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stefano_travaglia              duilio_beretta              tomás_lipovsek_puches              emilio_gómez              hans_podlipnik_castillo              guillermo_rivera_aránguiz              martín_cuevas              juan_pablo_amado              andrea_collarini              pablo_galdón              hugo_dellien              cristóbal_saavedra_corvalán              iván_endara              marc_giner              nicolás_barrientos              sergio_gutiérrez_ferrol              carlos_boluda_purkiss              roberto_quiroz              jordi_samper_montaña              andrés_molteni              gonzalo_lama              jaume_pla_malfeito              juan_ignacio_galarza              oriol_roca_batalla              mariano_kestelboim              patricio_heras              miguel_ángel_lópez_jaén              andré_gaspar_murta              ricardo_ojeda_lara              federico_coria              javier_martí              nicolás_kicker              ryusei_makiguchi              jorge_aguilar              eduardo_dischinger              marcelo_arévalo              miguel_ángel_reyes_varela              fabrício_neis              mauricio_echazú              carlos_taberner              marco_trungelliti              caio_zampieri              fernando_romboli              eduardo_struvay              renzo_olivo              josé_checa_calvo              mateo_nicolás_martínez              juan_pablo_paz              facundo_mena              juan_lizariturry             

Examples of "juan_sebastián_gómez"
Juan Sebastián Gómez and Maciek Sykut were the defending champions but decided not to participate.
Juan Sebastián Gómez / Maciek Sykut def. Andre Begemann / Izak van der Merwe, 3–6, 7–5, [10–8]
Juan Sebastián Gómez and Maciek Sykut won the tournament after defeating Andre Begemann and Izak van der Merwe 3–6, 7–5, [10–8] in the final.
Juan Sebastián Gómez Iregui (born 5 March 1992) is a Colombian professional tennis player. He competes mainly on the ATP Challenger Tour and ITF Futures, both in singles and doubles. He reached his highest ATP singles ranking, No. 474 on 14 May 2012, and his highest ATP doubles ranking, No. 360, on 14 November 2011.
In the early 1980s the neuropsychologist Daniel Carr proposed that the NDE has characteristics suggestive of a limbic lobe syndrome and that the NDE can be explained by the release of endorphins and enkephalins in the brain. Judson and Wiltshaw (1983) noted how the release of endorphins can lead to blissful or emotional NDEs, whilst naloxone can produce "hellish" NDEs. The first formal neurobiological model for NDE was presented in 1987 by Chilean scientists Juan Sebastián Gómez-Jeria (who holds a PhD in Molecular Physical Chemistry) and Juan Carlos Saavedra-Aguilar (M.D.) from the University of Chile. Their model included endorphins, neurotransmitters of the limbic system, the temporal lobe and other parts of the brain. Extensions and variations of their model came from other scientists such as Louis Appleby (1989) and Karl Jansen (1990).
In Guadalajara, Duclos played his best ever singles tour event as well, reaching the tournament final as a lucky loser entrant. He had lost to the most recent ITF junior tour champion Juan Sebastián Gómez in the qualifying round before going on to beat top-200 players Carlos Salamanca and João Souza in the quarter and semi-finals of the main draw. Having already played seven singles and three doubles matches in six days, Duclos went down rather easily in the final to No. 2 seed Paul Capdeville, 5–7, 1–6. His other significant singles result so far was qualifying and then reaching the quarter-finals of the 2011 Sarasota Open. His success in May and June has seen his singles ranking return to well inside the top 400. In doubles, in addition to the Guadalajara finals, Duclos reached three semi-finals and three quarter-finals in eleven Challenger events played.