Synonyms for isaykin or Related words with isaykin

pimankov              chernobay              osokin              strizhakov              laktionov              bagrev              bejtulahi              shmerkin              chepelin              yevseyev              boyarintsev              tuychiev              kuzin              porkhomovskiy              kolganov              sivakov              dinev              babichev              matviychuk              zemlianukhin              kokorev              kovshov              yotov              makarovich              teplykh              avdeev              slabakov              ledovskikh              kolobkov              khovanskiy              kosmynin              vsevolods              shipilov              pasichnyk              kudinov              igoshin              tsarev              matsukevich              tsargush              lovchev              omeltchenko              yerokhin              raychev              mitov              borzenkov              rudyk              chervyakov              zaharov              kokora              kereselidze             

Examples of "isaykin"
The J-11/J-11B's legitimacy remains unproven, despite a wealth of information coming to light since 2007. In the course of a press conference at the 2009 Farnborough Airshow, Alexander Fomin, Deputy Director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation, reported that Russia had not so far tabled any questions to China with regard to "copying" military equipment. Fomin reported that Russia handed China the licences to manufacture the aircraft and its components, including an agreement on the production of intellectual property rights. Details of intellectual property rights, however have not been disclosed, fuelling speculation about a "secret" contract or parts of the original contract. The licence, at least officially, did not include an aircraft carrier version- Sukhoi Su-33 nor any variant of it, such as the Shenyang J-15. At the MAKS 2009, Rosoboronexport's General Manager Anatoli Isaykin was quoted saying: "Russia is going to investigate the J-11B, as a Chinese copy of the Su-27 and Sukhoi Company is partaking in the process." In 2010, Rosoboronexport announced via their official website that it was in talks with the Chinese side, regarding the ongoing production of weapons that Russia considers as un-licensed. In light of the ongoing investigations, Rosoboronexport expressed its concern over future sales of advanced Russian systems and components to China.