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Examples of "irken"
The series centers on Zim (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), a member of the imperialistic Irken race, an extraterrestrial species whose social hierarchy is based on height, rather than any type of skill. The Irken leaders, known as The Almighty Tallest (Wally Wingert and Kevin McDonald), rule the Irken Empire together because they are exactly the same height. As recounted during the series premiere, "The Nightmare Begins", Zim, who is both very short and very naive, was banished to the planet Foodcourtia for absentmindedly attacking his own planet and allies during "Operation Impending Doom I".
Supporting characters include Dib's cynical sister Gaz (Melissa Fahn); Zim and Dib's teacher Ms. Bitters (Lucille Bliss); and Dib's father Professor Membrane (Rodger Bumpass). Later in the series, villains begin to appear, including Tak (Olivia d'Abo); a fellow Irken seeking revenge against Zim; Lard Nar (Fred Tatasciore), the leader of a resistance group called The Resisty who wants to overthrow the Irken Empire; and Sizz-Lorr (Jim Wise), Zim's former employer on Foodcourtia who attempts to recapture his employee.
On the Irken-ruled planet Conventia, the beginning of a galactic conquest campaign known as "Operation Impending Doom 2" is about to start. The Irkens want all the races of the universe to serve under their already vast Empire, so they plan send Irken Invaders to make the planets vulnerable so the Irken Armada can easily invade and conquer them. Zim arrives uninvited, and it is revealed that Zim singlehandedly ruined the original "Operation Impending Doom" by stealing a Frontline Battle Mech and unwittingly annihilating a portion of his home planet, Irk. Reluctant to have Zim involved with the new operation, the Almighty Tallest, the two leaders of the Irken Empire, send Zim away to a distant planet on the other side of the Galaxy, represented on their galactic map as a sticky note with a circle drawn onto it with a question mark in the circle. It turns out to be Earth, thus ending the assignment process. On Earth, a boy named Dib intercepts a signal and hears about the Irken invasion plan, though no one, these being his sister and father, takes any interest.
Zim constantly schemes to enslave or destroy mankind, and despite his access to potent Irken technology, his plans are never successful. Zim also has a high opinion of himself, and will sometimes refer to himself in the third person.
In Jhonen Vasquez's Invader Zim, the Irken hierarchy is based on height, with the tallest being the leader, and the shortest receiving no credit for conquering planets or given the worst assignments, such as Skoodge's case.
Within the framework of administrative divisions, the urban-type settlement of Karabash is subordinated to Bugulminsky District. As a municipal division, Karabash, together with one rural locality (the village of Irken), is incorporated within Bugulminsky Municipal District as Karabash Urban Settlement.
On October 12, 2004 the third and final volume titled "Volume 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer" was released. The DVD sets have animatics, apparently accurate Irken subtitles, and digitally restored and remastered picture and sound, as well as a Spanish language track. They also include commentary with the actors, writers, and the production staff.
When Zim learns of "Operation Impending Doom II", he leaves Foodcourtia and arrives at the Great Assigning, where Irken Elite soldiers are chosen to become Invaders–soldiers whose missions are to blend in with the indigenous life forms of their assigned planet, collect intelligence and prepare the planet for conquest by the Irken Armada. Zim pleads with the Tallest to assign him a planet and, in a desperate act to get Zim as far away as possible, they send him on an arbitrary mission to a planet on the outskirts of their known universe which has never been explored. Zim is joined by GIR (Rosearik Rikki Simons), an ineffective and erratic Standard Issue Information Retrieval (SIR) unit.
The comic is known to be much darker in tone than the animated series on which it is based. One of the darker elements of the story is Dexter of the show "Dexter's Laboratory" having to deal with the death of his older sister Dee Dee, who was accidentally killed by her admirer and Dexter's nemesis, Mandark, who himself later tries to commits suicide. It is also known to have characters written in very different ways from how they act in their respective programs. Despite this, some characters retain their personalities, such as the egotistical but useless Irken Zim and his completely insane robot dog GIR.
Apart from eight double-length episodes (including the debut), each episode is a self-contained storyline. Some occurrences from previous episodes are mentioned, but there is little continuing storyline other than the main invasion plot. However, towards the end of the show, a larger universe of characters and organizations were introduced to build continuity: Tak appearing and seeking revenge against Zim; Dib's capture and repair of Tak's spaceship to travel through space; resistances to the Irken Empire such as the Meekrob and The Resisty; and various other devices which were becoming more and more a part of the show's central mythology.
Invader Zim (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, Billy West in the pilot and Melissa Fahn as a newborn in his flashback of "Parent-Teacher Night") is an incompetent Irken invader, who is foul-tempered, overzealous, impulsive, megalomaniac and convinced of his own greatness. He dreams of regaining his leaders' trust by taking part in "Operation Impending Doom II", so Zim is assigned to Earth, a planet which the Almighty Tallest believe has little to no chance of existing. However, against all odds, Zim makes it to Earth and establishes a base on a fake conquest mission. Because of his very small stature, Zim disguises himself as a human child using a hairpiece to cover his antennae and contact lenses to make his eyes look normal.
An interactive Flash game has been posted on Nickelodeon's official "Invader Zim" site since the series' original broadcast, based on the episode "NanoZim", in addition to other Shockwave games. There were three video games created with Zim included as the only playable character from the series: "Nickelodeon Party Blast", "", and the arcade exclusive game, "Nicktoons Nitro". Zim's Voot Cruiser and house were seen briefly in "". GIR was a playable character in "", while Zim was only playable in the Nintendo DS version. Both Zim and Dib are playable in "", with GIR as a boss battle and rescue after the battle. The game "Nicktoons: Android Invasion", on the educational Didj platform, is set entirely inside Zim's base. Zim is the main boss in the game, with several other characters making appearances. Zim and Gaz are playable characters in "Nicktoons MLB"; GIR appears in the game as well as one of the announcers, and there is a ballpark for the show called "Irken Field". Other characters appear in the game as cameos when the game is loading and on the character cards, making it the game with the most "Invader Zim" characters to date. The series has yet to have a stand-alone video game set.