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The main subplot revolved around Guo Jingwen. Her constant tardiness earned her the dubious title of "Tardy Queen" (迟到Queen). The new coach, at first, kicked her off the team because of this, but what the coach did not know was Jingwen came from a dysfunctional and poor family, where the father works low-pay jobs to feed his two daughters and son. Jingwen's younger sister was paralyzed during a childhood illness, and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Jingwen's brother is a rebellious teenager, whose antics with his hooligan friends have drawn the ire of his father. Meanwhile, Jingwen works as a swimming coach to bring extra income to the cash-strapped family. Once the coach learned about this, he relaxed his strict rules on timeliness for Jingwen. The close relationship Zhenkang had with Jingwen almost cost Zhenkang his wife. Later on, Lu Kaiwei falls for Jingwen, after being dumped by his girlfriend He Yixuan.
Chen Jingwen (, born 4 February 1990 in Guangzhou) is a female Chinese sprinter who specializes in the 400 metres.
In 472, Emperor grew seriously ill, and he, believing that after his death, Empress Wang would become regent, and that her brother Wang Jingwen would become overly powerful, so he forced Wang Jingwen to commit suicide. He then died and was succeeded by his oldest son (by his concubine Consort Chen Miaodeng), Liu Yu (different character than Emperor Ming), as Emperor Houfei.
SEAVI Advent has substantial investments in Greater China, led by its experienced deal team which includes Chen Jingwen and Li Deli.
Yang Hanyu, Qian Jingwen, Jiang Jing, Zhang Yuqian, Xie Xing, Cai Yaqian, Ouyang Qianqian, Zang Qianqian, Cai Xiaoqing, Wu Han, Gao Yi, Xu Jianan
Beijing Dream (Chinese: 北京梦 Běijīng mèng) is a 2002 Mandarin Chinese-language rock album by Thin Man band. It was released on Jingwen Records on 15 July 2002.
Rao Jingwen is a Chinese table tennis player. She won the bronze medal at the 2013 World Table Tennis Championships in the mixed doubles competition with partner Wang Liqin.
SIVA was established in September 2005 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The school was founded as an art and design school with the efforts by Fudan University, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, Shanghai Jingwen Investment Ltd., Shanghai Jingwen Properties Group, Shanghai Shenjiao Investment Co., Shanghai World Expo Group, Shanghai Cred Real Estate Stock Co., Emperor Entertainment Group Ltd, The 9 Ltd and Shanda Internet Development. The school had been loosely affiliated with Fudan University; in 2013, the school became a completely independent institute, and is no longer affiliated with Fudan University.
The original gold and silver medallists, Kazakhstan's Olga Tereshkova and Iraq's Gulustan Ieso, were later disqualified after testing positive for testosterone and methylhexaneamine, respectively. Initial bronze medallist Chen Jingwen of China was elevated to the gold medal position, while fourth and fifth placed runners Chandrika Subashini and Chisato Tanaka moved into the minor medal positions.
Zhu Jingwen (Chinese: 朱景文; Pinyin: Zhū Jǐngwén, born January 7, 1948) is Professor of Legal Theory at the Renmin University of China Law School, Board Member of the China Law Society, and Director of the Renmin University of China Center on Law and Globalization.
Jing Wen Library was constructed in April, 2001 based on the collection of Jinling Women College and sponsored by Zhu Jingwen, a well-known businessman in H.K. It is the center library of Nanjing Normal University and has the most books.
An almost identical album called "Nothing to My Name" was released in Hong Kong the same year; it did not include the song "Rock 'N' Roll on the New Long March". In 1999 a second edition of the album was released, by Beijing-based Jingwen Records, to mark its tenth anniversary.
In 2009, Shanghai Synergy (SSCEG), Shanghai Jingwen, and Sony jointly invested in China's first Blu-ray Disc production line located in Shanghai. The Blu-ray disc plant is located in the Songjiang Industrial Zone. With advanced Blu-ray disc manufacturing equipment, the plant has an estimated monthly production capacity of 500,000 discs.
Platform Computing was founded by Songnian Zhou, Jingwen Wang, and Bing Wu in 1992. Its first product, LSF, was based on the "Utopia" research project at the University of Toronto. The LSF software was developed partially with funding from CANARIE (Canadian Advanced Network and Research for Industry and Education).
In 1928, Wang (through what might be called semi-arrangement) married Liu Jingwen, the much younger daughter of a Protestant pastor in Hangzhou. They experienced a long and happy marriage and had a son, Wang Tianzhe, who survived them; but their temperaments were remarkably dissimilar. Wang was obsessive about details, whereas his wife was (in his words) "only concerned about the general effect," "happy-go-lucky," and "very forgetful." Wang could be hasty to the point of rashness, and he also frequently failed to express proper sympathy or sensitivity. Jingwen was exceptionally patient and considerate of others, but she stunned Wang by correcting him in public, taking the view that since he had spoken unwisely in front of others, she had the duty to correct him before others as well. Wang recalled that after twenty years of instruction from his wife, he had made "a measure of progress," but he also warned readers of his autobiography that Jingwen "should not necessarily be taken as a model in this respect.".
Emperor Yuan of Jin (; 276 – 3 January 323), personal name Sima Rui (司馬睿), courtesy name Jingwen (景文), was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty and the first of the Eastern Jin. His reign saw the steady gradual loss of Jin territory in the north, but entrenchment of Jin authority south of the Huai River and east of the Three Gorges, and for generations Jin was not seriously threatened by Wu Hu kingdoms to the north.
Emperors of China continued to receive posthumous names of increasing length as a matter of ritual long after the naming convention had been abandoned in casual speech and writing. The Guangxu Emperor, who died in 1908 and was the last emperor to receive a posthumous name, sports the impressive 21-character title of "Emperor Tongtian Chongyun Dazhong Zhizheng Jingwen Weiwu Renxiao Ruizhi Duanjian Kuanqin Jing of Qing".
Lo Tak Shing was of Chinese and European descent. His hobbies included smoking, playing bridge and mahjong. He represented Hong Kong in international bridge tournaments. He was married three times. His first wife was Tamara Federova, his second wife was Su Jingwen, and his third wife was Zhang Huiyu (Granddaughter of a wealthy businessman, Cheung Chuk Shan). Lo Tak Shing was survived by two sons and two daughters.
Xianlin campus is the newest and largest campus of Nanjing Normal University, with a modern library and stadium, established in 2001. The library, subsidized by Zhu Jingwen, is the largest in terms of the single building area in Jiangsu Province. The campus itself occupies an area of 5,200 mu (=346.7 hectares). Xianlin campus is divided into four parts, east, west, north and south. Most of the Arts professional concentrated in Xianlin campus. Also, most of the undergraduates are studying in this campus.
Zhu Jingwen was born to a Han family in Beijing, China. A member of the first class of graduate students to attend Renmin University after the reinstatement of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, Zhu received his LL.M degree from Renmin University of China Law School in 1982, after which he joined the school's faculty. From 1987 to 1988, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law. From 1996 to 1997, he was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Wisconsin Law School. In 2005, he was elected as one of Distinguished Contemporary Chinese Jurists.