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pollacsek              agronomie              zool              geol              belg              supercond              miocque              dunod              meteorol              metallurgica              endocrinologica              obstetricia              neurochirurgica              geogr              cosmochimica              microchim              scandinavica              mikrochimica              hortic              progr              histochemica              gynecologica              congr              physiologica              industr              venereologica              acupunct              agriculturae              cardiologica              anthropol              materialia              internat              nomencl              thermochim              electroch              neuropathologica              encycl              polymr              rheol              kotitz              polymerica              scientif              chimique              repts              radiologica              tribol              thermochimica              stromer              geophys              plantbiol             

Examples of "journ"
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He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1911. His candidacy citation read: ""Professor of Pharmacology. Distinguished as a pharmacologist. Professor of Pharmacology, King's College, London. Assistant to the Downing Professor of Medicine, Cambridge. Author of 'A Manual of Pharmacology' (1906); articles in Allbutt's 'System of Medicine,' and Hale White's 'Pharmacology.' 'The Action of the Alkaloids from 'Anhalonium Lewinii" (Journ Physiol, vol xxv); 'The Action of some New Preparations from 'Cannabis Indica' (Brit Med Journ, 1899); 'The Action of Poehl's Spermine' (Journ Physiol, vol xxv); 'The Action of Indian Podophyllin' (Edin Med Journ, 1900); 'The Composition and Action of Orchitic Extracts' (Journ Physiol, vol xxvi); 'The Innervation of the Testis' (Proc Brit Assoc, 1901); 'The Innervation of the Frog's Stomach' (Journ Physiol, vol xxviii); 'Hypodermic Purgatives' (Brit Med Journ, 1902); 'The Bronchial Muscles' (with T G Brodie, Journ Physiol, vol xxix); 'Action of Drugs on Nerve cells and Nerve endings with special reference to Apocodeine' (Journ Physiol, vol xxx); 'Vaso-motor Nerve to the Lung' (with T G Brodie, ibid, vol xxx); 'The Selective Action of Cocaine on Nerve Fibres' (ibid, vol xxxii); 'The Clioscribe' (with O Inchley, ibid, vol xxxii); 'The Pathology of Asthma' (with T G Brodie, Trans Path Soc, vol liv); 'The Bio-chemical Standardisation of Drugs' (Trans Pharm Confer, 1905); 'The Bio-chemical Standardisation of Drugs' (with G S Haynes, 1905); 'Drug Fallacies' (Brit Med Journ, 1906); 'The Mode of Action of Drugs' (Med Mag, 1907); 'A Delicate Volume Recorder' (Journ Physiol, 1907); 'The Gaseous Metabolism of the Mammalian Heart' (with J Barcroft , ibid, vol xxxv); 'The Action of Alcohol on the Circulation' (Journ Physiol, vol xxxv); 'The Action of Placental Extract' (Internat Congr Physiol, 1907).""
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Among his publications are: "Enclitic Ne in Early Latin" (Strassburg dissertation, reprinted in "Amer. Journ. of Philol.", 1881); "On Latin Glossaries", with especial reference to the "Codex Sangal-lensis" ("St. Gall Glossary") (Cambridge, U.S.A., 1885); "The Stele Inscription in the Roman Forum" ("Amer. Journ. of Philol.", vol. xxviii. No. 3, and separately in 1908).
""Distinguished as an investigator in physical and general chemistry. Has published since 1912, partly with collaborators, over sixty papers in Proc Roy Soc, Journ Chem Soc, Phil Mag, Journ Amer Chem Soc, Journ Phys Chem, etc, dealing with the following subjects: - 'Mechanism of the Ionisation Process'; The Problem of Strong Electrolytes'; 'Correlation of Compound Formation, Ionisation and Solubility in Solution, and in Fused Salt Mixtures'; 'Prediction of Solubility in Polar Solutions'; 'Stability of Hydrates and other Additive Compounds'; 'Viscosity of Binary Mixtures'; 'A Method for the Separation of Rare Earths and of Isotopes."" He was elected a Fellow (FRS) in 1927.
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