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Examples of "irmengard"
Irmengard of Oettingen and Count Palatine Adolf had four children:
Countess Palatine Irmengard of the Rhine, also known as Irmengard of Baden ( – 24 February 1260) was Margravine of Baden by her marriage to Herman V, Margrave of Baden-Baden. She brought the city of Pforzheim into the marriage.
The Liebenau monastery enjoyed the very special favour and affection of the Palatinate ruling family, because Irmengard and her princely relatives had resided there. This led many noble women and daughters of high-ranking citizens to become nuns at Liebenau. Among them was Irmengard of Nassau, née Princess of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. She was a maternal cousin of Irmengard of Oettingen and the widow of Gerlach I, Count of Nassau, who had been a cousin of the late Count Palatine Adolph. Irmengard of Nassau died at Liebenau in January 1371, in the "odor of sanctity" as the Historical Society for Hesse puts it.
In 1248, Irmengard transferred her husband's body from Backnang Abbey to Lichtenthal Abbey.
Around 1217, Irmengard married Herman V, Margrave of Baden-Baden. They had the following children:
Irmengard Rauch (born 1933 in Dayton, Ohio) is a linguist and semiotician.
He married secondly Irmengard of Henneberg, by whom he had three children:
In 1320 Princess Irmengard married Count Palatine Adolph "the Upright" of Wittelsbach. He was officially the Count Palatine of the Rhine from 1319 until his death in 1327.
In 1361, Gerlach I died and Rupert inherited Nassau-Sonnenberg. Gerlach's widow Irmengard retired to Liebenau monastery, near Worms, where she became a Dominican nun.
Eberhard's third wife was Irmengard, a daughter of Margrave Rudolph I of Baden-Baden. From this marriage, Eberhard had three daughters:
In 1370, his half-brother Adolph I died. In 1371, his mother, Irmengard, died, as did his half-brothers John I and Gerlach.
He was married in 1320 to Countess Irmengard von Öttingen (d. 1399), daughter of Count Ludwig VI of Oettingen. They had the following children:
Irmengard of Oettingen ( – 6 November 1389 in Worms, Germany) was a princess of the Counts von Oettingen by birth, and by marriage, Countess Palatine of the Rhine and, as a widow, a Dominican nun.
He founded or supported several important monasteries: Maulbronn Abbey, Tennenbach Abbey, Herrenalb Abbey, Selz Abbey, Salem Abbey and Backnang Abbey. His wife Irmengard founded Lichtenthal Abbey in Baden-Baden in 1245, which later became the burial place of the margraves.
Irmengard of Oettingen was the daughter of Count Louis VI of Oettingen (1288–1346) and his wife Agnes of Württemberg (1295–1317), a daughter of Eberhard the Illustrious, of Württemberg.
He was the son of Herman IV and his wife Bertha of Tübingen. He married in 1217 to Irmengard, Countess Palatine by the Rhine (born 1200, died February 24, 1260); their marriage lasted until Herman V's death.
Blessed Irmgard of Chiemsee (, also "Irmengard"; – 16 July 866), a member of the Carolingian dynasty, was the second daughter of King Louis the German and his wife Hemma. She was the first Abbess of Frauenchiemsee from 857 until her death.
A descendant of the Swabian House of Zähringen, he was the son of Margrave Herman V and Irmengard, daughter of Count Palatine Henry V of the Rhine. He succeeded his father in Baden on 16 January 1243.
She married Otto, Lord of Arkel, son of John IV, Lord of Arkel and Irmengard of Cleves, somewhere before 18 October 1360. They had one son, John V, Lord of Arkel, born on September 11, 1362 in Gorinchem.
Little is known about her life. She served as a lady in waiting at the Palatine court. Irmengard of Oettingen, the cousin of her grandfather, Frederick I of Oettingen, was married to Elector Palatine Adolf and was the grandmother of Rupert, the Elector Palatine and King of Germany, so Elisabeth was a third cousin of King Rupert. She may have received her position at the Palatine court on the recommendation of her elderly great-aunt Irmengard, the elector's grandmother, who at the time lived as a Dominican nun in the Liebenau monastery at Worms.