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yijun              hongwei              qifeng              yanfeng              chunhua              jingyu              yunlong              xiaojun              yongqing              zhihong              xiaoxiao              yajun              guoping              dongdong              lirong              xiaoyan              yunfei              linli              yiwen              guoliang              xiaohong              jiayi              wenli              liping              weixing              qingyun              jianhua              xiufeng              yanming              jiaqi              leilei              xianying              yuting              yuping              xiaomei              yanping              yonggang              xiaolong              xiaoxuan              guowei              xiaoling              yixiang              lijia              xiaoguang              jiafu              zhixing              xiaowei              yanling              anqi              yunpeng             

Examples of "jiali"
In 2002, Tang Jiali published a book named "The Bodyart Portray of Tang Jiali", which includes full-frontal nude pictures of her own. Later, in 2004, she published another two books, "Bodyart Photographs of Tang Jiali" and "Portray of Tang Jiali", both contain nude pictures of herself, some are even more arousing than previous book.
Lu was born in Tainan County, Taiwan. He has one brother and one sister, among whom he is the youngest. Lu started to play football at the age of 10 after his family moved to Jiali, another township in Tainan other than which he was born. He has played goalkeeper since age 11 in Jiali Primary School and Jiali Junior High School.
The township comprises eight villages: Beipu, Dahan, Jiali, Jialin, Jiaxin, Kangle, Shunan and Xincheng.
Jiali may refer to the following places in mainland China or Taiwan:
Tao Jiali (born 1987 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China) is a fighter pilot in the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force.
National Pei Men Senior High School () is a Taiwanese senior high school located in Jiali District, Tainan City.
Tang Jian played an important diplomatic role in erasing the Eastern Tujue's power over East Asia. He was sent by Emperor Taizong to meet the Khan of the Eastern Tujue. His main task was to persuade Jiali Khan to surrender. Around the same time, the Tang army led by Li Jing attacked the Eastern Tujue by surprise, defeated them, and captured Jiali Khan.
The blossoms that are valued for their scent and for use in flower necklaces and headdresses include: "Fetau", ("Calophyllum inophyllum"); "Jiali", ("Gardenia taitensis"); "Boua" ("Guettarda speciosa"); and "Crinum".
In 1993, he got a small role in Chen Peisi's comedy film "Fitial Son And Fitial Piety", which stars Chen Peisi, Zhao Lirong, Wei Zongwan, and Ding Jiali.
Tang Jiali (; born 16 March 1995) is a Chinese footballer who currently plays for Shanghai Ladies in the Chinese Women's Super League.
Arza (; ) is a small populated town and township, east of Lhasa in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It belongs to Lhari County (Jiali Xian) of the Nagqu Prefecture. It contains solar panels.
Wang Jiali (born 1 February 1986 in Hebei) is a Chinese long-distance runner who specialises in marathon running. She has won marathons in Zhengzhou and Beijing, as well as having won a bronze medal from the Asian Athletics Championships.
Jiali District () is a district located in Tainan, Taiwan, about 15 km north of the former Dutch base of Fort Zeelandia. The district has become well-known due to the "Candyworld" activities of 2005 and 2006.
The township comprises 32 villages: Daxia, Detan, Ganjing, Haishe, Haoxiu, Hebei, Henan, Hetung, Hexi, Hunei, Jiabao, Jiali, Licheng, Mianqian, Nandian, Renai, Shanli, Sizhang, Tangyou, Tieshan, Touqian, Tucuo, Xinzhuang, Yagou, Yuanbei, Yuemei, Zengping, Zhaoan, Zhongliao, Zhongwei, Zhuying and Zhuyuan.
This region is one of the major agricultural centers in Taiwan. There are several regional centers; some of them are as old as Tainan city. These centers are: Xinying, Yujing, Jiali and Madou.
Later in 626, when Eastern Tujue's Jiali Khan Ashina Duobi launched a major incursion into Tang territory, reaching all the way to Chang'an, Gao Shilian, along with Fang Xuanling, attended to Emperor Taizong as he personally met Ashina Duobi to promise additional tributes, to induce Ashina Duobi to withdraw. In 627, Emperor Taizong created Gao the Duke of Yixing.
Later in 626, when Eastern Tujue's Jiali Khan Ashina Duobi launched a major incursion into Tang territory, reaching all the way to Chang'an, Fang Xuanling, along with Gao Shilian, attended to Emperor Taizong as he personally met Ashina Duobi to promise additional tributes, to induce Ashina Duobi to withdraw.
Tang Jiali (; born July 13, 1976 in Hefei, Anhui) is a Chinese dancer and model who became a celebrity and household name in the China in 2003 by being the first woman to sell books of nude artistic photographs of herself since the lifting of many of the previous restrictions on distribution and sale of such photographs.
Wu Yao-ting (; born June 20, 1926 in Kari Town, Hokumon District, Tainan Prefecture, Japanese-era Taiwan (modern-day Jiali, Tainan)), a Taiwanese businessman, is the founder of the President Department Store and other businesses such as supermarket, hotel, and food industry.
Jangnye refers to Korean funerary rites. "Jangnye" has been practiced since the book "The Family Rituals of Zhu Xi" (朱子家禮, "Zhuzi jiali") was introduced from China during the Joseon Dynasty. Rulers during the era wanted to erase the Buddhist ceremonies of the previous dynasty, Goryeo, and to replace them with the ceremonies of Confucianism.