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lee_seung              choi_seung              jung_hyun              sung_hoon              ahn_jae              yoo_jae              choi_jae              geun              yoon_jong              woong              choi_jong              kim_myung              tae_yeon              yoon_jung              kim_seong              kim_yeong              kim_hyo              myeong              lee_kwang              jung_yoon              kang_seung              kim_hyung              joo_hyun              kim_hye              kim_tae_woo              kim_kwang              hwan              tae_yoon              seob              jung_hye              jang_hyun              kim_tae              jeong_jae              yoon_ji              yeol              hyun_jin              hyo              seo_hyun              jo_dong_hyuk              jung_hae              gyu              hyeong              hyeon              byung              pyung              choi_eun              hyung              kim_hyun              kang_dae              ryul             

Examples of "jang_jae"
Jang Jae-Sim (born 3 January 1980) is a retired Korean judoka who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Jang Jae-ho lost the match 1–3, which was considered an upset but not totally out of the realm of possibilities as a patch by Blizzard Entertainment as well as strategic adaption to Jang Jae-ho's playing style had made the Night Elf vs. Orc match-up more balanced. He subsequently lost the match for fourth place vs. Xiaofeng Li 2–3, a match widely anticipated by fans as Xiaofeng Li's World Cyber Games victory made him Jang Jae-ho's main WarCraft III rival in Asia.
It was reported February 2007 that Jang Jae-ho had extended his contract with Meet Your Makers for a year with a US$10,000 monthly salary.
House of the Disappeared (; lit. "House Above Time") is a 2017 South Korean mystery thriller film directed by Lim Dae-woong and written by Jang Jae-hyun. It
Jang Jae-Geun (born 2 January 1962) is a Korean former sprinter who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Jang Jae-Sung (Hangul: 장재성, Hanja: 張在成; born March 15, 1975 in Incheon) is a retired South Korean freestyle wrestler.
Known for his innovative strategies, fans nicknamed Jang Jae-ho "Fantasista". After the release of The Frozen Throne he developed into the dominating player of the Korean "WarCraft III" scene (which he is considered still today). Few major Korean competitions concluded in 2004 (aside from several qualifiers for international tournaments only the MBC Daum Prime League IV). Jang Jae-ho qualified for the 2004 World Cyber Games global finals, meaning he would make his first international appearance.
After his first success, Choi Woo Hyuk went on to appear in the drama "Glass Slippers" (2002) playing the character of young Jang Jae-hyuk). He also appeared in the movie "No Manners (Conduct Zero)"(2002) in the same year.
The Priests (; lit. Black Priests) is a 2015 South Korean supernatural mystery thriller film written and directed by Jang Jae-hyun, based on his award-winning short film "12th Assistant Deacon".
Building on his strong run towards the end of 2006, 2007 looked to be Jang Jae-ho's strongest year yet. He has so far this year defended his MBC Game World War title four times, which is a televised series of show matches in South Korea paying out US$10,000 to a seasonal champion.
Tongyeong ogwandae became the important intagible properties of Korea in 1964. At that time, the holders were designated ;Jang jae-bong, Oh Jung-du, kim jin-su, Gu sam-bong, Go young-su, Mun Chang-seob, Kim sam sung, Yoo ding-ju.
As they dominated different circuits they did not meet in any off-line matches throughout the 2005 year . Despite several online matches the rivalry was not resolved during this time as Jang Jae-ho was perceived as having a "racial advantage" with his Night Elf vs. Manuel Schenkhuizen's Orc.
By late 2005 Jang Jae-ho's results weakened, he was eliminated from the second group stage of the World e-Sports Games in the longest tie-breaker (for second place) of the series history which included him, Korean professional gamer Jae Wook "Lucifer" Noh and Swedish professional gamer Kim "SaSe" Hammar.
"Temptation of Wife" (아내의 유혹) is a 2008 Korean drama series originally broadcast by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) from November 3, 2008 till May 1, 2009. It was written by Soon-ok Kim and directed by Se-kang Oh. The series starred Seo Hee Jang, Jae Hwang Lee, Woo Min Byun and Seo Hyung Kim as the lead characters.
The music video was directed by Jang Jae-hyeok, who had previously collaborated with the group on videos "Irony", "So Hot", and "Nobody". The video was filmed in Korean, English, and Chinese, and features cameo appearances by Bobby Lee and Park Jin-young. The video parodies the classic American television series "Charlie's Angels". The group members wear 1980s inspired clothing, make-up and hairstyles.
Jang Jae-In (Hangul: 장재인, born June 6, 1991), also known as Jang Jane, is a South Korean singer-songwriter who finished third in the second season of South Korean reality television series "Superstar K". She is currently signed to Mystic89.
After that he went through an extended dry spell in tournaments in what is termed a "slump". The professional Korean WarCraft III scene was in decline and Jang Jae-ho had to drop out of the only televised league the country had in the year, MBCGame International League, because it conflicted with the World e-Sports Games.
He was considered the insider favorite for the tournament which took place in San Francisco, California. He was stopped by his countryman Tae Min "Zacard" Hwang in the round of 16 however, considered a major upset since Jang Jae-ho had an unbeaten televised record versus Hwang Tae-min's race of choice, Orc.
Lim Yo-Hwan (known as "SlayerS_Boxer"), one of Korea's most successful and recognized players, joined the NASL in March 2011. Other notable players include the leading StarCraft progamers Jang Min Chul ("SK.MC"), Park Sung-Joon ("JulyZerg"), Lee Yun-Yeol ("NaDa"), rival former professional Warcraft 3 players Jang Jae Ho ("Moon") and Manuel Schenkhuizen ("Grubby") as well as caster/player Daniel Stemkoski ("Artosis").
Jang Jae-ho (known as spirit_moon or moon, born December 14, 1986) is a South Korean professional gamer of the popular Blizzard real-time strategy games "Warcraft III" and "StarCraft II". He is seen by many as the best Night Elf player in the world. Jang Jae-ho is a five time world champion and has won three televised national Korean WarCraft III Championships as well as four seasons of MBCGame's World War. He is particularly known for his excellent micromanagement and innovative strategies. He is often seen using strategies that later set the benchmark for many Night Elf players and was nicknamed the "5th Race" by He has played and won more televised "WarCraft III" games than any other Warcraft III players. Jang Jae-ho is featured in the documentary film Beyond the Game. His prize money of Warcraft 3 exceed $356,738.93 which is the highest among all players in "Warcraft 3" history and his total prize money ranked top 10 in all electronic players by now. Moon transitioned to "StarCraft II" and without a team for a while, and later retired from professional gaming in order to fulfill South Korean military service requirements. Now he has returned to Warcraft 3 and participated in the Grand Final of World Cyber Arena 2015.