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jung_hyun              sung_hoon              woong              yeol              ji_hyun              ji_yeon              kwang_soo              seo_hyun              ji_hoon              seung_ho              eun_kyung              ji_hye              beom              kyeong              sang_hoon              jung_hae              choi_eun              yoon_ji              jeong_hee              jung_hwa              yoon_jung              gyung              ryul              hee_kyung              geun              hee_joo              kang_tae              joo_hyun              kyung_joo              kang_dae              jung_tae              soo_kyung              joon_ho              myung_su              hyun_soo              jung_yong              jae_seok              hyun_sook              byoung              jung_yoon              taek              jae_ho              dong_wook              kyung_ah              seong_ho              jin_sook              myeong              yoon_jong              hee_jung              choi_seung             

Examples of "jung_hee"
Oh Jung-Hee (born November 9, 1947) () is a South Korean writer.
Lee Jung-hee (born 1969) is a South Korean female lawyer, politician, and human rights activist.
9. "Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom" tie with "Yun Jung-hee, Poetry"
Young's students include senior disciple Jung Hee Choi, as well as Michael Harrison, Arnold Dreyblatt and Daniel James Wolf.
Lee Jung-hee (UPP)
former leader of UPP and former assemblywoman
Jang Jung-hee (; born June 20, 1958), is a South Korean actress. She mostly plays supporting roles in television dramas.
Chae started her acting career in 2006 where she played young Jung Hee-soo in "Over the Rainbow".
Its subsidiaries include Yuhan Medica, Yuhan Chemicals, and Yuhan-Kimberly, a joint venture with Kimberly-Clark. The current Yuhan CEO is Jung Hee Lee (이정희).
Park Jung-hee (born 10 October 1967) is a South Korean sport shooter who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics and in the 1996 Summer Olympics.
The assassination of president Park Jung Hee on 26 October 1979 by Kim Jae Kyu, terminating his dictatorship, was expected to democratize South Korea soon by people who revived democratization movements.
Yi has won several awards including the 4th annual Han Mu-sook Literature prize in 1999, the 4th Goh-Jung-hee Literature Prize 2011, and in 2004 the Beautiful Writer's Prize which is awarded to older writers by younger ones.
E Meidie from China won the gold medal after beating Nguyễn Thị Bích of Vietnam in gold medal bout 2–0. The bronze medal was shared by Elaheh Mansourian from Iran and Lee Jung-hee from South Korea.
Jung-hee, also spelled Jeong-hee or Chung-hee, is a Korean unisex given name. The meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 65 hanja with the reading "jung" and 25 hanja with the reading "hee" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names. Jung-hee was the fourth-most popular name for newborn girls in South Korea in 1950, falling to sixth place by 1960.
After the release of "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" in 2002 Jung Hee Chun rose to quickly be noticed as one of the strongest players in the South Korean scene, which was at the time known as the most competitive gaming scene in the world.
Family's Honor (; also known as Glory of the Family) is a South Korean television series starring Yoon Jung-hee, Park Si-hoo, Jeon No-min, Kim Sung-min, Shin Da-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, and Maya. It aired on SBS from October 11, 2008 to April 19, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 for 54 episodes.
Smile, Mom () is a 2010 South Korean television drama starring Lee Mi-sook, Park Won-sook, Ji Soo-won, Yoon Jung-hee, Go Eun-mi and Lee Jae-hwang. The weekend theater drama aired on SBS from November 6, 2010 to April 24, 2011 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:50 for 50 episodes.
In 2002, Young, along with Marian Zazeela, and senior disciple Jung Hee Choi founded the Just Alap Raga Ensemble. This ensemble, performing Indian classical music of the Kirana Gharana, merges the traditions of Western and Hindustani classical music, with Young applying his own compositional approach to traditional raga performance, form, and technique.
Tasty Life () is a 2012 South Korean television series starring Im Chae-moo, Yoon Jung-hee, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Yoo Da-in and Lee Hyeri. It aired on SBS from April 28 to September 23, 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays at 20:40 for 39 episodes.
Tukkong Moosool has been demonstrated in front of President Park Jung-Hee, President Chun Doo-Hwan in October 1980; President Noh Tae-Woo in May 1992; President Kim Young-Sam in June 1993; and President Kim Dae-Jung in May 1998. Demonstrations have also been performed in front of US Military Forces in Korea, the Korean public, and the Japanese media.
On 29 August 2005, the Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities issued a list of 3,094 pro-Japanese collaborators including Park Jung-Hee, the former Korean President, Bang Eun-Mo, a former president of Chosun Ilbo, Kim Song Su, a former publisher of Dong-a Ilbo, and Hong Jin-Ki.