Synonyms for ivanich or Related words with ivanich

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Examples of "ivanich"
Pietro Abelich, Antonio Bajamonti, Cosimo de Begna Possedaria (1878–1880), Giovanni Botteri, Gustavo Ivanich, Stefano Knezevich, Pietro Doimo Maupas, Cesare Pellegrini Danieli, Giovanni Smerchinich and Niccolò Trigari.
Antonio Bajamonti (1888), Gustavo Ivanich (1883–1885), (1883-1889), Pietro Doimo Maupas, Giuseppe Messa, Giuseppe Pezzi, Antonio Radman (1885–1886), Luigi Serragli (1883–1885), Leopoldo Stermich and Niccolò Trigari.
Sozont Ivanich Potugin – a retired Russian technocrat who befriends Litvinov early in the novel; he holds very cynical views of the Russian or Slav character and its penchant for abstract and ultimately impotent talk over practical action; he is in Baden with his young adopted daughter and is a devotee of Irina, and a victim of his unrequited love for her