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Examples of "jih"
The first aircraft designed was the simple and inexpensive UL-Jih Kolibřík, designed with Josef Mareš, which sold 36 aircraft. This was followed by the UL-Jih Lišák and production of 41 of the Sunwheel biplanes designed by Wolfgang Dallach. Sedláček's UL-Jih Fascination, a family of two seat, low wing microlights, first flew in 1996 and has been under constant development ever since. The UL-Jih Evolution high-wing microlight first flew in 2002.
From Lo Wai Keung's book "Yau Jih Baat Gihk Kuen":
"Tageblatt für Nordchina", "L'Echo de Tientsin", "China Tribune", "Ta Kung Pao" (L'Impartial), "Min Hsing Pao", and "Jih Jih Shin Wen Pao" (Tsientsin Daily News). Newspapers from Beijing published in Tianjin included "Pei Ching Jih Pao", "Peking Daily News", and "Le Journal de Peking".
UL-Jih sro, also known as UL-Jih Sedláĉek Spol s.r.o. and Sedláček UL-JIH, is a Czech aircraft manufacturer based in Kaplice, founded by Jaroslav Sedláček in 1990. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft in the form of ready-to-fly aircraft in the European Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight category.
Syed Sadatullah Husaini (سید سعادت حسینی; born 1973) is the Vice President (Naib-e-Ameer) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and also the member of Central Advisory Council of JIH. He is former National President of Students Islamic Organisation of India. He heads the Study and Research Department of JIH as its Director. He is based in Hyderabad.
SIMI originally emerged as a student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in an effort to revitalise the Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) established in 1956. In 1981, SIMI activists protested against PLO leader Yasser Arafat's visit to India, and greeted him with black flags in New Delhi. Young SIMI activists viewed Arafat as a Western puppet, while the senior JIH leaders saw Arafat as a champion of the Palestinian cause. The JIH also became uncomfortable with SIMI's support of the Iranian Revolution and oriented itself towards the SIO as its student wing. When SIMI sought self governance and independence of operation from JIH, JIH declined. SIMI separated from JIH and continued as a hard line Islamic Organisation.
Hvězda jede na jih is a 1958 Czechoslovak-Yugoslavian comedy film directed by Oldrich Lipský.
In 2011, Jih was honoured by the National Law Journal as one of the "Minority 40 Under 40" lawyers.
While UL-Jih designs and builds aircraft, they are marketed by an affiliated company Fascination A.S., which is headed by Dušan Novotný and located in Brno, Czech Republic. UL-Jih head Jaroslav Sedláček is listed as head of production for Fascination A.S.
Since then, the evaluation function was further improved by Pascal Tang. From 2005, Jih-tung Pai added support of a DTC (Distance To Conversion) Endgame Tablebase. Thanks to Jih-tung Pai, Xiexie had the largest Chinese chess endgame tablebase of the World (350 GB).
Victor Hao-jan Jih () is an American lawyer and contestant on the 14th season of "The Amazing Race", a reality television game show produced by CBS. He and his sister, Tammy Jih, were the winners of the competition and one million dollar grand prize.
The Fascination F100 is an advanced version of the ultralight/VLA airplane which was based on the all composite VLA layout of the Fascination (D4BK) by Wolfgang Dallach. During and after his collaboration with Wolfgang Dallach, Jaroslav Sedláĉek from UL-Jih in the Czech Republic made own contributions to the design which finally led to today's UL-Jih F-100.
Mohammad Jafar graduated from Patna University where he met Dr. Hassan Raza (presently Ameer-e-Halqa JIH Jharkhand) and was attracted to the Qur'an Study circle of the late Dr. Ziaul Hoda. Jafar started his journey in the Islamic movement as member of Hodas' Halqa-e-Tolaba Muttafeqeen Jamaat-e-Islami Patna, joining Ameer, JIH Patna in the late 1960s.
On 16 May, exchanged fire with "Jih Chun Tsai 68", a known pirate mothership. When a boarding team arrived, they found 3 pirates dead and captured 2 pirates.
Siblings Tamara Tien-Jan "Tammy" and Victor Jih were the winners of this season's race, and are the first Asian American contestants to win the competition.
He became the youngest member of JIH in Bihar in 1973. In April 1982 he became Nazim-e-Aala (President) of Halqa-e-Talaba Islami Bihar. This group merged into the newly formed all-India organization, Islami Tanzeem-e-Talaba, which later became the Students Islamic Organization of India. He was elected the first all-India President of SIO in 1983 and led the organization until 1985. He was appointed Ameer-e-Halqua, JIH Bihar for 1986–90.
The first version of the Evolution, originally designed by Jaroslav Sedláĉek of the Czech company UL-Jih was marketed by WD Flugzeugleichtbau of Germany as the Dallach D.5 Evolution with series production starting in 2002. UL-Jih fabricated both this model and the earlier D.4 Fascination and claimed sole production and marketing rights to both when WD Flugzeugleichtbau ceased trading in 2005, though those rights are challenged by Swiss Light Aircraft AG who build their own versions.
JIH v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2011] EWCA Civ 42 is a 2011 privacy case in the United Kingdom. The case relates to a story that The Sun newspaper wished to publish relating to an alleged affair between the claimant JIH and another person. An anonymity order was granted. The Guardian newspaper state that the individual who sought the injunction in this case is a sportsman.
Jih grew up in a Mandarin-speaking family with two brothers who are nine and six years older than her. Her second brother is a family doctor currently based in Loma Linda.
Yang Jih-sung (; 23 November 1927 – 23 November 2011) was a Taiwanese forensic scientist who became known as "Taiwan's Sherlock Holmes" for a career that spanned nearly five decades.