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Examples of "jorg"
"Jorg Weber" ‘Value-based Investment Allocation for Life Insurance Companies’
2011 Scheeßel First (with Stephan Katt, Richard Speiser, Jorg Tebbe)
Staff: Richard Jost, Alex Reinhard, Sergio Soguel, Bruni Suri, Jorg Rutishauser, Johannes Keel, Thomas Ritter.
Other exhibitions have included Gary Lang, Jorg Dubin, and Tim Youd, as well as group shows.
Jorg Peter Steinbrunner is a German football coach and chief director of Negeri Sembilan FA.
Staff: Ernst Hofner, Jeffrey Tomlinson, Wolfgang Fischer, Jorg Lochbihler, Michael Pfuhl
Toj was a German Formula Two and Formula Three racing car constructor, founded by Jorg Obermoser.
One of the more unusual exhibits is a Jorg IV Skimmerfoil ground effect craft.
Jorg wrote "13 Minutes", a book describing what happened in his own point of view.
English doctor Maxwell (Shearsmith) settles into bunk 9E while travelling from Paris to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Maxwell is disturbed first by Jorg (Pemberton), a drunk, flatulent German who climbs into bunk 9D, then by Kath (Hesmondhalgh) and Les (Benton), a couple travelling to their daughter's wedding. Jorg is in Les's bed, but the couple climb into 9A. Australian backpacker Shona (Gunning) enters; she places her bag on bunk 9C then leaves, and Maxwell closes the door. Kath and Les, laughing at Maxwell, begin to undress on the bed. Les wakes Jorg, but understanding is limited until Maxwell translates. Jorg switches to 9F and Les climbs into 9D.
The charges of manslaughter and misdemeanor assault were filed against the officers Jorg and Caton on January 3, 2001 for Owensby's death. One of the main contentious points was which officer, Jorg or Caton, may have caused his death through improper use of force. Jorg and Caton had individual trials often sharing the same evidence and witnesses, but neither officer was found to have caused his death.
Robert Hobbs, Jorg Heiser, Alessandro Rabottini and Sterling Ruby. Sterling Ruby. Bergamo: Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Bergamo, 2009.
In 1999, Compiere was founded by Jorg Janke who worked previously for Oracle in Germany and the USA.
Jorg Smeets (5 November 1970 in Bussum) is a Dutch former footballer who played as a midfielder.
CAI format is an ultra-high compression, scalable, hierarchical audio/video format initially developed by Jorg Nonnenmacher in February 2000.
In 1996, Jorg Rupf hired Lance Winters, a brewer and former nuclear scientist. One year later, Jorg and Lance began distilling and aging their single malt whiskey, which was first released in 2000. In 2004, St. George Spirits moved into its current location, a airplane hangar on the former Alameda naval air station.
If all three friends and Jorg are saved, the best ending consists of Eriko and friends (except Jorg) at a beach enjoying themselves and trying to decide what to do with their prize money. Eriko suddenly states that she is going back to Illbleed and tells them not to follow, despite their enthusiasm to return with her.
Helmut Beethoven and Jorg Beethoven: German twins who despite being confident in their abilities as the team's strikers, often feud with each other. Helmut is slimmer, taller and insists on being the driver of the team bus. Jorg is shorter, more muscular and wears a distinctive headband.
Jorg Gray was established as a watch line in 1998 by Logomark, Inc. based in Tustin, California. Originally Jorg Gray timepieces were manufactured as a high end promotional item for corporations and federal agencies. Jorg Gray became a retail only brand in 2009. The company has since expanded their line and launched a women's collection in late 2013. There are currently over 250 authorized dealers the U.S. and the brand can be found in retail stores in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America.
They were divorced in 1972, and on 27 October 1972 she married Jorg Hartwig von Nostitz-Wallwitz (b. 26 September 1937) at Aumühle. They had one daughter: