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sung_hoon              jung_hyun              yeol              ji_hyun              woong              jung_woo              jung_hwa              hyuk              geun              hyun_soo              kang_tae              hyun_jin              soo_hyun              yoon_jung              ji_woo              ji_yeon              yoon_ji              soo_kyung              kwang_soo              seo_hyun              jung_hee              min_hyuk              lee_jong_hyuk              sang_hoon              dong_wook              jung_jae              beom              hyo              hyun_woo              seol              jung_yoon              joo_hyun              ryung              go_kyung_pyo              jung_tae              wook              seung_ho              yoon_jae              ji_eun              lee_hyun_woo              seo_yeon              yeo_jin              kyeong              lee_beom_soo              deok              jung_soo              gyu              ji_seok              hyo_jin              joon             

Examples of "ji_hoon"
Kim Ji-hoon or Kim Ji-hun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the masculine given name Ji-hoon, and may refer to:
Eventually, all of Ji-hoon’s fighting catches up with him. Ho-kyung and her clique, Jong-soo and his high school gang, and actual gang members confront him while holding Su-wan hostage. Ji-hoon and Su-wan manage to run away, but they eventually get cornered and Ji-hoon has to fight everyone on the beach. Once all of the other gang members are down, Ji-hoon faces the mafia's best fighter. Ji-hoon is at the man’s mercy, but Su-wan saves Ji-hoon by kicking the man in the groin. Then Su-wan and Ji-hoon drive away on her chicken delivery scooter, with Su-wan in the driver's seat and Ji-hoon behind her, his arms around her waist. At the end, Ji-hoon and Su-wan are now a couple, and she is tutoring his younger brother Se-hoon.
Ju Ji-hoon (; also romanized as Joo Ji-hoon; born May 16, 1982) is a South Korean actor. His first leading role was in the 2006 hit drama "Princess Hours". His other notable works include "The Devil", "Antique" and "Mask".
Lee Ji-hoon (; born March 27, 1979) is a South Korean singer and actor.
On May 9, 2014, both Gain and Ju Ji-hoon confirmed that they are dating.
Kim Ji-hoon (born 1971), also spelled Kim Ji-hun, is a South Korean film director.
Hong Ji-hoon (Hangul: 홍지훈), born 27 October 1988) is a South Korean male badminton player.
Then Su-wan’s boyfriend comes back home. While spying on the couple, Ji-hoon learns that Su-wan’s boyfriend is breaking up with her. The next day, Ji-hoon shows up at his house and beats him up for hurting her. However, he finds out that the reason he was leaving Su-wan was because he was entering the priesthood. After the ordination, Ji-hoon lets Su-wan vent her feelings by hitting him for a while. Once she settles down, he decides to take her sky sailing. While in the air, Ji-hoon tells Su-wan that he likes her. Su-wan does not know how to respond and pretends that she couldn't hear him over the earpiece. Later on, they go to an amusement park. Just as Ji-hoon is about to give Su-wan a present, Su-wan runs into a female college friend, who's accompanied by her boyfriend. Su-wan had previously confided in the friend about her difficulties in tutoring Ji-hoon. Su-wan’s friend initially thinks that Ji-hoon is her boyfriend, but Su-wan denies it, saying she would never go out with a high school student. This angers Ji-hoon and he throws her present into the fountain and leaves.
Actors Shin Min-ah and Ju Ji-hoon previously starred together in the 2007 television series "The Devil".
On September 16, 2015, Roh Ji Hoon made a comeback with his 2nd Mini Album, "Feeling" or "感 (감)".
P.O was born Pyo Ji-hoon on February 2, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. He attended Hanlim Multi Art School.
Kim Ji-hoon (born January 17, 1987, Goyang City) is a South Korean super featherweight/lightweight boxer.
Roh Ji-hoon (; Hanja: 盧志勳; born July 12, 1990), also spelled Noh Ji-hoon, is a South Korean idol pop singer and dancer signed under Cube Entertainment, and former contestant of MBC's "Birth of a Great Star". He released his first and debut mini album "The Next Big Thing" on November 7, 2012.
In the second teaser, Noh Ji Hoon is tied and blindfolded to a chair and a beautiful lady visits him, eventually removing the blindfold which portrays him as being punished as in the first video teaser Roh Ji Hoon, who is made out to be quite a womanizer.
This movie is about Kim Ji-hoon (Kwon Sang-woo) and Choi Su-wan (Kim Ha-neul), both 21 years old. Su-wan is in her second year at university while Ji-hoon is still in the process of repeating his senior year of high school.
Su-wan is persistent in tutoring Ji-hoon despite his rudeness to her, and eventually their relationship improves. At the end of the term, Ji-hoon receives a barely passing grade (50.1), but passing nonetheless. According to the terms of a bet they made, Su-wan must dance in front of a crowd during a college festival. While embarrassed and shy at first, she eventually really gets into dancing and the audience cheers her on. Ji-hoon realizes his growing feelings for Su-wan when he gets jealous and angry at seeing all the guys watching her running up to the stage.
Baek Ji-hoon (; or ; born February 28, 1985) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a midfielder for Seoul E-Land FC.
His representative works are 'One and a Half' (일과 이분의 일) and 'Starian' (Lyrics by Duke, Composed by Kim Ji-hoon).
On February 6, 2014, Roh Ji-hoon began promotional appearances on Mnet's M! Countdown as well as other various music programs.
At the 1998 Winter Olympics he won a silver medal in 5000 m relay, together with teammates Chae Ji-hoon, Lee Jun-hwan and Kim Dong-sung.