Synonyms for iterm or Related words with iterm

pterm              igain              bsum              cfbi              isum              isub              ioffset              ierr              icomp              rttvar              iavg              ineg              csum              iptat              qall              tcurrent              tcur              aipv              fcst              pgain              thfb              kpq              frab              ibias              gqi              icur              rloop              psum              qcomp              ptati              qoff              ecost              rshunt              qrab              errmi              imult              ictat              signali              iint              ztat              iave              offx              grooturl              idiff              iqp              vsum              gaink              vavg              kisdvoxs              rcomp             

Examples of "iterm"
iTerm2 is a GPL-licensed terminal emulator for macOS. It was derived from and has mostly supplanted the earlier "iTerm" application.