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Examples of "jordine"
Riddles of the Sphinx is a 1977 film written and directed by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen and starring Dinah Stabb, Merdelle Jordine and Riannon Tise. It was produced by the British Film Institute. The electronic score is from Mike Ratledge of The Soft Machine.
In America, he had taken up hang gliding and he continued to pursue this interest in England. In August 1976 his hang glider crash landed at Mill Hill, Sussex, and he was fatally injured. He left a wife, Merdelle Jordine, (an actress who was one of the first black women to appear in a British soap opera, "Crossroads", playing Trina MacDonald 41 episodes, 1978-1982), whom he had married in 1975, and a son Arthur.
The three-storey hotel was designed by George Charles Inskip (1840-1931) and built by Jordine and Ruthven for James Herbert Junior (1841-1893). Herbert was the proprietor of the Rockingham Arms and the Freemasons Hotel. Inskip was a Melbourne based architect, who came to Western Australia in 1879 to superintend work on Edmund Blacket’s design for St George's Cathedral, Perth. Inskip subsequently was commissioned to design a new Union Bank in Albany in 1884. Inskip also designed the Union Bank buildings in Perth, Fremantle, Roebourne and Geraldton. At the time it was built, the Federal was described in the press as being “far in advance of anything so far erected in Western Australia and equal to the best in the sister colonies”.
Denys George Irving was born on 4 January 1944 in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, and attended Dulwich College (1954–1961), where he won the Fawkes Memorial Scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford (1962) where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He was married to the actress Merdelle Jordine ("Crossroads" (playing Trina MacDonald 41 episodes, 1978-1982), 'Timeslip' (1970 as Vera), "Death May Be Your Santa Claus", "Riddles of the Sphinx", "The Sweeney") with whom he had a child. On 5 August 1976 Denys Irving was killed in a hang gliding accident at Mill Hill, Sussex. Denys was also a pioneer in early computer animation. Some of his work has recently been shown at the Tate Gallery, and his films are held in the LUX collection (see: for further information).