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Examples of "jannecke"
The Master of Jannecke Bollengier was a Flemish painter of illuminated manuscripts active in the area around Ghent, or possibly Bruges, around 1500. His name is derived from an entry in a "Book of Hours", now in the treasury of the Collégiale Sainte Waudru, identifying it as the property of one Jannecke Bollengier. Comparable books in similar style exist in other library and museum collections; their association with the Master, however, remains unclear. In addition, the book bears certain stylistic similarities with the work of the so-called Master of the Dresden Prayerbook.
A 26-year-old woman, Jannecke Løset McDonald from Bergen sat with her 6-year-old daughter on the first row of the train when the bucket hit the train's left part. She died after a few seconds, while her child was seriously wounded, and sent to Ullevål University Hospital.
Schulman was married to the journalist Eva Schulman (née Tawaststjerna) between 1945 and 1974 and together they had four children, Jannecke, Leif, Micaela and Annika (married Åslund). In 1974 he married the journalist Lisette Schulman (née Stolpe) and together they had three children, Niklas, Alex and Calle.