Synonyms for jaliscana or Related words with jaliscana

guatemalensis              radlk              sprucei              ciliatum              chiapensis              brevifolium              sessiliflora              laxiflora              rzedowskii              gentryi              foliosa              lepidota              virgata              anomalum              congesta              glaziovii              domingensis              mucronata              weinmannia              cuatrec              calcicola              puberula              hirtella              glabrescens              melampodium              macbr              standleyi              connata              byrsonima              poepp              montevidensis              lehmannii              lancifolia              pedicellata              spathulata              jacquinia              calcarata              horrida              candicans              psittacanthus              micrantha              eggersii              vestita              cuneifolia              ellipticum              hernandia              caespitosa              floribundum              bracteosa              dioon             

Examples of "jaliscana"
Hechtia jaliscana is a species in the genus "Hechtia". This species is endemic to Mexico.
Pinus jaliscana, the Jalisco pine, is a species of conifer in the Pinaceae family.
Psilocybe jaliscana is a species of mushroom in the Strophariaceae family. The mushroom contains the medicinal compound psilocybin.
Chamelania jaliscana is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in Jalisco, Mexico.
Juniperus jaliscana, known commonly as the Jalisco juniper, is a species of conifer in the cypress family, Cupressaceae.
Closely related species include "Pinus greggii", "P. jaliscana", "P. oocarpa", "P. praetermissa", "P. pringlei", and "P. tecunumanii", all of which also are native to Mexico.
Quasieulia jaliscana is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Oaxaca, Puebla and Veracruz.
In addition to oaks, pines and holm oaks, there is also a great biodiversity of herbs and shrubs such as kidneywood, copal, mallow, mugwort, foxtail, and other trees such as willow, the "amate" fig, and the cat's claw ("tepame") and needle bush ("huisache") acacias. It is one of three known habitats of the "Styrax jaliscana", a white-flowering shrub in the "Styrax" family.
"Dactylopius coccus" is native to tropical and subtropical South America and Mexico, where their host cacti grow natively. They have been widely introduced to many regions where their host cacti also grow. About 200 species of "Opuntia" cacti are known, and while it is possible to cultivate cochineal on almost all of them, the most common is "Opuntia ficus-indica". "D. coccus" has only been noted on "Opuntia" species, including "O. amyclaea", "O. atropes", "O. cantabrigiensis", "O. brasilienis", "O. ficus-indica", "O. fuliginosa", "O. jaliscana", "O. leucotricha", "O. lindheimeri", "O. microdasys", "O. megacantha", "O. pilifera", "O. robusta", "O. sarca", "O. schikendantzii", "O. stricta", "O. streptacantha", and "O. tomentosa". Feeding cochineals can damage and kill the plant. Other cochineal species feed on many of the same "Opuntia", and the wide range of hosts reported for "D. coccus" likely is because of the difficulty in distinguishing it from other "Dactylopius" species.