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seung              hyun              kyung              joo              seok              joon              chul              hye              soo              hyung              eun              hee              hyuk              hwan              cheol              yoo              wook              seong              yeon              suk              yoon              jeong              kwang              chae              baek              byung              woong              myung              yeong              woo              gyu              hyeon              beom              jang              jeon              kyu              yong              sook              joong              geun              deok              seon              heon              keun              shik              seol              kwon              byun              gook              hyeok             

Examples of "jae"
Yoo Hyun-jae ("dancer") and Shim Jae-won ("rapper")
Lee Jae-hoon or Lee Jae-hun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Jae-hun, and may also refer to:
Young-joo finds out about Jae-min's affiliation with Soo-jung. She goes to Jae-min's office to warn Soo-jung to stay away from Jae-min and tells Soo-jung that she is out of his league. But Jae-min had already asked Soo-jung to go to his apartment so as to tell her the whereabouts of Jo. Unfortunately, Jae-min's mother and Young-joo were at Jae-min's apartment and saw Soo-jung there. Jae-min’s mother is furious and slaps Soo-jung and calls her a cheap trash. Jae-min pushes his mother down in the tussle and runs off with Soo-jung.
Jae-chang was born 1866 In Bosong in South Jeolla Province. He was the fourth son of Seo Kwang-ho, governor of Dongbok County and Lady Lee of Seongju. His elder brothers were Jae-chun, Jae-hyung and Jae-pil and his younger brother was Jae-wu. He had two sisters.
Goo Jae-Hee or Koo Jae-Hee (Korean: 구재희) may refer to:
His sons Jang Sun-jae and Jang Chan-jae are also cyclists.
Kim Young-jae or Kim Yeong-jae is a Korean name and may refer to:
In June 2002, longtime DJ's Maverick and Jae Jae were fired to cut costs.
Yoo Hyun-jae, Jung Ji Hun, Hwang Sang Hun, and Shim Jae-won ("dancers")
Korean Poem – Winter’s Dance by Kwak Jae-gu at Gwangju Blog -
Yoo Hyun-jae used to be the leader of the group. Hyun Jae is currently under JYP Entertainment.
Lee is the father of Jae-Hwa, Jae-Hee, and Ga-eul. He is very protective of Ga-eul.
As Eun-young tries to forget Jae-ha, she returns to Korea and there, Jae-ha appears again...
Jae-seop, also spelled Jae-sup or Jae-sub, is a Korean masculine given name. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name.
The wife of King Jae-kang and sister-in-law to Jae-ha and Jae-shin. She loves her husband deeply and dreams about having a lot of kids someday.
Worlds would begin to collide when people unknown of the secrets begin developing unusual bonds. During one of Sam-jae's secret visits to see Seo-young, Sam-jae saved Woo-jae from getting hit by a car. Woo-jae feels an unusual link with Sam-jae, and the two befriend each other without Woo-jae realizing he is bonding with his father-in-law, a secret Sam-jae continues to maintain. As for Mi-kyung, she has been always chased down by suitors for her money and not for her; she has consistently maintained a public lie that she is a poor orphaned-nobody and maintains the façade to Sang-woo. However, things became complicated as the established lies revealed themselves. In gratitude, Woo-jae lands Sam-jae a security job at the company, but Sam-jae displays unusual behavior to Woo-jae whenever Seo-young was around. After Sam-jae quits his security job to avoid discovery of their relations, Woo-jae discovers Sam-jae's photo of Seo-young at his locker. Therefore, Woo-jae researches Sam-jae and is shocked to discover his savior is his father-in-law.
Young-joo went to Jae-min’s apartment. She asks Jae-min whether he is jealous with what he saw, and ask him not to make use of Soo-jung. Jae-min tells Young-joo that he likes Soo-jung the same way she likes In-wook. Young-joo is shaken with Jae-min’s confession.
When Jae-hee's older brother, Daniel Dawson (Julien Kang), comes to Korea, he finds out what his little sister is doing. Daniel soon decides to make Jae-hee leave the school. Jae-hee and Daniel argued in her and Tae-joon's room, and Tae-joon overhears their conversation, and discovers Jae-hee's secret.
Devastated by what Min-jung did to him, he becomes vengeful. He eventually becomes a trusted assistant to Lee Jae-hee and witnesses his romance with Min-jung. After getting into conflicts with Min-jung, Jae-hee fires him, but he is rehired as Jae-hee's father's assistant. Despite his earnest warnings about Min-jung’s treacherous nature, Lee Jae-hee marries her anyway.
On his last day as a debt collector, he is doing the rounds with Young-jae. Young-jae beats a debtor against Sang-hoon's wishes, and the debtor responds by hitting Sang-hoon with a hammer. As Sang-hoon walks away with Young-jae, blood starts to flow out of his nose. He asks Young-jae for a handkerchief, but Young-jae attacks him with a hammer, and leaves him dying by the road.