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choi_eun              jung_yong              woong              geun              yoon_jung              yoon_jong              kim_seong              sung_hoon              choi_jong              lee_seung              yeol              kim_myung              kang_tae              jeong_hee              yoon_ji              jung_yoon              myeong              jung_hee              choi_hyun              choi_seung              seop              yeom_dong              yoo_seung              baek_ji              ryul              kyeong              soo_kyung              ryong              kim_yeong              shin_jae              lee_myung              seo_hyun              yoo_jae              dong_chul              choi_byung              pyung              jung_soo              hyo              ryeol              ryung              ahn_jae              byeong              jo_dong_hyuk              ji_hoon              bong_soo              seok_jin              ji_seok              joo_hyun              sang_hoon              kim_hye             

Examples of "jung_hae"
Park Jung-Hae (; born 21 April 1987), is a South Korean football defender.
Jung Hae-In (born April 1, 1988) is a South Korean actor.
Jung Hae-In's third great-grandfather is Jung Yak-Yong, a great thinker of the later Joseon period.
Jung Hae-seong is a South Korean football manager and former player. He lastly managed Chunnam Dragons between 2010 and 2012.
Jong-pil Lee, Young-jae, Jung Hae-Ran, Chong Nam-Yull, Lee Soo-Hee, Park Ki-hyun, Shin Seung-won, Song Jung-Bin, Bae Min-Soon, Shin Hye-jin, Kim Youn-Sik, Kim Ki-Wan
Jung Seol-bin (), formerly Jung Hae-in (born 6 January 1990), is a South Korean football player for Incheon Red Angels and the South Korean national team. She participated at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.
X-5 has five members: Ghun (Son Hyun-seok 손현석), Taefung (Lee Dong-hyun 이동현) Jung Hae-won (정해원), Zin (Jin Hyun-jin 진현진), and Sulhu (Kim Jin-wan 김진완).
The story begins with a car accident involving a man named Jung Joon-seok and it flashes back some scenes of him chasing a young adorable girl, her daughter Jung Hae-won, around the hanging blankets. He was living with his wife, Park Young-ran, Hae-won's mother.
In 2006, as a member of Boin High School, Koo participated in the Baekrok High School Football Competition that is annually held in Jeju Island. Leading Boin High School to a runner-up place with an outstanding performance, he grabbed the attention of Jung Hae-seong, who was then the manager of Jeju United.
The Three Musketeers () is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Jin-wook, Yang Dong-geun, Jung Hae-in, and Seo Hyun-jin. Loosely based on Alexandre Dumas's novel "The Three Musketeers", the series follows three Joseon-era adventurers who serve Crown Prince Sohyeon as his warrior guards. It aired on cable channel tvN from August 17 to November 2, 2014 on Sundays at 21:00 for 12 episodes.
After graduating from California State University, Northridge in the United States, Lee Soo-man returned to Korea and established 'SM Studio' in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam, Seoul in 1989. The business changed its name to S.M. Entertainment and set up its capital fund in February 1995 with Jung Hae-ik as CEO. The agency developed an 'in-house' production system and produced a string of successful artists including boy group H.O.T. in 1996, girl group S.E.S. in 1997, Shinhwa in 1998, and R&B duo Fly to the Sky in 1999. Kim Kyung-wook became CEO of the company in 1998.
Writing for online magazine "IZM", Kim Ban-ya rated "The Best Man" three and a half stars out of five, complimenting "Night and Day" for its "grandeur" and "dramatic" rise in scale. Also rating the mini-album three stars out of five, Oh Lee of Rhythmer felt that Wheesung accomplished to "upgrade" himself, describing the album as a reflection of the singer due to the "personal sensitivity" of the lyrics. Jung Hae-wook of News Tomtato gave the musicality of the record a full five stars, while awarding it three for its appeal and experimentation. He named "I Need to Make Money" the best track on the record aside from the lead single.
Jung Hae-jung is the eldest of four sisters, and is kind and giving to her younger sisters - even though she's actually their half-sister. In contrast, second sister Yu-jin is ambitious and straightforward, and cares deeply for family friend Young-hoon. Third sister Yu-mi is materialistic, and gets engaged to a rich man, despite being more compatible with her ex-boyfriend Tae-suk. And fourth sister Yoo-sun is a high school student with heart problems and has a crush on her teacher. Each sister struggles to find true love, and conflicts and difficulties arise. But through it all, they remain true to each other.
Before their debut in mid-2013, Boys Republic, as a band, they have received two years of training under Universal Music and Jung Hae IK of Happy Tribe Entertainment, who has helped to produce first generation idols such as g.o.d, H.O.T, and S.E.S. The boys have been trained in singing, dancing, acting, and languages and cultures of other countries. To further establish global relevance, the group's chief music adviser, producer and composer Keun Tae Park has collaborated with Dsign Music, the Norwegian songwriting/production company that has written songs for TVXQ, Girls' Generation, and EXO.
"2gether" was met with generally favorably reviews from music critics, particular for its use for electronic elements. Jung Min-jae of online magazine "IZM" noted the band for "adhering to a wide-range of pop rock genres", and that the band's "signature smooth melodies and waving grooves are more attractive than ever". Jung Hae-wook of "News Tomato" complimented the band on the mixture of electronic rock and being able to form a distinct sound between the tracks, as well as their effort to experiment in order to establish its musical identity. Jeff Benjamin of "Billboard" stated that in spite of the change in direction of the band's music on the album, their "sentimental songwriting" and "vivacious energy" persisted.
Rating the album three and a half stars out of five, Jung Min-jae of online magazine "IZM" sensed that CNBLUE "adheres to its wide-ranging pop rock" in "2gether". Lauding Jung's versatile vocal styles throughout the album and the band's blending of music, he felt that the band's "signature smooth melodies and waving grooves are more attractive than ever". He complimented the "stable, tidied color of its sound", acknowledging "how much effort was put in to its solid structure." He named "Domino" and "Radio" as the highlights of the album that showcased "a new side of the band", while also noting tracks like "Roller Coaster" and "Hero" draw from the band's previous work to strike a balance within the album. He expressed that the "dramatic" progression of CNBLUE's music was "unfathomable" from its career beginnings. In spite of lyrics lacking depth, in addition to compositions and arrangements which fell short of diversity, he stated that the "neat composition of the tracks makes you feel good", which produced a "well-made pop rock album". Rating the album three stars out of five, Jung Hae-wook of "News Tomato" complimented the band on the mixture of electronic rock and being able to form a distinct sound between the tracks, as well as their effort to experiment in order to establish its musical identity.