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veux              pour_toi              je_ne              quand_tu              quelqu_un              avec_toi              dans_mes              que_je              je_veux              que_aime              mon_coeur              il_faut              mon_cœur              pour_vous              regarde              je_te              une_chanson              ça_va              que_ça              amour_est              souvent              tu_peux              parce_que              laisse              avais              pour_nous              peux              mieux              je_sais              avec_moi              si_étais              et_puis              seule              un_jour              chanson_pour              reste              combien              rien_que              dis_moi              je_vous              quand_je              pleure              je_vais              rêver              ce_que_je              vient              doucement              où_est              qu_elle              ça             

Examples of "je_voudrais"
Je voudrais voir d'âpres marchands aux regards louches,
Winner: * "Je Voudrais Changer D'Chapeau", La Bottine Souriante
Je voudrais voir la Perse, et l'Inde, et puis la Chine,
Je voudrais pas crever ("I wouldn't want to croak") is a collection of poetry by French author Boris Vian, published posthumously in 1962.
I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere (French: "Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part") is a collection of twelve short stories written by Anna Gavalda.
Schlingo's biography, "Plot of Je voudrais me suicider mais j'ai pas le temps", by Jean Teulé and Florence Cestac, was published by Dargaud in 2009. Since 2009, the Angoulême International Comics Festival has awarded the Schlingo Prize.
During the early 1970s, Clark had chart singles on both sides of the Atlantic with "Melody Man" (1970), "The Song of My Life" (1971), "I Don't Know How To Love Him" (1972), "The Wedding Song (There Is Love)" (1972) and "Loving Arms" (1974). In Canada "Je Voudrais Qu'il Soit Malheureux" was a major hit.
In Italy, he scored a major hit in 1967 with "La pelle nera" (the French version is "Je voudrais être un noir" ["I'd like to be a black man"]). This soul song, with its quasi-revolutionary lyrics imploring a series of Ferrer's black music idols to gift him their black skin for the benefit of music-making, achieved long-lasting iconic status in Italy.
What was to become his most popular album, "Un trou dans les nuages" was issued in late 1987. It included songs that would be enduring hits for him: "Ma blonde et les poissons", "Libérer le trésor", "Je voudrais voir la mer", "Le privé", and "Un trou dans les nuages". Rivard received many awards for this album including the Charles-Cros Academie International Grand Prize.
The quiet, bittersweet and minimally arranged ballad "Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes" (1966), composed by Francis Lai, is a Marie Laforêt favorite. Homage was paid to the song in the 1980s when French pop superstar Mylène Farmer added it to her own concert repertoire.
"I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere" was first published in 1999 under the title "Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part" that met with both critical acclaim and commercial success, selling more than three-quarters of a million copies in her native France and winning the 2000 Grand prix RTL-Lire.
The book has proven inspirational for many French artists, especially singers. Serge Reggiani, one of the most influential French chansonniers of the 1960s, sang Boris Vian songs and also recorded "Je voudrais pas crever". In 2001, for instance, "Libération" published a full-length article on the French band , whose leader, Romain Humeau, claims Vian's book was the inspiration for their 2000 album "Abricotine".
A French-language version (Je voudrais tant danser) was recorded by Martine Tourreil. A Danish language version "Hvem danser en dans med mig" was released by Maria Stenz med Jesper Klein in 1974 and reached #8 in the Danish charts. Lynsey herself re-recorded an updated version of the song on her 1994 album "Just a Little Time".
He participated in his first radio show in France in 1972 on Europe N°1, in "5, 6, 7" presented by Jacques Ourévitch, at the time that "Je voudrais dormir près de toi" came out. Michel Jonasz and Michel Berger were in the same studio, as they were embarking on their careers.
En concert is the first live album by Mylène Farmer, released on 4 December 1989. It retraces her two first albums, "Cendres de lune" and "Ainsi soit je..." and contains a cover, "Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes", originally sung by Marie Laforêt.
His second child, Vincent, was born a few months later, on 15 May 1972. The real hit was to come in the summer of that year: “Je voudrais dormir près de toi” [I would like to sleep near you], which sold 500,000 copies and went to number one in several countries.
Originally prominent as a child actor, her credits included the series "Le Club des 100 Watts" and "À nous deux!". She later began making documentary films, including "Les Petits princes des bidonvilles" (2000), "Buenos Aires, no llores" (2001) and "Si j’avais un chapeau" (2005), before releasing her first feature film, "The Ring", in 2007. She also published "Je voudrais qu'on m'efface" in 2010, a novel which revolves around some of the same characters as "The Ring".
In 2003, the song was covered by Michal Kwiatkowski, a contestant of the French show "Star Academy 3", and his version was included on the album "Les Meilleurs Moments du Prime". French singer Marie Laforêt had planned to cover the song at her concerts at the Bouffes Parisiens in 2005, as tribute to Farmer who had performed Laforêt's song "Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes" during the 1989 tour), but eventually cancelled this project.
Two singles were released to promote "En concert" - what was rather rare at the time for a live album: "Allan" and "Plus grandir", which had a minor success, but were much aired in nightclubs. The album also contains the live version of a song which didn't appear then on Farmer's albums, "À quoi je sers...", and a cover version of Marie Laforêt's song, "Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes".
Eiffel's first album, "Abricotine", was released on 9 January 2001. The acid sound and surrealist lyrics, already present on their EPs, were the hallmarks of this album, which included, among other pieces, "Te revoir", "Hype", and also "Je voudrais pas crever", a poem written by Boris Vian which the group set to music. Also, in the same year, Romain Humeau arranged the strings for the Noir Désir song "Des visages, des figures", on the album of the same name.