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narsinghpura              ranastalam              bigutar              thalakkarai              rangaon              thallur              pedacherlopalle              manikapur              peddapappur              devanakonda              pataura              penagalur              kushalpura              malhaniya              cheekkode              pulavanchi              palaiyur              banaula              vairavanpatti              maheshpatti              dhamaura              chadchan              chandaprabhu              santpur              purushudu              nimdaha              poolambadi              melung              baraula              subeha              gadivemula              chaklasi              basbiti              duttalur              pudukadai              ammapalayam              khaskusma              marripudi              kalliad              nallamada              thekkur              choornikkara              shirasgaon              pagidyala              chandampet              listikot              niraye              jallapur              kajaleshwar              kolimigundla             

Examples of "ittiva"
India census, Ittiva had a population of 16635 with 7832 males and 8803 females.
Among the archaeological ruins on Kulusuk the ancient settlement of Ikaasap Ittiva (Ikâsap Igtiva) is located near the shore at the northern end of the island. This site belongs to the oldest phase of the Saqqaq culture, around 2000 BCE.
Thudayannoor () is a village located in Ittiva Gramapanchayath in the eastern part of Kollam district, Kerala state, India. It is 2 km away from Oil Pam India Ltd (plantation), 57 km from Trivandrum and 42 km from Kollam town. The Kadakkal - Anchal road passes through the village.
Neighbouring towns are (Kadakkal) & (Ayoor) which is 8 km, 3 km from Chadayamangalam Junction. This is one of the large blocks in the district with an area of 249.09696454654 km. Paddy, coconut, rubber, tapioca, pepper, cashew nut, banana, areca nuts etc. are the major crops under cultivation in the block. Two industrial estate and five industrial co-operative institutions are functioning here. Population is of 22,213. Panchayat includes Chithra, Kadakkal, Chadayamangalam, Ittiva, Velinalloor, Elamadu & Nilamel.
Kattampally is a village located in Ittiva Gramapanchayath the eastern part of Kollam district, Kerala. It is 2 km away from Oil Pam India Ltd (plantation), 57 km away from Trivandrum and 42 km away from Kollam town, Kadakkal - Anchal road passes through the village. The village is an important business centre (kattampally market) business like rubber, coconut, tapioca etc. The nearest town is Kadakkal & Anchal Pincode of Kattampally 691536. Education institutions are Kattampally UPS and Kavitha, Thudayannoor Service Cooperative Bank is the major banks in the locality.There is also a family named as Kattampally in Chempu,Vaikom,Kottayam district,Kerala.
Kadakkal town is an important business centre. Kadakkal Chantha (Market) is famous, especially for its agrarian commodity business like coconut, areca nut, copra, tapioca, rubber, etc. . Kadakkal Panchayat is a Special Grade Panchayat. It spreads over an area of 48.9 km and has a population of 30236 with 14221 males and 16015 females, according to 2001 census. Pangode, Chithara, Nilamel, Ittiva, Kummil and Chadayamangalam are the neighboring Panchayats. Kadakkal is reachable through Nilamel, and is well connected through Anchal, Kilimanoor and Madathara. Kadakkal is one of the place which facilitates easiest roadway facility provided town which inter connects Tamil Nadu and Kerala as a by route. This town which is near to neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu only 63 km away.
Kottukkal is a village in Kollam district of Kerala, India. The historical importance of the village is linked to Kottukal cave temple, built before 800 CE. The village comes under "Ittiva panchayath" and it is the most prominent town in this panchayath. The village has many libraries and Safder Hashmi library, kairaly library, are one of the notable one among them. And district agricaltural farm is the keen attraction of this village, kottukkal is the entrance of this beautiful landscape, many kinds of medicine and fruit plants are available hear.Many ancient temples are here more than 6 temples surrendered in 3 kilometers of kottukkal, one of the notable one is Cave temple, its reveal the history of kottukkal