of her. He is in a loveless marriage, tormented by his shrewish wife Adele (Rosalind Ivan) who idolizes her former husband, a policeman who drowned while trying to rescue a woman. After Chris confesses that he is married, Johnny convinces Kitty to pursue a relationship in order to extort money from Chris. Kitty inveigles him to rent an apartment for her, one that can also be his art studio. To finance an apartment, Chris steals $500 ($ today) in insurance bonds from his wife and later $1000 ($) from his employer.
Professor Wurzle, a know-it-all scientist, inveigles Jonathan, the master cheeseman of the High Valley, into accompanying him on a trip downriver. Wurzle's real plan is to revisit Hightower Castle, from which the heroes routed Selznak in the previous novel. There the pair discover a treasure map and encounter Miles the Magician, a travelling wizard, in a nearby inn. Miles alerts them that the Squire, a linkman they befriended in the previous novel, has disappeared. Learning that Selznak was seen nearby at the time they fear the worst.
Norma returns to her country home unexpectedly, which discourages an espionage ring that includes her butler, Hansen (Stanley Ridges), from breaking into Stephen's safe and stealing his plans. They have killed Gerente, who was also an agent, and hidden the body. Mac arrives with Friday at Norma's house and pretends to be her curmudgeonly "Uncle Mac" who has come for a visit. His blindness lulls any suspicions Hansen might have about him. Shortly thereafter, Barbara comes home from an "emergency rehearsal", called to get her out of the house by her director, Cheli Scott (Katherine Emery), who inveigles an invitation to spend the night at the Lawry home. Unknown to Barbara and Norma, Cheli is the ringleader of the spies. Cheli ordered Paul killed because his affection for Barbara was beginning to limit his effectiveness, and she immediately suspects Mac is not what he seems.
The lyric tells of an elderly rake who "slyly inveigles" an attractive young girl of seventeen to his flat where he offers her a glass of Madeira, a fortified Portuguese wine. The girl enthusiastically drains her glass, becoming slightly drunk in the process: "She lowered her standards by raising her glass/Her courage, her eyes—and his hopes" Sensing victory, the rake offers the young girl another glass of wine, which she accepts. However, before raising it to her lips, she recalls her dying mother's warning to avoid red wine. With a cry, the girl drops the glass and flees the apartment, the old roué's pleas for her to remain echoing in her ears. The following morning, however, the young lady awakens in bed with a hangover and a beard tickling her ear.
The children's idyllic world begins to crumble after Charlie has a chance encounter on a bus with Mrs Quayle. She soon reappears at the house, demanding to know what has happened to Mrs Hook, but she is placated by Charlie. She inveigles her way back into the home, and she and Charlie soon begin a relationship. As time passes Charlie reverts to form, spending freely, drinking heavily, and entertaining 'loose women' in the house. Learning of Jiminee's ability to forge their mother's signature, Charlie convinces him to sign documents without his siblings' knowledge, and he further alienates the children when he dismantles their garden shrine. Matters come to a head when an estate agent and a couple let themselves in to inspect the house. Although Diana still refuses to see the truth, Elsa and Gerty correctly deduce that Charlie intends to sell the house, and after searching his room they discover that he has squandered virtually all of their mother's savings.
New Directions ekes out at tie with the Dalton Academy Warblers at the Sectionals competition, and will face them and Aural Intensity at Regionals. With the football team's glee club and non-glee members at odds, the team looks doomed to defeat at the championship game, so Will and Coach Beiste agree that the entire team has to join the glee club for one week. When Sue pulls her cheerleaders from the game, the team and glee club ultimately work together to perform the halftime show, and the team goes on to win the championship. Sue's cheerleaders lose their own Regionals, their first loss in seven years, and a seemingly depressed Sue inveigles Will to let her join the glee club for a week. She is unable to bring the club down from within, so she arranges to become the coach of Aural Intensity, hoping to defeat New Directions at Regionals, but the McKinley glee club wins.