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Examples of "jeru"
The Jeru language, Aka-Jeru (also known as "Yerawa", not to be confused with Järawa), is a Great Andamanese language, of the Northern group. Jeru was spoken in the interior and south coast of North Andaman and on Sound Island.
Counter Parts samples "Come Clean" by Jeru The Damaja
Whether the resulting Great Andamanese language was Jeru or a creole based on several languages, of which Jeru was a primary component, the last fluent speaker died in 2009.
Heroz4Hire is the third studio album by hip hop artist Jeru the Damaja. It is entirely produced by Jeru the Damaja himself unlike his first two albums which were produced by DJ Premier.
Divine Design is the fourth album by hip hop artist Jeru the Damaja. It is produced by Ed Dantez and Luis "Sabor" Tineo as opposed Jeru's earlier albums which were produced by DJ Premier and Jeru himself.
In July 2013, Jeru promised to soon release a new EP with production from Large Professor, PF Cuttin, Junkyard Ju, and Sabor. On June 17, 2014, Jeru released an EP through Hedspinn Records entitled "The Hammer" for digital download.
Wrath of the Math is the second album by hip hop artist Jeru the Damaja.
They released another 12", "Through These Veins", which featured Jeru the Damaja's friend Afu-Ra.
The very beginning of the poem is marked by a brief dedication in prose to the "Prisvijetlomu gospodinu Jeru Dživa Gundulića" ("the lustrous sire Jeru Dživa Gundulića"), formally separated from laments, in which the author looks back to the glorious tradition of Dubrovnik's poetry and briefly announces poem's subject.
An added problem for Graham is that the rescue of Jeru will gain nothing for him personally, but rather benefit only his rival Varnipaz; though Graham and Jeru love each other, people in her country wed on the basis of interest and advantage, considering love to have nothing to do with marriage.
In "The Making of: Life After Death", Nashiem Myrick reveals that the second verse has lines directed at Jeru the Damaja and DJ Premier: "Nas said that record was for him, but when Big said, "Son, I'm surprised you run with them/I think they got cum in them, 'cause they nothin' but dicks," he was talking about Jeru the Damaja to Premo 'cause Jeru was going at Big and Puff and all them [with the Premier-produced "One Day" in Jeru's album "Wrath of the Math"]."
The early line-up of the Gang Starr Foundation in the mid-1990s included Jeru The Damaja, Group Home, Big Shug, and Gang Starr. Premier was fully responsible for the production of Jeru the Damaja's first two albums, "The Sun Rises in the East" and "Wrath of the Math". Jeru released three subsequent albums that did not include Premier's involvement. In terms of his Group Home collaboration, Premier commented in a 2003 interview: "They [Group Home] don't respect what fed them." He further explained that he only agreed to produce the track "The Legacy" because of Guru's involvement.
Jeru is an album recorded by American jazz saxophonist and bandleader Gerry Mulligan featuring performances recorded in 1962 which were released on the Columbia label.
Davis followed up in 1996 with his second album, "Wrath of the Math", again produced solely by DJ Premier. The album was also widely acclaimed, although not on the same level as his debut. As on his first album, Jeru was critical of commercial hip-hop artists and the record labels that produced them such as Death Row Records and Bad Boy Entertainment; the latter he criticized on the concept track "One Day". After the release of "Math", Jeru reportedly had a falling-out with DJ Premier and Guru. Jeru, however, has dismissed this and claimed that they wanted to go in different directions.
"Come Clean" is a 1993 song by Jeru the Damaja from his 1994 debut album "The Sun Rises in the East". The song appeared in many compilation albums.
"Q" magazine (p.109) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "Jeru remains a significant voice...thanks to disdain for bling and unsentimental examination of black culture."
He has collaborated with american rappers such as Evidence, El Da Sensei, Craig G, Keith Murray, Jeru The Damaja, Lil' Dap, Sadat X and canadian producer Marco Polo.
"Entertainment Weekly" (1/10/97, p. 58)—"Combined with DJ Premier's head-bobbing minimalist funk, Jeru tells it like it is like no other." Rating: B+
Today only two tribes (Jeru and Bo) remain in significant number; the Kari tribe was on its way to extinction. There are still a few people (all elderly) with partial Kora and Pucikwar descent, but they identify themselves as either Jeru or Bo. However, the cultural and linguistic identities of the individual tribes have largely been lost; their members now speak mostly Hindi or a mixed language, a Great Andamanese creole.
Kendrick Jeru Davis, known as Jeru the Damaja (born February 14, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York), is an American rapper best known for his 1994 debut album, "The Sun Rises in the East", ranked as one of the 100 greatest hip-hop albums of all time by the editors of He has worked extensively with Guru and DJ Premier of Gang Starr, whom he has known since he was in high school.