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Examples of "jagnasury"
New Jagnasury is well connected by all-weather road to and from Lawngtlai, the district headquarters. It takes around one hour by car from Longpuighat (a village of CADC) to reach New Jagnasury-I.
New Jagnasury-I is a village in southern part of Chakma Autonomous District Council, Lawngtlai District in the state of Mizoram, India. It is also called Damdep-I. Most of the people depend on estate farming where few of them engage in teacher and officer. New Jagnasury-I is one of the speedy growing Tongchangya village in terms of education as compared to other Tongchangya villages in Mizoram.
Most of the people (99.99%) of New Jagnasury - I are Buddhist and follow the Theravada way of teaching and living. They have a Buddhist Monastery named Uttamasara Buddha Vihar, where some monks permanently reside. The vihara is believed to have been established in the beginning of 1970's. Recently, a proposal has been passed that the Monastery shall be shifted to the outskirt of the village in order to enlarge the complex of it. An outlay plan was designed to accommodate the various structures during the construction of the new monastery complex. In this regard a lump sum budget is also proposed.
Boroituli is an Indian village in Lawngtlai district and Mizoram State. The population is approximately 400 people, and is ethinically composed of both Chakma and Tongchangya peoples. It is situated near the River Thega to the west (which borders on Bangladesh), New Jagnasury to east, Jaruldubosora to the north, and New Chippui to its south. It is in the eastern region of the Chakma Autonomous District Council. Agriculture and the cultivation of Jhum are the main sources of subsistence. Boroituli contains a co-educational primary and middle school, which as of 2016 catered for a student body of boys and girls, with a staff.