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Letters of Wei Jingsheng Ocean Park Branch Library (1997)
Liu Jingsheng (born c.1950) is a Chinese political opposition activist and a former co-editor of Tansuo (Explorations), a journal he founded in the late 1970s with Wei Jingsheng.
Yu Dongyue was not forgotten while in prison. In 2005 the Wei Jingsheng Foundation (established by Democracy Wall activist Wei Jingsheng) awarded Yu Dongyue one of its three prizes of the year for promotion of democracy in China.
On 30 November 1995, Wei Jingsheng Action Group chairman Joe Chung, accompanied by other members of the Wei Jingsheng Action Group, publicly burned a cartoon image of Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping to demand the release of democracy campaigner Wei Jingsheng. The event occurred outside the office of the Xinhua News Agency in Happy Valley on Thursday, 29 November 1995.
jingsheng dui tan lu (永遠的主題:施明德與 魏京生 對談錄, A timeless theme: dialogs between Shih Ming-te and Wei Jingsheng)", Taipei, Linking books.
Agreed Not to Separate is a 1999 Chinese drama film directed by Fu Jingsheng. This film is Fu's directorial debut.
Hsin Tao, or Hsin-tao, (心道; Pinyin: Hsin-tao, birth name Yang JingSheng, 楊小生 or 楊進生)
The Fifth Modernization originally began as a signed wall poster placed by Wei Jingsheng on December 5, 1978 on the Democracy Wall in Beijing.
Speakers: Xiao Qiang - Human Rights in China, Lhadon Tethong - Students for a Free Tibet, Palden Gyatso - Former Political Prisoner, Wei Jingsheng - Chinese Democracy Activist and Former Political Prisoner
In 1912, the school changed its name to the Provincial Chaozhou Middle School, the school system for four years; in 1913, but also changed its name to Guangdong Chaozhou Jinshan Middle School.During the May Fourth Movement, the students Yu Xinyi was elected chairman of the Federation of the Chaozhou students Salvation Association. In the spring of 1921, Zhang Jingsheng served as principal, implemented a series of education reforms(In violation of the interests of the local gentry, as well as a distinct anti-traditional reforms, Zhang Jingsheng is squeezed, and eventually resigned from the principal duties and to Peking University began to teach philosophy).1921 Li Chuntao subject to the appointment of Zhang Jingsheng, as a school superintendent. Li Chuntao, founder and editor of gold in the monthly evolution ", to promote socialist doctrine; exclude parties resistance and Zhang Jingsheng, eight girls enrolled in the 1921 period exam.The end of September 1921, resigned from the principal duties of Zhang Jingsheng, Li Chuntao took the President's powers, continue to advance reform.In 1922, the Kuomintang Government on secondary education reform, ordinary secondary schools to implement thirty-three segmented educational system, secondary schools divided into junior and senior high two stages.The School implemented three years of the middle and three years of high school educational system.
In August 2008 he co-signed an open letter with Václav Havel, Desmond Tutu, and Wei Jingsheng calling upon the Chinese authorities to respect human rights both during and after the Beijing Olympic Games.
Big-character posters sprouted again during the Democracy Wall Movement, starting in 1978; one of the most famous was "The Fifth Modernization", whose bold call for democracy brought instant fame to its author, Wei Jingsheng.
On December 5, 1978 in Beijing, former red guard Wei Jingsheng posted on the Democracy Wall the Fifth Modernization as being "democracy". He was arrested a few months later and jailed for 15 years.
Wong was an eyewitness to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, which the book describes in great detail. After the Tiananmen Square massacre, Wong interviewed Chinese dissidents such as Wei Jingsheng and Ding Zilin.
After being invited to the Soviet Union as part of a delegation from the Association of American Publishers, he became interested in writers whose work could not be published in their own countries. Beginning with Andrei Sakharov and Elena Bonner, he ensured that authors like Václav Havel, Jacobo Timerman, Xu Wenli and Wei Jingsheng were all published around the world.
Gu is the youngest of five daughters of General Gu Jingsheng, a prominent revolutionary in the years before the Chinese Communist Party took power. General Gu held various government positions during early Communist rule but was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution. Gu Kailai herself was also punished, being forced to work in a butcher shop and a textile factory.
Wei Jingsheng had published under his name in March 1979 an essay denouncing the inhumane conditions of the Chinese Qincheng Prison where was imprisoned the 10th Panchen Lama and that drove the latter to a suicide attempt. It is clear that a major part of the essay of Wei was written by other anonymous authors with real information about Qincheng.
In 1995, China dismissed a personal appeal from Kinkel and expelled journalist Henrik Bork, a reporter for the newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau", to release Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng. One year later, China abruptly canceled a planned visit to Beijing by Kinkel, citing a German parliamentary resolution that condemned China's human rights record in Tibet.
Tang Yijie supported political reforms in China. During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, he joined a group of eminent scholars to plead to the government for leniency for the dissident Wei Jingsheng, who had been imprisoned for a decade for advocating democracy.
In 1996, Wei Jingsheng was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. He is a winner of numerous other human rights and democracy awards, including the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1996, the National Endowment for Democracy Award in 1997, the Olof Palme Memorial Prize in 1994, and the International Activist Award by the Gleitsman Foundation.