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Phloeospora mimosae-pigrae Evans and Carion and Diabole cubensis (Arthur & J.R. Johnst.); the flower-feeding beetle Coelocephalapion aculeatum Fall; and the seed-feeding bruchid "Acanthoscelides quadridentatus" Schaeffer.
Over the years, more plants, shrubs and trees have been added. Many of these have been chosen to withstand the sometimes long dry spells, and include bougainvillea "feung fa"; various species of frangipani ("lantom"); Desert Rose ("chuan chom") "Adenium obesum" and Lantana "paka-krong" "Viburnum lantana". Also thriving are Leadwort "payapmork" "Plumbago"; yellow "barnburi" "Allamanda cathartica"; Purple Bignonia "muang maneerat" "Saritaea magnifica"; various cassias; Purple Orchid Tree "chong-koh see muang" "Bauhinia variegata"; Barometer Bush "neon" "Leucophyllum frutescens" (Berland) I. M. Johnst. with magenta flowers; different types of palm trees and Dragon Tree "chan par" "Dracaena loureire" Gagnep.