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tenshi              hitori              omoi              yasashii              tasogare              taiyou              yakusoku              yume              boku              kamisama              wasurenai              kimochi              utsukushii              kiseki              maboroshi              itsumo              inochi              otona              koisuru              zutto              dakishimete              chikai              natsu              kanashimi              negai              anata              renai              shiawase              kareshi              shiranai              jigoku              tameni              chiisana              tsukiyo              utae              hitotsu              danshi              aishiteru              rakuen              unmei              omoide              koibito              seishun              sakamichi              hajimari              soshite              dokusho              shita              jikan              jinsei             

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Approximately total single sales (including video single "Survival", DVD single "Itsuka" and collaboration singles "Scream" and "Answer"): 20.451.156
The album's title is a neologism meaning "most office lady." The extended play features similar themes to the group's first two releases, where Itsuka writes material inspired by the events of her life as an office lady, however Itsuka plans for "OLest" to be the last release of the group to be so strongly office lady-themed.
Their new single entitled "Itsuka", was followed by another performance at Nippon Budokan on October 4. Their 7th DVD, SIDNAD Vol.7: dead stock tour 2011 was released on the next day. "Itsuka" reached No. 1 on the daily charts and placed second on the weekly charts.'s sound was inspired by Japanese hip-hop group Astro, which inspired Itsuka to make music featuring rapping on top of a constant dance beat.
On , Takahashi faced Itsuka Yokose in a kickboxing match at "RISE/M-1MC: Infinity" in Tokyo, Japan. Takahashi defeated Yokose by TKO (punches) in the third round.
He also wrote “Sayonara Itsuka (, Saying Good-bye, Oneday)” (based on the novel by Hitonari Tsuji) that stars Miho Nakayama from Shunji Iwai’s “Love Letter (1995 film)”.
Members Itsuka and Gonchi first met when they were junior high school classmates, however they had never discussed music together until leaving school. After Itsuka graduated high school and went to university, she joined her friend's rock band as the vocalist. When the group later disbanded, Itsuka was about to start making music with a vocalist. She asked Gonchi, who had experience with turntables due to her brother being a DJ, to join as she felt a DJ would increase the group's appeal. Gonchi accepted, having no plans after returning from studying overseas and waiting for university to begin. Originally the group did not intend to make hip-hop music, and begun with a rock sound. Itsuka had begun rapping when she went to karaoke with friends, after noticing that nobody sang the rap sections of popular songs by Japanese groups Heartsdales, Soulhead and Bennie K. Eventually she decided her rap skills were better than her singing skills, so decided to rap in "Charisma" was originally a nickname Itsuka had been given by her vocalist friend. After adding more people, she added the ".com" to represent the word "company", then unaware that the domain name .com referred to the word "commercial". Itsuka and Gonchi consider the start of to be from when the group's vocalist left.
Itsuka explained the album had a theme of society versus the self, and was inspired to write about how unprompted disses by people were pointless complaints. The original concept for the album was a week in the life on an office lady, however that changed, as Itsuka wanted to express more songs featuring weakness. The title is a pun, referring both to stopping disses and topping disses.
The group's songs begin after Itsuka requests music made by trackmakers. After she receives them, she adds lyrics and a melody. Both members continue to work their jobs as office ladies in addition to being members of Itsuka works at the office of a magazine, while Gonchi works at a company specialising in precision machinery. Much of's music is inspired by everyday happenings in offices, especially the difference between life as a musician compared to life as an office lady.
In April 2014, Itsuka announced the return of her solo project Meliyas, and released a full-length album "Majo LP" exclusively to 500 members of the fanclub. It was later given a wide release in November 2014.
Fumiaki Amano of "Skream!" praised Itsuka's ability to be simultaneously angry and calm, and felt that "OLest" showed Itsuka at her most kind. She praised songs such as the "gentle pop" "Around Thirty Dreamin'" for their emotion.
The identified spirits with their associated numbers are 1. Origami Tobiichi, 2. Nia Honjō, 3. Kurumi Tokisaki, 4. Yoshino, 5. Kotori Itsuka, 6. Mukuro Hoshimiya, 7. Natsumi, 8. Yamai, 9. Miku Izayoi, and 10. Tohka Yatogami.
She has worked with many different producers, but in her third album, "Sakura no Ame, Itsuka", she worked on every song (either composing the melody or lyrics) on the album. This was her most successful album recorded with Universal Music.
Singular also worked on an international single with the Japanese guitar duo, Depapepe. Their joint single release is called "Some Other Day", which was written by Sin, while incorporating an existing instrumental piece by Depapepe, "Kitto Mata Itsuka".
"Martian Successor Nadesico"s opening song is "You Get to Burning" by Yumi Matsuzawa. The main ending song is by Houko Kuwashima, with episode 26 featuring "Itsuka...Shinjite" by Matsumura Kazumi as its ending.
On February 10, 2016, she released the first single from her 10th album "Ren'dez-vous", "Asu e no Tegami". This song was used in Japanese drama "Itsuka kono Koi o Omoidashite kitto Naite shimau" and charted at top on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart. formed in 2011, featuring rapper Itsuka and DJ Gonchi. Due to the popularity of the groups's videos on YouTube, they were able to debut as musicians. In July 2013, the group released their debut extended play "Ai Ai Syndrome" through independent label Lastrum. It reached number 52 on Oricon's weekly albums chart. In April 2014, officially announced "Distopping".
"Itsuka, Sakura no Ame ni..." peaked at number 7 on the Oricon Albums Chart and stayed in the top 200 for nine weeks. It has sold about 194,000 copies in Japan and has been certified Gold by the RIAJ for shipment of 200,000 copies.
Celery directed the game, and wrote the scenario; Tetsujin and Tamaki Ichikawa also contributed to the writing. The character designer was Fumitake Moekibara, who has drawn many character designs in previous Lump of Sugar games, such as "Nursery Rhyme", "Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni", and "". The game's music was composed entirely by Shigenobu Ōkawa.
A live-action TV series of "Moteki" began airing in Japan on TV Tokyo on July 16, 2010. The live-action adaption features Mirai Moriyama as Yukiyo Fujimoto, Maho Nonami as Aki Doi, Hikari Mitsushima as Itsuka Nakashiba, Rio Matsumoto as Natsuki Komiyama, and Rinko Kikuchi as Naoko Hayashida.