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kazuya_kamenashi              yuichi_nakamaru              koki_tanaka              masaharu_fukuyama              tatsuya_ueda              kiyoshi_hikawa              kazumasa_oda              junnosuke_taguchi              akiko_wada              kyōko_koizumi              kinki_kids              tomohisa_yamashita              kobukuro              aya_matsuura              tsuyoshi_domoto              mika_nakashima              gackt              meisa_kuroki              shingo_katori              ryo_nishikido              jpop              momoiro_clover              kenji_sawada              hikaru_yaotome              seiko_matsuda              taichi_kokubun              toshihiko_tahara              kota_yabu              kishidan              melon_kinenbi              ken_hirai              porno_graffitti              yōsui_inoue              greeeen              aya_ueto              momoe_yamaguchi              angela_aki              koichi_domoto              kaela_kimura              ikimono_gakari              miyavi              keito_okamoto              ryosuke_yamada              shoko_nakagawa              miho_nakayama              kazunari_ninomiya              kanjani_eight              kyoko_fukada              tomoya_nagase              natsukawa             

Examples of "jin_akanishi"
The discography of Japanese recording artist Jin Akanishi.
"Hey What's Up?" is the third physical solo single by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi, released on August 7, 2013.
"Seasons" is the second solo single by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi, released on December 28, 2011.
"Sun Burns Down" is a digital single by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi, released on January 24, 2012.
JustJin (stylized as #JustJin) is the second studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi, released on November 6, 2013, by Warner Music Group.
The following songs are recordings crediting Jin Akanishi as a soloist, that and have not appeared on a release by him.
Former members Jin Akanishi, Koki Tanaka and Junnosuke Taguchi hosted "KAT-TUN Style" together from April 2006 until March 2012. Yuichi Nakamaru and Tatsuya Ueda hosted "R-One KAT-TUN" every Tuesday from 12am – 12:30am.
"Eternal" is the first solo single by Japanese singer-songwriter and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi, released on March 2, 2011 by Warner Music Japan. It topped both Oricon and "Billboard" Japan Hot 100 singles charts.
Nakamaru officially joined Johnny & Associates in November 1998 with bandmate Kazuya Kamenashi and agency mates Jin Akanishi, Takahisa Masuda, Taisuke Fujigaya and Ryōichi Tsukada, who were all in the same audition. He was a member of four temporary units while still a Johnny's Jr. - Boys Be Ambitious (B.B.A), Musical Academy Dancing (M.A.D), Best Beat Dancing (B.B.D), and Toshi Otoko.
In addition to the film, Jin Akanishi, who portrays the lead singer of Lands in the movie, collaborated in real life with Takeshi Kobayashi to create the rock band Lands as a temporary unit. On September 5, 2009, they debuted at the fashion event "Tokyo Girls Collection", appearing as a "special guest", performing the movie's theme song.
On November 21, 2007, Sony Music Entertainment released a single for the theme song of the drama. The lyrics were written by Kyosuke Himuro. On November 28, 2007, wint released a soundtrack CD for "Yūkan Club". The songs are sung by Jin Akanishi and are composed by Kyosuke Himuro.
Kobayashi wrote most of the lyrics and music of the band, with special collaboration of Shunji Iwai and also Jin Akanishi. Although not an official member, the songs feature actual drummer and actor Nobuaki Kaneko of Rize, who also plays the role of the drummer in the film.
Mi Amor is the second extended play by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi. It was released on November 12, 2014, by his newly founded independent record label Go Good Records. The title song is a blend of EDM and pop music.
"Good Time" is the fifth physical solo single by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi. It was released on August 6, 2014, by his newly founded independent record label Go Good Records. It was also made available on iTunes Store across the globe.
The group (excluding Jin Akanishi) held their biggest ever concert tour in 2010 titled "KAT-TUN -NO MORE PAIИ- WORLD TOUR 2010" which consisted of concerts in many major cities across Japan. The tour also included concerts held in Taiwan and Korea; the first time the group has ever toured outside Japan for their official concerts.
"Kiss or Kiss" is the fifth single released by Japanese rock singer Nana Kitade. The single reached #11 on the Oricon Charts (being her highest charting song to date) and stayed on the charts for a total of eight weeks. The song was used as the ending song for the dorama "Anego", starring Jin Akanishi.
Japonicana is the debut studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi. It was simultaneously released in the United States on March 6, both physically and in major digital stores, and day after on March 7 in Japan, by Warner Music Group.
"Yūkan Club" won four of the five awards at the 2007 Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. Jin Akanishi was awarded best actor; Junnosuke Taguchi was awarded best supporting actor; Yu Kashii was awarded best supporting actress and "Yūkan Club" was awarded best drama of 2007.
On 2 February 2012, she married pop singer and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi. Their first daughter, Theia, was born on 23 September 2012. In November 2016, Meisa announced that she and Akanishi are expecting their second child. Kuroki is one-quarter Brazilian.
"Test Drive" is the extended play (EP) by Japanese singer and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi, serving as his debut single in the United States. The EP which features American singer Jason Derulo was released digitally to the American market on November 8, 2011, while on December 7, 2011 was released physically in Japan where it topped the Oricon and "Billboard" album charts.