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kyoung              byul              seungho              jinlee              yerin              hwakim              jihyun              jimin              deuk              pyung              soyeon              junsu              jungkim              hyunsik              yeop              eunji              jiyeon              myeong              sookim              kyong              heepark              younglee              kwanghee              heelee              yook              gyeong              ryeol              jinpark              jaemin              hyong              hyeok              jisoo              hyeong              jiyoung              okkim              jisun              defconn              yeeun              chulpark              jihye              minkyung              gyung              eunjung              dahye              jinkim              wonho              sunkim              seunghwan              heekim              dohyun             

Examples of "jiwon"
After the show ended, Jiwon chose to leave the agency and pursue her talents elsewhere.
The discography of Korean artist Eun Jiwon consists of four studio albums, three CD singles, and collaborations with other artists.
Boram was the first member to join T-ara after two members, Jiae and Jiwon, left the group.
The music video for "Smooth Break Up" featured SG Wannabe, T-ara's Hyomin and Qri, and Spica's Jiwon.
Eun Jiwon, like Kang Ho-Dong and Lee Soo-Geun, was one of the original members, who started off in the variety show "Are You Ready" and appeared on every episode of season 1. Eun Jiwon left the show along with Lee Seung-Gi on February 26, 2012, and later returned as a guest in an early episode of season 3. Eun Jiwon's subtitle color was orange.
named Spica.S (Spica Special). The subgroup is composed of four members: Park Sihyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung. On September 11, 2014, the subgroup release their debut single, "Give Your Love" produced by Brave Brothers.
"1 Night 2 Days" premiered with cast members Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, Eun Jiwon, Noh Hong-chul, Ji Sang-ryul, and Sanggeun the dog mascot on August 5, 2007.
Soyeon was the second new member to be added to T-ara after two former members Jiae and Jiwon withdrawal from the group in mid-2009. She was featured on the sports variety show "Invincible Baseball".
The following year, Yongguk performed at the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejeon as part of a collaborative hip-hop stage featuring Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy and also including Zico, Rap Monster and Eun Jiwon.
The firm was created in January 2014 by Vingle and Vicki co-founders Changseong Ho and Jiwon Moon. Taeguen Kim and Malcolm Collins have since joined as key management within the firm.
North Korean spies start to get too cozy pretending to be South Korean citizens. On 17.Jul.2016, KBS announcer Jeong Jiwon appeared on the skit as a guest.
"Secret Love" is a promotional single from B.A.P's first mini-album, Warrior (EP). "Secret Love" is a R&B, Hip-Hop song with influences from Latin. The song runs for 3:27 (3 minutes, 27 seconds). It was written by Bang Yong Guk and Kang Jiwon; and produced by Kang Jiwon and LOPTOMIST. The song features the vocals of label mate Song Jieun of Secret, taking the lyrics of the female part. The song lyrically tells the sad love story from the perspective of a celebrity and how they have to hold secret relationships.
"Flower Crew" received a mixed response with its pilot episodes that first aired on Naver V App and later on SBS. YG Entertainment decided to partner with broadcasting station SBS to begin airing the new show regularly. The new episodes of the variety show will no longer include Jungkook and Kim Min-seok because of their hectic schedules. To replace them, the producers picked Sechs Kies's Lee Jaijin and Eun Jiwon to add more fun to the cast members. Eun Jiwon has been in other variety shows such as "New Journey to the West" and "2 Days & 1 Night".
Before "1 Night 2 Days" was first aired, it was preceded by "Are You Ready" which featured most of the "1 Night 2 Days" members — Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, and Eun Jiwon. "Are You Ready" was canceled due to low viewership ratings and was replaced by "1 Night 2 Days" after 12 episodes.
After almost 2 years it was announced that the members Rahi, Rika, Lani, Juju and Ahyul left the group. The remaining 4 members Jiwon, Jieun, Riwon and Songha were preparing to release a new song in August. The group made its comeback as a quartet releasing the song "Slowpoke" on August 15, 2015
In June 2008, J-Walk collaborated with their former Sechskies leader Eun Jiwon for a new song called "My Love" in the third album. Since Kim Jaeduck entered the military shortly after, Suwon had to promote the album by himself. Suwon entered the military on December 2009 and He was released from the army on October 2011.
The song was composed and produced by Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum, the same composers of Secret's hits such as "Magic", "Madonna"and "Shy Boy". "Going Crazy" is a midtempo hip hop ballad with guitar, piano and violin instrumentation. Featured singer, Bang Yong Guk participated in the song's production by writing the lyrics of his rap parts in "Going Crazy".
Spica (, stylized as SPICA) is a South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under B2M Entertainment. The group consists of Kim Boa, Park Sihyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon and Kim Bohyung. Their pre-debut single "Doggedly" was released on January 10, 2012, followed by their debut mini-album, "Russian Roulette", on February 8, 2012.
On September 27, 2011 he released his debut solo mini album, "Turn Me On" with "Yesterday" as its title track. It also features rap by fellow member Heo Young-saeng in dance track "My Love", and Yang Jiwon of Spica in Yesterday music video. The teaser video for "Yesterday" was released on September 22.
For the music video, the video features Yang Jiwon, a member of the pre-debut girl-group of the same company called Spica. On October 24, B2M Entertainment released a dance version of "Yesterday" uploaded onto their official YouTube account. The video features the dance of the single, emphasizing its suspender dance move.