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kang_tae              ji_seok              soo_kyung              yoon_jung              choi_eun              woong              jung_soo              yoo_seung              ryung              hee_joo              seol              jung_hwa              jung_yoon              bong_soo              jang_tae              yeo_jin              choi_jae              yoon_jong              jung_gyu_woon              lee_jong_hyuk              kyung_joo              beom              min_seok              yoon_ji              jung_yong              yoo_kyung              jung_hae              hee_kyung              sung_hoon              gyu              kyeong              byeong              kim_myung              ryul              jeong_hee              tae_woong              yeol              jung_hye              yeom_dong              kang_jae              choi_jong              seo_hyun              eun_hee              choi_soo              seo_yeon              kang_seung              kang_dae              seok_jin              ryeong              gong_hyung_jin             

Examples of "jang_soo"
Jang Soo-young (born 22 September 1988) is a South Korean female badminton player.
In December 2006, Li became the assistant coach of Chinese Super League side Beijing Guoan, rejoining Lee Jang-soo. He was sacked together with Lee Jang-soo on 16 September 2009. Lee Jang-soo invited him again after Lee became the manager of China League One side Guangzhou Evergrande, but Li was unable to join Guangzhou due to the heavy task of teaching at the university. Since Lee Jang-soo haven't the AFC Professional Coaching Diploma at the time, Li agreed to register as the manager of Guangzhou Evergrande in name.
Throughout 1997 Lee Jang-Soo went to Brazil to study coaching abroad until 1998 when Lee Jang-Soo would move to China and manage Chongqing Lifan for four seasons. While he was there he managed to twice take Chongqing Lifan to fourth in the league in the 1999 and 2000 league season. However it wasn't until 2002 when Lee Jang-Soo had moved to Qingdao Beilaite that he rose to prominace within China and won the Chinese FA Cup with them. The following season though Qingdao Beilaite were to have a disappointing season when they finished the league in eleventh and Lee Jang-Soo would return to Korea. Back in South Korea Lee Jang-Soo would quickly find a team to coach with Chunnam Dragons and subsequently FC Seoul where he led them both to a Championship playoffs spot.
Lim Jang-soo (born 10 October 1959) is a South Korean sport shooter who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Soon after, in November 2013, Jang's senior aides Lee Yong-ha and Jang Soo-kee were executed. Lee was reportedly accused of abusing his authority, while Jang Soo-kee was found guilty of trying to organize a new faction and rejecting the system.
Yao made his comeback in July 2014 after Korean manager Lee Jang-Soo took charge Chengdu Tiancheng who struggled in the bottom of the league.
On 29 February 2008, he assumed the position of Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense, replacing Kim Jang-soo. He served at this position until 2009.
In February 2001, Li recommended himself to Chinese Jia-A League side Chongqing Lifan. Chongqing Lifan accepted his recommendation and appoint him as the interpreter and assistant coach of Korean manager Lee Jang-soo. He followed Lee Jang-soo to join another Jia-A League team Qingdao Etsong Hainiu in December 2001. He left Qingdao at the end of 2003 season after Lee Jang-soo's resignation. He joined China League One club Henan Jianye as team leader and assistant coach in December 2013. However, he was taken place by Yin Lihua on 15 April 2004.
At the beginning of the 2006 league season Lee Jang-Soo returned to China with Beijing Guoan who required a manager after Shen Xiangfu left after a disappointing season. Under Lee Jang-Soo, Beijing Guoan immediately improved by coming third in the league. Despite the team's continued improvement within the league and a successful start in the 2009 Chinese Super League season where the club were currently leading the table on September 16, 2009, Lee was fired by Beijing Guoan for not using particular players that were favored by the club directors.
On 13 January 2016, Stojanovič was appointed the new manager of Changchun Yatai F.C., replacing Marijo Tot. However, his reign was short lived, with Stojanovič getting fired on 4 May 2016. He was replaced by former Beijing Guoan F.C. and Guangzhou Evergrande F.C. manager Lee Jang-soo.
Lee Jang-Soo was one of the first players to play professional football in South Korea when he started his professional football career at Yukong Elephants in 1983 with the formation of the K-League. Despite already being in his late twenties he would eventually play in 53 league games in his professional career which ended in 1986.
Kim Heungsou (Hangul: 김흥수; Hanja: 金興洙; November 17, 1919 – June 9, 2014) was a Korean painter who was sometimes called the "Picasso of Korea". Jang soo hyun, his partner and executive curator of Kim Heungsou museum died of ovarian cancer in November 2012.
In July 2011, Ji-hyun was cast in MBC's weekend drama, "A Thousand Kisses" as Jang Soo Ah, the younger sister of Jang Woo Jin (Ryu Jin) She was cast for a spin-off of the TV show "The Romantic" in October 2012
After round 23 of the 2009 league season Hong Yuanshuo was appointed as caretaker manager of Beijing Guoan who required a manager after Lee Jang-Soo left. Finally, Beijing Guoan won the championship of China Super League 2009 without losing any games from round 24 to 30.
Jang Soo-Ji (born 21 November 1987) is a South Korean field hockey player. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed with the Korea women's national field hockey team in the women's tournament. She competed in three Asian Games from 2006 to 2014.
General (Ret.) Kim Jang-soo, ROKA, was the 37th Chief of Staff of the Republic of Korea Army and the 40th Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense. He is currently a Grand National Party Representative in the National Assembly of South Korea.
On 1 December 2009 top tier football club Guangzhou Pharmaceutical officially announced Peng Weiguo as their caretaker head coach. On 25 March 2010, it was announced that manager Peng had been relieved of his duties, with Korean manager Lee Jang-Soo put in charge. He became the manager of Guangzhou F.C. Youth Team.
Ji-soo was being sent to Japan by her company to secretly take pictures of the affair between Yuichi Yamamoto and Jang Soo-yeon. In the meantime, Yuichi, who happened to be on a plane belonging to the Japan Airlines, played a prank by "accidentally" spilling coke on his neighbouring passenger. Yuichi took the opportunity to promote his insurance sales.
Zhou Lin began his professional football career when he was able to break into the Chongqing Lifan first-team during the 1999 league season after previously playing for their youth team. Under head coach Lee Jang-Soo he was able to quickly establish himself within the team and even help Chongqing win the 2000 Chinese FA Cup, however once Lee Jang-Soo left Chongqing found themselves struggling to remain within the top tier. Despite Chongqing constantly struggling within the league and several managerial changes Zhou Lin would still remain a constant regular first-team member within the team until Chongqing were finally relegated in the 2006 league season and were willing to let Zhou Lin leave the club.
After his football career he became a coach at Honam University before being offered the chance to become a trainer with the newly formed Ilhwa Chunma team in the K-League. He was offered a promotion as a coaching in 1992 where he was part of the team that took them second in the league. The next few seasons saw him as part of the coaching team that would establish Ilhwa Chunma as a successful team within the K-League by winning the league for three consecutive seasons. In the 1996 league season when Ilhwa Chunma decided to rename themselves as Cheonan Ilhwa Chunma, Lee Jang-Soo was again promoted to the Head coach position after the previous manager Park Jong-Hwan left, however after a disappointing season where they were never in the title challenge Lee Jang-Soo left.