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veux              quand_tu              dis_moi              laisse              que_je              mon_cœur              je_ne              un_jour              je_veux              avec_toi              pour_toi              quelqu_un              avec_moi              doucement              quand_je              pourquoi              amour_est              que_aime              pleure              regarde              rêver              mon_coeur              que_amour              quand              reste              mieux              vient              il_faut              ça_va              peut_être              voulu              était              je_voudrais              je_vais              quelque_chose              jamais              je_vous              si_étais              et_puis              je_cherche              rien              avais              aimer              pour_vous                            sans_toi              où_je              est_pas              oublie              qu_une             

Examples of "je_te"
These are the formats and track listings of single releases of "Je te dis tout":
1980 : Si jamais je te pince !... by Eugène Labiche, Théâtre Daniel Sorano Vincennes
These are the formats and track listings of single releases of "Je te rends ton amour":
"Je te retrouve un peu" was released as a single in France April 2003.
Je te donne (English: "I give to you") is an album by Léo Ferré released in 1976 by CBS Records.
It was succeeded as Luxembourgish representative at the 1990 Contest by Céline Carzo with "Quand je te rêve".
Farmer hadn't released anything since the single "Je te dis tout" in March 2013 and was being completely silent ever since.
Je te serai fidèle is a 2003 French language album by Canadian singer Roch Voisine. It includes six new songs and nine entirely revamped hits.
The B-side of "Jours de fièvre" includes the track "Ma chambre", although the back sleeve of the 7" single indicates "Partout je te vois".
Je te dis vous is an album recorded by the French singer Patricia Kaas. It was released in 1993 and achieved success in many countries.
"Vittring", on the other hand was covered by Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand as "Rock'n'roll, je te hais" with completely unrelated lyrics in French.
The 2011 contemporary classical album Troika includes a setting of Lermontov's French-language poem "Quand je te vois sourire…" by the composer Isabelle Aboulker.
"Quand je te rêve" (English translation: "When I Dream of You") was Luxembourgish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1990, performed by the French singer Céline Carzo.
Non-Stop je te plie en deux is the first album of Montreal group We Are Wolves. It was released in 2005.
It was the second number-one single for Patrick Fiori (after "Belle" in 1998), and also for Jean-Jacques Goldman (after "Je te donne" in 1986).
In 1999, all revenue from the controversial French hit "Je te rends ton amour" sung by Mylène Farmer were donated to Sidaction.
With My Blonde/Journey through Europe/Mary Mother of God/Sesso/Entrez Dans La Danse/The Jewel/Espoir Spirale/Je Te Veux Toi
Marchal has written several songs, both solo ("Nous vivrons tous les trois", "Ne pleure pas ma mie") or with his friends and producers at CBE, George Chatelain and Bernard Estardy ("Dieu qu'elle était belle", "Quand je te regarde vivre").
Je te mangerais (literally "I could eat you" in English; marketed under the title You Will be Mine) is a French drama film written and directed by Sophie Laloy.
The bottom two were Baer Jonkers and Robin van den Akker. In the sing-off, they had to sing the Evita song "Hoog vloog je, te hoog "(High Flying Adored)"". Nijholt chose to save Robin and send Baer home.