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gyu              beom              hyuk              woong              joon              deok              seok              shik              wook              myeong              sook              byul              pyung              hyung              byung              kyung              hye              nyeo              yeol              taek              cheol              seung              chul              ryul              yeong              hwan              hyeong              joo              hyeok              poong              gyung              ryung              jae              ryong              kyu              baek              seol              kwang              geun              dokgo              seong              heon              kyeong              ryeol              yeon              gyeong              eun              yook              hyun              seob             

Examples of "joong"
Kim Sang-joong (김상종) - Kim Sooro (김수로)
Kim Hyun-Joong (김현중) - Kim Woo Bin (김우빈)
Kim Hyun Joong: "Smile" (Universal Music Japan)
Baek Joong-won once saved the vampire Ehwa from being burned at the stake by his fellow villagers. While attempting to escape together, Joong-won fell off a cliff, and Ehwa gave him her blood to save him from dying. Thus, Joong-won was also transformed into a vampire.
Kim Hyun Joong: "Please" (Universal Music Japan)
Kim Hyun-joong was Tony Moly's endorser for 3 years from 2007 to 2010. On August 17, 2010, Brown Eyed Girls became their new models along with actor Song Joong-ki
Kim Soo-ro (born Kim Sang-joong on May 7, 1970) is a South Korean actor.
Lim Joong-Yong (; born 21 April 1975) is a retired South Korean football player and coach.
For "Heat" Kim Hyun-joong collaborated with Japanese rock duo B'z.
After collecting evidence of Lee Joong-goo's crime in murdering Ah Sung-won, Jae-wan hands them in to the police. Lee Joong-goo escapes to a sky bridge and holds Baek Mi-nyeo captive. Following a confrontation with Jae-wan, Joong-goo tells Jae-wan that he actually loves him and jumps off the bridge. Jae-wan catches hold of him, but Joong-goo lets go and falls to his demise. After this incident, Jae-wan and his mother leave Mo-ne and Hotel Ciel.
Park Joong-hoon (born March 22, 1964) is a South Korean actor.
The automated machinery company INMAC is established in Sogong-dong,Joong-gu,Seoul,Korea
Kim Eun-jung (born 1972), also spelled Kim Eun-joong, is a South Korean children's writer.
Then a new female transfer student, So-hee (Lee Se-young) from Seoul arrives at their high school. So-hee is beautiful, innocent-looking and different from the other girls, and Joong-gil falls for her instantly. The jealous Young-sook picks a fight with So-hee to prevent her new rival from encroaching on her secret crush. Trouble brews as Gwang-sik, suspicious of the ties between Young-sook and Joong-gil, also harasses So-hee to instigate Joong-gil.
Pil Joong Lee is a cryptographer at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea.
Twenty-something Eun-mo listens to a taxi driver drone on as she rides down a foggy highway. The story then cycles back eight years earlier, when a lustful Joong-shik accidentally causes a woman to neglect her baby with disastrous consequences. Suffering from guilt, Joong-shik goes on the lam and holes up in the titular city of Paju, an underdeveloped and desolate city just north of Seoul and near the North Korean border. Teaching religious classes to the town's schoolgirls, Joong-shik captures the heart of local house owner Eun-soo, despite the protestations of her pubescent younger sister and Joong-shik's student Eun-mo.
With their mission a complete failure, Cheol-yeong and Joong-won retreat to their emergency rendezvous point. Cheol-yeong survives the encounter, but suffers a bullet to his arm and tells Joong-won that Yoo-gun that injured him. Unfortunately for Cheol-yeong, it is then that Joong-won reveals his ulterior motives and shoots and kills Cheol-yeong. Joong-won later blames Cheol-yeong's death on Yoo-gun to help him rise within the military ranks, however, there is more to Joong-won than at first glance. Unbeknownst to everyone, Seon-hwa secretly arrives moments after Joong-won leaves to confirm Cheol-yeong's death. Joong-won never defected from his country, rather a conservative high-ranking official sanctioned his departure as a means to contact IRIS. After his return to work under Cheol-yeong, he was biding his time until the time was right to carry out his personal agenda; shooting and killing Cheol-yeong. Joong-won subsequently succeeds Cheol-yeong in his position.
Kim Joong-soo (born April 17, 1960) is a former badminton player and coach from South Korea.
Ryu Joong-Il (born April 28, 1963) is currently the manager of the Samsung Lions of Korea Baseball Organization.
This is an incomplete list that shows the awards and nominations received by South Korean artist Kim Hyun-joong.