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agrani              banijya              grameena              bikas              sahakari              rastra              pubali              vysya              gramya              rekhi              hdfc              rupali              chakki              alfalah              shobhraj              idbi              icici              jayesh              vikash              godbole              oswal              ashalatha              sahkari              kotak              raghuram              ghanashyam              tanmay              rupesh              bambawali              gangaram              raghvan              janardhanan              pasubathi              abhilash              laxmiben              nagindas              saurabh              karibasavaiah              venkataswamy              grameen              handunnetti              singamuthu              dipak              jithin              lokesh              shriram              narasimman              sathaar              patsanstha              maniyanpilla             

Examples of "janardhan"
Janardhan is one of the names of Hindu Lord Krishna.
She is survived by her son Kishore, Daughter-in-law Nalini, Grand Children Janardhan and Jyothsna. She is also survived by her daughter Doctor Urmila, Son-in-law Doctor Raman Rao, Grand Children Doctor Janardhan and Jyoti.
SC grants bail to mining baron Janardhan Reddy on 21st Jan 2015.
His son Janardhan became Judge at Supreme Court of India during 1960-1966.
The film's score and soundtrack was scored by Hamsalekha and the cinematography was by T. Janardhan.
Nagam Janardhan Reddy is married to Suguna and they have two sons and a daughter.
In the surroundings of the mandal there is only one theatre Janardhan mahal.
Marri Janardhan Reddy of Telangana Rashtra Samithi won the seat in 2014 Legislative Assembly Election.
Pramila Dandavate (née Karande) was on 27 August 1927 born to Dr. Janardhan and Lakshmibai (née Shanta) Karande. Her father Dr. Janardhan was a famed gynaecologist whose clinic and maternity hospital were located near the Girgaum Chowpatty. Dr. Janardhan Karande alo served as the President of the Mumbai Obstetrics & Gynecological Society from 1950 to 1952. Pramila was associated with the "Swastik League" during her childhood. The "Swastik League" was an organisation established by M. R. Jayakar.
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Chodagam Janardhan Rao was a Chief civil engineer in the Bakra Nangal Dam Project in Punjab, India.
[1] Janardhan, Arun (2016-09-17). “Sahapedia: A challenge to India’s hidebound museum culture”. "Livemint". Retrieved 2016-10-04
Priya (Sridevi) is a movie star, who is exploited by her producer Janardhan / K Ashwath (Major Sundarrajan). Janardhan has such a tight control over Priya's financial and personal affairs that he refuses to let her get married to her boyfriend Bharat (Ambarish).
Her life takes a turn for the better in Chennai as she has a very supportive friend-group in her office, particularly a widower, Janardhan (Kamal Hassan). Janardhan, or Johnnie as he is popularly called, is a talented ventriloquist who "talks" through his puppet, Junior. He falls in love with Anu, but is unable to muster up the courage to tell her about it.
John Jani Janardhan is a Hindi film is directed by T.Rama Rao. Rajinikanth played the main lead in a triple role. John being the father and johnny and janardhan being the two sons. It is a remake of the 1982 Tamil film "Moondru Mugam" which starred Rajinikanth and Raadhika.
Meanwhile, Sowmya returns from the USA to India for pursuing Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology and Mahesh helps her as a guide and both of them fall in love. Once Rambabu insults his house owner Janardhan Seth (Tanikella Bharani) publicly in his show. Janardhan takes all of Rambabu's belongings on the pretext of unpaid rent including Gangaram’s soul doll. Gangaram shows his true identity and kills him. Rambabu gets home, only to find his house completely ransacked by Janardhan Seth’s men. An angry Rambabu goes to the Janardhan's godown where he sees that he is dead. Just then, Mahesh comes in the scene and thinks that out of rage, Rambabu has killed the Janardhan and he is arrested.
Before she flies off to Singapore for a film shoot, Priya seeks the help of Lawyer Ganesh (Rajnikant) to get rid of Janardhan.
Following this designation, Janardhan Thapa, an executive member of the group's central committee, announced that they would change their name and focus on "social and cultural activities".
Kodandaram was born to M. Janardhan Reddy, a farmer from Mancherial in Adilabad district. He did his major part of education in Warangal. After completing his degree from Warangal government college, he joined Osmania University in
A businessman from north India, Janardhan Upadhyay Garg, developed a large estate in the 16th century. During the days of Rani Janaki Devi, it reached its zenith in the 18th century.