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alex_landenburg              ćućuz              zlatko_arslanagić              felix_bohnke              milatović_drums              józsef_laux_drums_percussion              zoran_zdravković              harri_mänty              miloš_petrović              cvele              čavke              goran_čavajda              branko_isaković_bass              bojan_pečar              dióssy              nedžat              tamás_somló              daniel_liljekvist              destructhor              makovics              nikola_zorić              tornóczky              donászy              dragi_jelić_guitar              waszlavik              vladimir_kolarić              ivan_vdović_vd              tüske              vocals_pauluss              tobias_eggi_exxel_bass              francesco_jovino              patrice_guers              bodonyi              jános_kóbor              ján_lehotský              điđi_jankelić              andy_christell              boban_pavlović_drums              dragan_urošević              ipe_ivandić              rajos              hajdú_abass              vidoja              zachary_hietala              lando_van_gils              debreceni_botis              robbie_hoddinott              miroslav_cvetković              mynni              patrick_djivas             

Examples of "józsef_laux"
Locomotiv GT V is the fifth studio album by Hungarian rock band Locomotiv GT. It is a double album, which was released in 1976 and was the last LGT album with drummer József Laux and lyricist Anna Adamis.
band Omega, released in 1970. It was the last band album with the keyboardist/vocalist Gábor Presser and drummer József Laux, which later created Locomotiv GT, more jazz-oriented band.
On July 19, 2016, former Omega saxophonist and LGT bassist Tamás Somló died, aged 68, of cancer; and the following month, on August 6, 2016, former drummer József Laux also died, aged 73.
On July 19, 2016, bassist/vocalist Tamás Somló died, aged 68, of cancer, leaving the band's future in doubt; and the following month, on August 6, 2016, founding drummer József Laux also died, aged 73. Therefore, on the 4th of September the remaining members of the band announced the very end of LGT.
József Laux and Gábor Presser had been members of Omega (which also featured Benkő and Kóbor from the original supergroup) up until this point; and consequently left Omega in order to form Locomotiv GT. This ultimately split Omega's fan base; as Omega had been at the peak of their success, and in the forming of Locomotiv GT had now in effect became two distinct bands; with the ultimate consequence that personal relations between the members' of the two bands becoming strained. The lyrics of the LGT song "Boldog vagyok" (‘I’m Happy’) refers to this situation, to which Omega responded with the song "Hűtlen Barátok" (‘Disloyal Friends’). In addition to the connection with Omega, Frenreisz had built his reputation in the band Metró, and guitarist in the band Hungária.
In 1970 the Hungarian "Youth Magazine" had assembled a super group based on the results of a reader poll; creating a fan's dream team of Hungarian popular musicians. The members of this ensemble were: Béla Radics (guitar), Zorán Sztevanovity (rhythm guitar), Károly Frenreisz (bass), Gábor Presser (organ), József Laux (drums), Ervin Fülöp (wind instruments), László Benkő (wind instruments), and János Kóbor (vocals). This was known as Supergroup I, but this line-up actually never performed together; dissolving before any live performances came to fruition. However, Frenreisz, Presser, and Laux from the supergroup decided to work together, and they formed Locomotiv GT with Frenreisz taking on the role of vocalist, and with new guitarist Tamás Barta, who had been part of "Youth Magazine's" next supergroup, in Budapest on April 6, 1971.
Omega was formed in Budapest in September 1962 by core members' keyboardist/flutist/trumpeter/vocalist László Benkő and vocalist János Kóbor; along with trombonist Győző Bánkúti, drummer/percussionist Tamás Künsztler, saxophonist Péter Láng, guitarist Ferenc Tornóczky, and bassist István Varsányi. The band's initial line-up did not last long, with co-founders Bánkúti and Tornóczky opting to leave within a couple of months of the band's formation; the latter being replaced by András Kovacsics whilst the former was not replaced. More changes ensued over the following couple of years; with Láng departing in 1963 to be replaced by László Harmat, who subsequently departed the following year along with Künsztler; leading to drummer József Laux, saxophonist Tamás Somló, and vocalist Mária Wittek being recruited to the band. This new septet provided the band with its first stable line-up, one which would last until 1967.