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Examples of "jedit"
Coq includes CoqIDE, which is based on OCaml/Gtk. Isabelle includes Isabelle/jEdit, which is based on jEdit and the Isabelle/Scala infrastructure for document-oriented proof processing.
In general jEdit has received positive reviews from developers.
Jedit X is a commercial text editor made in Japan by Artman21. It is a complete re-write of Jedit 4.0 in the Cocoa API. Jedit has been around since 1995 and is a general purpose text editor, with extra features related to supporting the Japanese language. It is available in both English and Japanese localizations.
There are over 150 available jEdit plug-ins for many different application areas.
PMD has plugins for JDeveloper, Eclipse, jEdit, JBuilder, Omnicore's CodeGuide, NetBeans/Sun Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, TextPad, Maven, Ant, Gradle, Gel, JCreator, Hudson, Jenkins, SonarQube and Emacs.
His novels based on "" include "Whispering Woods", "Shattered Chains", and "Final Sacrifice" in 1995, "Johan" and "Jedit" in 2001, and "Hazezon" in 2002.
jEdit development was started in 1998 by Slava Pestov, who left the project in 2006, handing development to the free software community.
jEdit is a free software text editor available under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. It is written in Java and runs on any operating system with Java support, including BSD, Linux, macOS and Windows.
jEdit includes syntax highlighting that provides native support for over 200 file formats. Support for additional formats can be added manually using XML files. It supports UTF-8 and many other encodings.
Also reviewing the application in April 2002, Daniel Steinberg writing for O'Reilly Media said "The strength of jEdit for Java developers comes from the plug-ins contributed by the community...For the most part, there's nothing here that couldn't be done with BBEdit or even with Emacs or vi. jEdit packages the capabilities much more nicely and makes it easy to call often-used functionality using the plug-ins. Where I saw NetBeans as overkill, others may see jEdit as underkill for an IDE or overkill for a text editor. I find it Mac friendly and easy to use. I don't expect too much from it, so I tend to be pleased with what I get."
Scott Beatty reviewing jEdit on "SitePoint" in 2005 particularly noted the application's folding feature along with its search and replace and PHP syntax highlighting capabilities. He recommended the use of the PHPParser plug-in. PHPParser is a sidebar that checks for PHP syntax errors whenever a PHP code file is loaded or saved. He noted that downloading jEdit is simple, but that getting and installing the plug-ins to customize it for individual use can be a complex process: "Beware that a full setup requires a series of downloads, and that this process can take time."
Several graphical scorewriters—such as Rosegarden, NoteEdit, Canorus, Denemo, and TuxGuitar—can export files directly to LilyPond format. Other graphical applications serve as front ends to LilyPond, including Frescobaldi and the LilyPondTool plugin for jEdit. Denemo integrates the PDF output of LilyPond in its display, allowing some editing operations on the final typeset score.
BeanShell is an open source project and has been incorporated into many applications, such as Apache OpenOffice, Apache Ant, WebLogic Server Application Server, jWork.ORG DataMelt, Apache JMeter, jEdit, ImageJ, JUMP GIS, Apache Taverna and many others. BeanShell provides an easy to integrate API. It can also be run in command-line mode or within its own graphical environment.
3DMLW is an XML standard 1.0 based markup language that allows for data exchange between applications linked with 3DMLW plug-in interface. A schema definition is provided for verifying the notation with 3rd party software such as jEdit or other XML editors capable of checking XSD constraints.
One unusual feature of PC-Write was its implementation of free form editing: it could copy and paste a block of text anywhere. For instance, if one had a block of information, one per line, in the format Name (spaces) Address, one could highlight only the addresses section and paste that into the right-hand part of a page. Today, Emacs and jEdit are also capable of performing this function.
Writing in December 2011, reviewer Rares Aioanei praised jEdit's versatility, stating "jEdit's design allows you to use it as a simple editor, but also use it as an IDE and expand its functionality via plugins so that it becomes exactly what you want it to be for the task or language at hand." but also adding that "jEdit is not, however, an IDE with everything but the Christmas tree, like Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio. Rather, it's a compact application for editing code, providing practical tools along with basic IDE features."
The story line of the Legends set was not formulated until the three Legends Cycle books by Clayton Emery were released in 2001 and 2002. It follows the adventures of Hazezon Tamar who teams up with many other legends from the set such as Jedit Ojanen. The story takes place in the southern regions of Terisiare well after the "", and sometime before "" as the first Airships are built by Johan who tried to conquer the entire continent. Many other legends of the set end up fighting Johan's army at the battle for Efrava.
Jason is a platform for the development of multi-agent systems. An extension of the AgentSpeak agent-oriented programming language is used to program the behaviour of individual agents. Jason is developed in Java and allows the customisation of most aspects of an agent or a multi-agent system. It comes as a plugin for either jEdit or Eclipse, and different infra-structures for the deployment of a multi-agent system, for example using JADE or SACI as an agent-based distributed system middleware. See and the external links below for a detailed account of the Jason platform.