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leessang              sojin              younha              wheesung              peppertones              koyote              minhyuk              junhyung              sungjae              kangta              sodagreen              jaekyung              yuju              dasom              daeun              yoseob              mamamoo              dahye              eunkwang              hwayobi              hyolyn              clazziquai              xiah              eunji              davichi              bewhy              doojoon              sowelu              gikwang              jisun              loveholic              jooyoung              dickpunks              hyorin              yangpa              loveholics              guckkasten              junsu              sandeul              jisoo              insooni              hwanhee              shownu              jiae              kahimi              idiotape              gfriend              yook              dongwoon              ailee             

Examples of "jaurim"
Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond is an album by Korean group Jaurim.
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Arctic Monkeys, Banban Project, Bigmama, Daybreak, Dear Cloud, Feeder, Jaurim, Jung Won-young Band, The Koxx, One Ok Rock, Pia, Priscilla Ahn, SPYAIR, Taz, Thieves Like Us, Ukulele Picnic, Yellow Monsters, Zitten.
Kim Yoon-ah (; born March 11, 1974) is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She is known as the lead singer in the modern rock group Jaurim. She also released several solo albums.
With his sights set on a directing career, he made a video-production company H Films and started off directing music videos and commercials. Lee directed music videos for artists such as BoA, TVXQ, Kangta, Shinhwa, S.E.S., Jaurim, Fly to the Sky, S and g.o.d, as well as commercials. Like a number of other music video directors, he then moved into film.
The Hongdae area is known as a trendy cafe and nightlife area for students and is well known for its indie scene, urban street arts, and underground musicians. Many known bands like Jaurim, Crying Nut and Peppertones are from this street and started as indie bands. The area provides street art festivals and performances, as well as music concerts by independent artists and mainstream entertainers.
The Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Band Performance (베스트 밴드 퍼포먼스) is an award presented annually by CJ E&M Pictures (Mnet). It was first awarded at the 1st Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony held in 1999; the band Jaurim won the award for their song "낙화", and it is given in honor for the band with the most artistic achievement in band performances in the music industry.
Independent popular music, such as "indie rock," or "indie" (인디), and independent hip hop, is growing in popularity in Korea, fueled by an increase in the number of independent acts, as well as an increase in the coverage of those independent acts by blogs. Notable popular indie groups from the 1990s and 2000s include Jaurim (자우림), Huckleberry Finn (허클베리 핀), Nell (넬), Mot (못), Cherry Filter (체리 필터), and Third Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이), as well as the more recent Busker Busker, among others.
The second edition was held in 2001. Glay Expo 2001 "Global Communication" was divided into four performances: two in Tokyo, one in Ishikari, and an all-night long performance in Fukuoka, which featured artists; Dome from Thailand, Nicholas Tse from Hong Kong, Mayday from Taiwan, Jaurim from South Korea, and The D.e.p., a group formed by Glay's producer Masahide Sakuma, Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu, Gota Yashiki, Masami Tsuchiya and Mick Karn. These concerts accumulated a total audience of over 280,000. The concert in Ishikari had part of its fuel generated from solar and aeolic energy generating devices displayed in a booth.
Jaurim (자우림, 紫雨林, meaning "Purple Rainforest") is a rock band from Seoul, South Korea. They had performed in the indie scene before 1997, and became major with their first released single 'Hey Hey Hey' (an original soundtrack of 꽃을 든 남자, A Man who is holding Flowers). They have released nine full-length albums, three unofficial albums, two original soundtrack singles, one original soundtrack EP (which was released as a digital single), and one concert album. Their ninth full-length album, 'goodbye, grief' (part of their "25 Waiting for 21 Project"), was released on October 14, 2013. The band is praised for their arrangements, and singer Kim Yoon-Ah is often praised for her singing abilities and lyrics. Their drummer, Goo Tae-Hoon has run a major live club in Korea, 'Soundholic', since 2003; as well as the record label of the same name.
In spite of the "cold" reception these works had, the band reached No. 1 spot in the charts with both albums. Glay continued being successful with their tours in Japan. They proved to enjoy popularity outside Japan as well, in 2001, when members visited Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea to promote the Expo 2001 "Global Communication" and officially invited artists Dome, Nicholas Tse, Mayday and Jaurim to participate in one of the Expo concerts. The next year, they played outside Japan for the first time (not counting one concert in Hawaii for their fanclub members), when they played a sold-out live performance for a 35,000 audience in Beijing. The concert is the most expensive in China's history. Glay also met then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin.
Hong Kong pop singer Sandy Lam recorded a version of the song for her 1997 English language covers album "Wonderful World (美妙世界)". Serbian pop singer Bebi Dol released Serbian language-cover literally titled "Pokloni se", on her 1995 album "Ritam srca". Philippine bossa nova singer Sitti recorded a cover of this song for her second album "My Bossa Nova". Korean rock band Jaurim covered the song on their album "The Youth Admiration". Trisha Yearwood and Babyface covered the song on CMT's "Crossroads", which aired on September 21, 2007. Melissa Totten did a Hi-NRG cover for her 2008 dance album "Forever Madonna". American pop folk singer Matt Alber plays an acoustic cover on his 2011 album "Constant Crows". "Take a Bow" was featured in the final episode of the first season of "Friends", "", when Rachel goes to the airport to tell Ross that she knows he is in love with her. "Take a Bow" was used in promos for the final season of "Beverly Hills, 90210".