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yijun              guowei              chunhua              yufen              zhixing              yanfeng              yuting              jiali              hongwei              xiaoyan              aihua              jiafu              liping              xianying              wenjie              qifeng              anqi              yiqing              xiaojuan              qingge              dezhi              yanming              zhixian              gongquan              xiaohong              jianfeng              chunli              xueying              baohua              chengwu              jianhua              guoxiang              wenli              xiaoxuan              jiaxi              zizhong              xiaoyang              shaowen              zhihui              jiaxiang              weixing              wenguang              weiguo              yanling              jiaqi              renliang              guizhen              yuanhao              wenyi              yunpeng             

Examples of "jingyu"
In July 1919, Xiang Jingyu was invited by Cai Hesen to go to Changsha, and carry out Hunan's work-study movement in France. On December, Xiang Jingyu, Cai Hesen, Cai Chang, Cai Hesen’s mother and other persons went to France and became part-time Chinese students. Xiang Jingyu attended the Montargis Women’s University. When she studied in Montargis, she read many of Marx’s works, and developed a belief in Marxism and Communism. In May 1920, Xiang Jingyu married Cai Hesen.
When the New Citizen's Academic Association was founded in Hunan by Mao Zedong and Cai Hesen in April 1918, Xiang Jingyu wanted to make a career outside. So Xiang Jingyu went to Beijing, and paid a visit to Mr. Cai Yuanpei, the principle of Peking University. In Beijing, Xiang Jingyu met with Cai Hesen and had a good relationship with him.
Jingyu () is a town in and the county seat of Jingyu County, south-central Jilin province, China. A military rocket launch site () is near this town. The DF-4 is one example of rockets to be tested there.
In 2012 Hong Jingyu joined the EastBay Badminton Association and is representing the United States.
The Hui Yang Jingyu was killed in action while fighting the Japanese.
Su Jingyu (Chinese:苏镜宇, born February 4, 1987) is a Chinese football player as a Striker.
On 14 January 2017, Huang Jingyu again invited in Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy as one of the guest in Diesel Black Gold show. In the Cover Frenzy February 2017 Issue, Huang Jingyu was chosen to become The "King of Cover" having a more than 190 Thousand Votes and also for becoming in 1st Place in Hermes Brand and 2nd Place in MCM.
Hong Jingyu (洪静宇) (born 2 July 1984 in Beijing), also known as Jing Yu Hong, is a female professional badminton player from China who is a doubles and mixed specialist. Jingyu started her badminton career at the age of 9.
Xu Jingyu born in Heze, Shandong, China.Xu Jingyu studied sculpture in the School of Fine Arts, Shandong University of Arts and Design. She was the first student of the university to hold a personal exhibition during her studies. She obtained a bachelor's degree from the university and continue to earn national recognitions through group exhibitions in China.
Jingyu County (), formerly Méngjiāng County () until February 1946, is a county in southern Jilin province, People's Republic of China. It is under the administration of Baishan City. It is named after General Yang Jingyu, who was killed here during World War II.
Xiang Jingyu was arrested in the French Concession Sandeli in Wuhan on 20 March 1928 due to the betrayal of members of her group to the police. The French officials turned her over to the Guomindang in April. On the first of May of the same year, Xiang Jingyu was executed by Guomindang police.
In 1921, part-time students were expelled from France due to a petition for rights of study and living. Xiang Jingyu went back to China in the same year. In February 1922, Xiang Jingyu was accepted by Chinese Communist Party and became one of the earliest female party members. In July, she was elected as the first female member of the CCP Central Committee and became the first director of the party Women's Bureau. She tried to forge links with female laborers, especially in the silk industry. Xiang Jingyu wrote a number of articles to elaborate Chinese women’s problems. In these articles, she called for Chinese women to unite and fight for liberation.
In October, Xiang Jinyu and Cai Hesen were sent to study in Moscow Orient Communist Labor University, where their relationship permanently ended. In March 1927, Xiang Jingyu went back to China. On 12 April, Chiang Kai-shek started his counter-revolutionary war in Shanghai, and Xiang Jingyu decided to flee to Wuhan and work in the Propaganda Department of the Federation of Trade Unions of Wuhan. The Wuhan National Government also expelled the Communists in July. Regardless of danger, Xiang Jingyu stayed on in Wuhan editing the party journal "Chang Jiang" and helping the workers’ movement and underground Party.
Xiang Jingyu was born in Xupu, Hunan province on 4 September 1895. Her father was Xiang Ruiling, a successful businessman, and her mother was Deng Yugui, who died when Xiang Jingyu was young. She has ten siblings. Xiang Jingyu’s one brother, Xiang Xianyue, who had studied in Japan, was a leader of Tong Meng Hui in West Hunan. Xiang Xianyue founded a primary school in Wenchangge in 1903. Xiang Jingyu (then named Xiang Junxian) attended this school because of the influence of his brother and became the first girl who studied in a school in the old China.
Qu Jingyu (born October 16, 1986 in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang) is an Olympic swimmer from China. He swam for China at the 2008 Olympics.
Cai had four children: Cai Ni () and Cai Bo () by Xiang Jingyu, and Cai Zhuan () and Cai Lin () by Li Yichun.
Li's first primary spouse, Lady Zhou (周氏), bore him a son, Li Jingyu (李經毓), who died prematurely. Lady Zhou died of illness in 1861.
There are three large lakes in the Kumkol basin of the reserve: Lake Ayakum, Lake Aqqikkal, and Lake Jingyu. All are saline ("salt lakes"). The northernmost, Lake Ayakum, is at an altitude of 12,685 feet and has an area of 283 sqmi. Its depth reaches 74 feet. To the west of Lake Ayakum is Lake Aqqikkal, at an altitude of 13,940 ft, and which is 16 miles across. Lake Jingyu is the southernmost.
In 2012, she won the silver medal at the London Olympics in the women's 49kg competition. She lost the gold medal match by 1-8 to Wu Jingyu of China.
Besides legendary commanders Yang Jingyu and Zhao Shangzhi, a female officer called Zhao Yiman (1905–1936) was also revered by many Chinese as a symbol of the national salvation.