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dungu              aketi              niangara              kabalo              lisala              bafwasende              isangi              ngungu              kabinda              bandundu              likasi              uvira              dilolo              bambari              bokoro              monkoto              bokungu              birni              mpanda              idiofa              bouar              kayanza              bossangoa              mayi              mbanza              tshikapa              butembo              boende              bunia              popokabaka              bangassou              karuzi              maniema              mbuji              ilebo              mahagi              luebo              kikwit              mongala              kirundo              bongor              mouila              impfondo              lichinga              doruma              bukavu              kissidougou              kasenga              parakou              kwilu             

Examples of "isiro"
Isiro-Ville Airport is an airport serving Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The species is named for Isiro, the type locality.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Isiro–Niangara () is a diocese located in the city of Isiro–Niangara in the Ecclesiastical province of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The principal communities are Niangara, Dungu, Faradje, Watsa, Rungu, Isiro and Wamba.
Matari Airport is an airport in Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The southern axis towards Isiro was only accessible by bicycles, motorbikes or small vehicles.
Cymothoe isiro is a butterfly in the Nymphalidae family. It is found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Uele).
It is home to an airport and lies on the defunct narrow gauge railway from Bumba to Isiro.
Isiro is served by Matari Airport, a national airport with flights to Kinshasa, the capital. The isolated narrow gauge Vicicongo line to the river port of Bumba on the Congo River is not currently operational. The dirt roads to and from Isiro allow commercial trade with Uganda and South Sudan, in principle, but may be impassable in the wet season.
According to the map images of the Valdemar Companion, Isiro is a landlocked nation whose capital city is Ijien. It is bordered west by Thurbrigard (south) and by Hardorn (north), the northern border is shared to Oris, and the southern border is with Brendan. To the east, Isiro is bordered (north-sector) by Sarmus and (south-sector) by the Grand Empire of the Hinar.
AS Aigle Rouge is a football club in Isiro, Democratic Republic of Congo. They play in the Linafoot, the top level of professional football in DR Congo.
Pentila amenaidoides is a butterfly in the Lycaenidae family. It is found in southern Cameroon, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (from the northern part of the country to Isiro).
The narrow gauge Vicicongo line from Bumba to Isiro as of 2007 is not operational (see Transport in DR Congo). The town is served by Bumba Airport. The Congo River serves as the main transportation artery.
As of 2011, Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration was in a joint venture with Kilo Goldmines, a Canadian company, to develop properties in the vicinity of Isiro and Mambasa.
In 1998, Isiro became the home of a newly created Dominican-operated university called "Université d'Uélé". It is the third city in Orientale province (after Kisangani and Bunia) to welcome a university.
Haut-Uele (French for "Upper Uele") is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its capital is Isiro. The district takes its name, which means "upper Uele" in French, from the Uele River.
Isiro was named "Paulis" after colonel, later diplomat, Albert Paulis when it was part of the Belgian Congo. The city was developed in 1934 and reached its peak in 1957.
On 5 September 2005, a Kavatshi Airlines Antonov An-26B crashed on approach to Matari Airport in Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing all 11 people on board.
It is the district seat of Haut-Uele, having replaced Bambiri, and includes six territories: Dungu, Faradje, Niangara, Rangu, Wamba, and Watsa. Isiro is also the birthplace of Marie Daulne, Leader of the group Zap Mama.
Isiro (pronounced ) is the capital of Haut-Uele Province in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It lies between the equatorial forest and the savannah and its main resource is coffee. Isiro's population is estimated at approximately 182,000. Most people speak Lingala, but Swahili is not uncommon.