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jeon              yoon              ahn              hwang              joo              jang              kang              chae              kwon              yong              seong              yoo              baek              yun              choi              seung              kwang              woo              kyung              jin              jae              hyun              cheon              myung              jung              yeong              hyeon              suk              suh              hwan              seok              dong              chun              chul              hee              youn              hyung              byun              seol              seon              cheol              byung              kyu              keum              keun              hao              hyon              qiao              hui              gyu             

Examples of "jeong"
"(Korean: 301 302; Starring: Kim Minkyeong, Jeong Seunghwan, Jeong Jimin)"
"(Korean: 막고 차고; Starring: Jeong Beomgyun, Kim Jiho, Jeong Taeho)"
Jeong Yeorip was originally one of Yi I's students, and was promoted largely due to Yi's recommendations. However, Jeong grew increasingly closer to Yi Bal, a major Easterner, and by the 1580s Jeong sided with the Easterners to attack the Westerners. This caused an extreme hate of Jeong by the Westerners. The king already disliked Jeong, and Jeong was forced to retire to Jeonju.
"(Korean: 리얼토크쇼; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Lee Suji, Jeong Jimin, Shin Jongryeong, Ryu Geunil, Jeong Chanmin, Namgung Gyeongho, Oh Gihwan, Jeong Yunho, Shin Yunseung)"
"(Korean: 고조쇼; Starring: Park Seongho, Jeong Beomgyun, Jeong Haecheol, Park Jisun)"
"(Korean: 노애; Starring: Heo Anna, Song Yeonggil, Jeong Jinyeong, Jeong Seunghwan, Lee Huigyeong, Park Eunyeong)"
"(Korean: 상남자들; Starring: Jeong Myeonghun, Kim Kiyeol, Jeong Seunghwan, Seo Taehun)"
Jeong Eonsin, was exiled due to their connections with Jeong Yeorib.
"(Korean: 꽃보다 아름다워; Starring: Jeong Jongcheol, Jeong Hyeongdon, Oh Jiheon, Kim Sideok)"
"(Korean: 막말자; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Jeong Eunseon, Kim Hyeseon, Jeong Jimin)"
When Seonjo asked Jeong who "the other officials" were, Jeong replied that it was Jeong Cheol and the Yun Dugu brothers, who were at the time the sole Westerners in court. Yi I was angered that Jeong had changed the words of his advice, forcing Jeong to revoke his former words by saying that though Jeong Cheol had done much wrong, he did not create a faction. He then retired to his hometown, causing the Easterners to be furious at Yi I.
The supposed treason of Jeong created a chance for the Westerners to regain their power. Seonjo made the Westerner Jeong Cheol oversee the investigation of the treason. The Yeongeuijeong (the premier) of the time, No Susin, and the Ueuijeong, Jeong Eonsin, were exiled due to their connections with Jeong Yeorip. (Jeong did not destroy the letters sent to him when he performed suicide or was murdered, and the letters proved to be useful when searching out those who had been close to Jeong.)
"(Korean: 우주 라이크; Starring: Park Yeongjin, Song Byeongcheol, Jeong Seunghwan, Song Yeonggil, Jeong Jaehyeong | Previous Appearances: Kim Nahee, Park Jisun)"
Jeong Yeon-jin (born 2 February 1990), better known as Jin Jeong, is a South Korean professional golfer.
"(Korean: 넘사벽, Starring: Jeong Taeho, Lee Changho, Kwak Beom, Lee Munjae | Previous Appearances: Jo Chunghyeon, Jeong Seunghwan, Song Yeonggil)"
"(Korean: 불편한 진실; Starring: Hwang Hyeonhui, Jeong Jimin, Kim Kiri, Kim Jimin, Jeong Eunseon, Park Jisun, Kim Minkyeong, Jang Kiyeong)"
"(Korean: 남자가 필요없는 이유; Starring: Hong Nayeong, Park Sora, Seo Taehun → Lee Chan, Jeong Seunghwan, Jeong Myeonghun)"
Jeong Woo's boss contracts Park Yi's dealer to kill Jeong Woo in a plot to catch Park Yi. Jeong Woo shows up in a car secretly surrounded by many undercover cops. Jeong Woo came to know Park Yi as Hye-young's friend when he had gone to apologise to her. Park Yi suddenly shows up and asks Jeong Woo for a private talk. Jeong Woo stalls all the cops, saying that he is going to speak with a friend and is later found shot in the head. (Although Park Yi reveals his real identity and refuses to kill him, Jeong Woo is shot by another assassin belonging to Park Yi's group.)
"(Korean: 횃불 투게더; Starring: Song Wangho, Jeong Beomgyun, Song Pilgeun, Lee Hyeonjeong, Oh Gihwan, Heo Min, Jeong Jinyeong, Song Junseok)"
What is undisputed is that Jeong Yeo-rip's supposed rebellion led to a widespread purge of countless Easterners who had nothing to do with Jeong and died terrible deaths as a result. Jeong Cheol, head of the Western faction and a famous poet whose poems are still studied in Korean schools, was in charge of investigating the case and used the case to purge Easterners who had slightest connection with Jeong Yeo-rip. It was said that even a man who shed tears because dust entered his eyes (when Jeong Yeo-rip's body was mutilated after his suicide) was killed for suspected sympahty for Jeong Yeo-rip.