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2008 : Christophe Roncalli – Je vous laisse le reste
Je vous salue, mafia! is a 1965 French Italian film directed by Raoul Lévy.
"Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup" is a popular song with words and music by Anna Sosenko in 1935.
Looking for Her (or Je vous souhaite d'être follement aimée) is a 2015 French drama film directed by Ounie Lecomte.
Et cette proposition est généralement vraie en toutes progressions et en tous nombres premiers; de quoi je vous envoierois la démonstration, si je n'appréhendois d'être trop long.
Hildegarde (February 1, 1906 – July 29, 2005) was an American cabaret singer, well known for the song "Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup".
According to Chapman Pincher, one of Winston Churchill's family recounted how the latter, in response to obstinacy from General de Gaulle in a meeting during de Gaulle's wartime exile in London, told him, "Si vous m’opposerez je vous get riderai!"
In January 2015 is published his book "Je vous écris dans le noir" which is devoted to at the center of a criminal case of the 1950s. Fabienne Pascaud, in the magazine "Télérama" writes: and that he
George Sand wrote on 28 August 1825, when in Bagneres-de-Bigorre, in a letter to her mother: "Je vous porterais du barège de Barèges" (I would bring you some barège from Barèges).
Band members were also active in independent work. Christophe Mali released a solo album "Je vous emmène" in April 2006. Guitarist and songwriter Guizmo was part of the band Pause.
Composer Henri Dutilleux set four of his poems to music between 1944 and 1956 ("La Geôle", "Il n'y avait que des troncs déchirés", "J'ai rêvé que je vous portais entre mes bras", "Eloignez-vous").
The stranger on the balcony in Bob Dylan's and Jacques Levy's song "Black Diamond Bay" from the 1976 album "Desire" says “My darling, je vous aime beaucoup” to the female character.
Medeea Ana-Maria Marinescu (born 27 May 1974 in Bucharest) is a Romanian film actress. She played the role of Elena in the French film Je Vous Trouve Très Beau.
Familles je vous hais is a 1997 French comedy drama film directed and written by Bruno Bontzolakis. Caroline Ducey was nominated for the Prix Michel Simon film prize for Best Actress for her performance in the film.
Philippe Katerine (born Philippe Blanchard; 8 December 1968) is a French singer, actor and filmmaker who began his career in 1991. Some of his popular singles include "Mon cœur balance", "Je vous emmerde" and "Louxor j'adore".
«Oui, oui, Mesdemoiselles, hochez la tête tant qu'il vous plaira; la plus sage et la meilleure d'entre vous, c'est ... Mais je ne veux pas le dire; car c'est la seule de ma classe qui ait de la modestie, et je craindrais, en la nommant, de lui faire perdre à l'instant même cette rare vertu que je vous souhaite... Lalala»
"Je vous aime adieu" (English: "I love you goodbye") is a 1996 song recorded by the French singer Hélène Ségara. It was her second single, and the first from her first album, "Cœur de verre". Released in April 1996, it was a success in France and Belgium, but did not reach the top ten.
When the song was written, "je vous aime" (using the respectful second person plural) was the normal way of saying "I love you" in French - until a threshold of intimacy had been reached, or in public. It has come to sound quaint, as now one would normally say "je t'aime" (using the familiar second person singular), regardless of the level of intimacy or location,
Grenon's complete surviving works are edited in Gilbert Reaney, "Early Fifteenth-Century Music", vol. 7 ([Rome]: American Institute of Musicology, 1983. The only piece transmitted in more than two sources at the time of that publication was "Se je vous ay bien." Several copies of "Je ne requier de ma dame", however, have been discovered since Reaney's publication. The pieces are, in Reaney's order:
In 1985, Carole was featured in the Gilbert Bécaud spectacular. Later that year, she toured Scandinavia with Mireille Mathieu. She was cast in "Je vous aime" by Claude Berri and in Roman Polanski's "Pirates" opposite Walter Matthau. Other film roles followed.