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seung              kyung              jae              hyun              jeong              yoon              yoo              chae              seok              joon              baek              hee              kwang              seong              jang              jeon              chul              suk              hye              eun              woo              yong              hyung              sook              soo              hwan              yeong              myung              wook              cheol              hyuk              woong              gyu              kang              seol              byung              hyeon              hwang              choi              ahn              kwon              yeon              byun              seon              kyu              joong              yun              keun              beom              hwa             

Examples of "joo"
He had two birth names: as Brian Gintaek Joo for American, and Joo Jin-taek () for Korean. Later, he changed both of his real names to Brian Minkyu Joo for American and Joo Min-kyoo () for Korean.
Joo Hyun (born Joo Il-choon, 1 March 1943) is a South Korean actor.
EW29 Joo Koon MRT Station is located at Joo Koon Circle along Benoi Road and International Road.
Joo married actress Lee Yoon-mi on October 28, 2006. They have two daughters - Joo Ara, who was born on March 24, 2010, and Joo Ra-el, who was born on August 4, 2015.
Lee married singer and composer Joo Young-hoon on October 28, 2006. They have two daughters - Joo Ara, who was born on March 24, 2010, and Joo Ra-el, who was born on August 4, 2015.
The Joo Chiat Single Member Constituency is a ward in the Singapore Parliament. The Member of Parliament for Joo Chiat is Charles Chong after 2011 general elections when the then incumbent Chan Soo Sen retired from politics. However, Joo Chiat ward is now not in Joo Chiat area but in Siglap. For the General Election 2015, Joo Chiat constituency ceased to exist and it has been absorbed by Marine Parade GRC.
She only depends on her son Jung-Soo (Lee Yong-Joon) who is a doctor. Her son Jung-Soo brings his girlfriend, Hyun-Joo (Shim Yi-Young). Gyeong-Sook disapproves of Hyun-Joo because of her poor family background. Nevertheless, Jung-Soo and Hyun-Joo marry. Gyeong-Sook gives Hyun-Joo a hard time. Then, Jung-Soo dies in a car accident. Gyeong-Sook and Hyun-Joo are no longer family.
Joo Koon is an industrial estate in Jurong of the West Region of Singapore. Joo Koon is served by the Joo Koon MRT Station, which is the current western terminus of the East West MRT Line until it is replaced by Tuas Link MRT Station of the Tuas West Extension in the later part of 2017. East of Joo Koon is Lok Yang and South is Gul. Joo Koon consists mostly of factories.
Joo Ah-Ran and Shin Hyun-Woo have an elaborate wedding at a luxurious hotel. Shin Hyun-Woo sincerely loves Joo Ah-Ran, but Joo Ah-Ran has ulterior motives for the marriage. Joo Ah-Rans family was destroyed by Shin Hyun-Woo's parents and, because of this, she is marrying Shin Hyun-Woo in a secret plan to exact revenge.
The next scene is of So-Hee crying with Eon-Joo on the roof. Eon-Joo smiles and tells So-Hee that she missed So-Hee her and that she wanted to return, but knew she would scare So-Hee, then So-Hee hugs Eon-Joo and said she was sorry. Eon-Joo tells So-Hee she can no longer return while So-Hee begs Eon-Joo to take her with her. However, Jeong-Eon grabs So-Hee's hand, and Eon-Joo tells So-Hee that she must stay to take care of Jeong-Eon and that So-Hee is now Jeong-Eon's older sister.
Igudesman & Joo is a duo comprising classical musicians Aleksey Igudesman and Richard Hyung-ki Joo, whose shows combine comedy with classical music and popular culture.
Kim Joo-Mi (Korean 김주미 ) (born 16 July 1984), also known as Joo Mi Kim, is a South Korean professional golfer.
Dong-joo and Gi-tae took a stroll along the beach the next day, which Dong-joo prompted him to return to the chalet in view of the cold winter. As Gi-tae took his time to play with some rocks, Dong-joo received a call from Tae-hee, asking whether he had found Gi-tae and his well-being. Gi-tae then went over to ask who called when Dong-joo hung up, and asked if it was Tae-hee when he mentioned a friend. Gi-tae voiced his concern if Dong-joo had not told his whereabouts, which Dong-joo claimed that he had not.
Tae-poong's older sister Seo Chan-joo (Jo Min-su) has been supporting her younger siblings Moon-joo (Kang Sung-yeon), and Ji-suk (Song Seung-heon), who is newly engaged to his girlfriend Jin Soo-ha (Kim Ha-neul). When Tae-poong finds Chan-joo, Ji-suk and Moon-joo, his estranged siblings want nothing to do with him. Reeling from their coldness, Tae-poong must also deal with an eight-year-old boy who claims to be his son. Not knowing what to do, Tae-poong turns to Chan-joo for help. Meanwhile youngest sister of the family Seo Yoon-joo (Jun Ji-hyun ) has found her big brother Tae-poong after detachment of 10 years but his brother couldn't recognise her. So not revealing her actual identity heartbroken Seo Yoon-joo starts helping her brother. A thug, Ha Shin-yeob ( Cha Tae-hyun ) starts showing his affectionate love towards Yoon-joo by making frequent visit at her workplace.
Hong Jin-joo or Jin-Joo Hong (, born 28 February 1983) is a South Korean professional golfer who has played on the LPGA Tour.
Jung Min-joo (born on October 11, 1990), better known by her stage name JOO, is a South Korean singer and actress.
Nam Joo-hyuk (born February 22, 1994) is a South Korean model and actor. He has starred in "" (2015) and "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" (2016).
Park Joo-hyun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Park and the given name Joo-hyun, and may also refer to:
Joo Min-ja (Cha Hwa-yeon) and her younger sister Joo Ae-ja (Lee Eung-kyung) both understand that the most valuable possession in one's life is family.
Abdullah Ibrahim, Maurice Steger or Igudesman & Joo.