Synonyms for iruttu or Related words with iruttu

kavadiyattam              purir              pratikar              mayilpeelikkavu              alibabayum              debata              payyans              paniyunnavar              thumbolarcha              nirangal              dhruvasangamam              thudakkam              swargathil              iruvattam              vasanthamalika              aaraadhika              vazhunnor              swapnangal              bhaarya              dwitiyo              niramulla              thaadikal              puzhukkal              dishyum              pakalukal              mazhavilkavadi              allauddinum              chuvanna              moonnu              puzhayozhukum              policum              manasam              kathavarayan              abhinandanam              kudumba              penninu              rajaputhran              vishayam              dwiper              prathigna              sandhyakal              ponmuttayidunna              idanilangal              adukkala              aniyarayum              nyayavidhi              malsaram              kandethiyilla              parayan              kunjikkannan             

Examples of "iruttu"
Iruttu takes Rose as hostage and asks Keshu to return the money. Keshu pays the money and Iruttu escapes with it. But he was soon captured by the police and thus Danny and Keshu escapes the charges. They also get to know that they won the first prize of a lottery and they don't have to do any fraud activities to live from now.
When the political party starts spending the money, police gets the information and an Intelligence Bureau officer played by Anoop Menon starts investigating. In the mean time, Keshu's mom gets admitted in the hospital and Keshu immediately wants 25,000 to pay in the hospital. They goes to Iruttu to take the money. There a fight erupts between Danny and Keshu. Iruttu, taking advantage of the situation, goes greedy and tries to take all the money by killing them. But Keshu hits Iruttu in the head and they escapes with the money.
The "Mudali Pillai Mandapam" or "Iruttu Mandapam" (Dark hall) is a wide and long hall built by Muthu Pillai during 1613. On the pillars of the halls, there are fine sculptures depicting the story of Shiva taking the form of Bikshadanar to teach the sages a lesson.
Muthalayani 100% Muthala deals with the issues of globalization. His other famous novel Manaljeevikal, focuses on the sad plight of people staying in the mineral sand mining areas of Kollam Chavara area. Iruttu Pathradhipar is a collection of short stories. He has won several noted awards like Abudabi Shakthi, Kumkumam, Ashan prize etc.
B. M. Suhara () is a Malayalam writer from Kerala state, South India. She was born in Thikkodi, Kozhikode district. Some of her best-known works are "Kinavu" (Dream), "Mozhi", "Iruttu" (Darkness), "Nizhal" (Shadow), "Venal" (Summer), "Bhraanth" (Madness), "Choyichi", and "Akaasabhoomikalute Thaakkol". She is the sister of the cartoonist B. M. Gafoor. She has won the Lalithambika Memorial Special Award (1992), the K. Balakrishnan Memorial Award (2004) and the Unnimoyi Memorial Award (2006). Dr MM Basheer, the noted Malayalam literary critique is her husband.
Keshu often takes Photocopies of currency notes which looks like real, but he fears to spend them. One day he meets Daany D'souza (Mukesh), an Anglo Indian, who realizes the competence of Keshu in creating fake currencies. Danny forces him to continue with his act. Danny gets the information that a popular party in Kerala is bringing 2 crores of rupees to Kerala from Bangalore by road. Danny makes a scene with the help of some rowdies and cleverly replaces the 2 crore real notes with fake ones. They hides the real notes in a slum under the supervision of Iruttu (Kalabhavan Mani).
Construction began in 1927. The dam site was in an extremely unfriendly terrain and wild animals frequented the place. So, all those engaged in construction work stayed in the guest house near Iruttu pallam. They rode to the dam site on horses with gunmen providing security. Even now, a visit to the Siruvani dam is not much different (except that one doesn't have to travel on a horse). Forest guards continue to accompany those who visit the dam. The initial cost of construction was Rs. 2,17,725 (for 23 feet). The reason for selecting the site was that it had perennial streams. The area below the Siruvani, Muthikulam falls, Gobiyaru, Solaiyaru, Pattiyaru, Veeraru and Paambaru falls, the main sources of supply, was identified for construction.