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choi_hyun              yoo_jae              choi_eun              jung_hae              woong              sung_hoon              jung_yoon              yoon_jong              kim_myung              ahn_jae              kang_tae              yoo_seung              yoon_jung              byeong              ji_seok              lee_kwang              yeol              heum              byoung              jeong_hee              kim_yeong              lee_seung              lee_byung              choi_jong              jung_hwa              deuk              bong_soo              yoon_ji              ryeol              beom              jeong_eun              gyung              jeong_jae              pyung              yun_seok              taek              seo_hyun              yeom_dong              kim_seong              jung_hee              seok_hyun              ryong              kim_byeong              choi_jeong              tae_woo              ryul              soo_kyung              kyung_hwan              kyeong              seop             

Examples of "jung_yong"
Jung Yong-Hoon (; 11 March 1979 – 31 August 2003) was a South Korean footballer.
"Can't Stop" was composed by CNBLUE vocalist Jung Yong-hwa and Heaven Light.
On June 24, Jung simultaneously released the "Jung Yong-hwa 1st Concert in Japan "One Fine Day" Live at Budokan" live album and the "Jung Yong-hwa 1st Concert in Japan "One Fine Day"" video album in DVD and Blu-ray formats. He also released the "Jung Yong-hwa 1st Concert: One Fine Day" live package on November 25. The set consists of a two-disc live video album in DVD format, a two-disc live album, and a 230-page photobook.
In 2017, Tang starred alongside Nicholas Tse and Jung Yong-hwa in the comedy film "Cook Up a Storm".
"In My Head" was written by Kenji Tamai and Yoshifumi Kanamaru and composed by Jung Yong-hwa. "Mr. KIA (Know It All)" was written and composed by Jung Yong Hwa and Ryo. "Rain of Blessing" was written by Kenji Tamai, Kaori Fukano and Keisuke and composed by Lee Jong-hyun and Ryo.
All songs from the single were written by the member Jung Yong-hwa. "Come On" was translated in Japanese by Kenji Tamai and composed by the member Lee Jong-hyun. "Wake Up" was composed by Ryo and Jung Yong-hwa. "My Miracle" was composed by Ryo and Lee Jong-hyun.
"Where You Are" was composed and written by Jung Yong-hwa and Kenji Tamai. The B-side, "Get Away" was written by Nozomi Maezawa and Agehasprings and composed by Lee Jong-hyun and Ryo. The second B-side, "Feeling" was written and composed by Jung Yong-hwa and Ryo.
In November 2014, his song for the movie Chang Trai Nam Ay, Chac Ai Do Se Ve ("Someone will come back") also was alleged to infringe the copyright of Jung Yong-hwa's song, Because I Miss You. This allegation only ended when FNC Entertainment, Jung Yong-hwa's record label, informed that they considered the similarities between two songs but found no copyright infringements.
Jung-Yong Kim of Omnibus Investment is the seat holder, with Good EMG supporting the project. Carlin Motorsport will be the racing team.
He was an ulzzang at "BESTNINE" alongside Mblaq's Lee Joon, fellow member Jung Yong-hwa, and Block B's Jaehyo before debut.
In 2011, he was cast in MBC's youth drama "Heartstrings", which stars fellow CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa. He sung an OST for the drama, titled "Star".
Lee Jung-yong (born July 6, 1982/1983; ) is a South Korean football midfielder for Sisaket FC in the Thai Premier League.
A series of misunderstandings causes Lee Shin (Jung Yong-hwa), the cocky leader of "The Stupid" and Lee Gyu-won (Park Shin-hye), a college student majoring in
In 2016, Lee was cast in the JYP Entertainment produced drama, "The Package" opposite Jung Yong-hwa and Choi Woo-shik.
The discography of the South Korean singer Jung Yong-hwa, consists of one studio album, four singles, collaborations and soundtrack appearances and three music videos.
Cook Up a Storm () is a 2017 Hong Kong-Chinese comedy film directed by Raymond Yip and starring Nicholas Tse, Jung Yong-hwa, Ge You and Tiffany Tang. It was released in China on February 10, 2017.
Jung Yong-hwa is a South Korean musician, singer, songwriter, producer and actor. He is the leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band CNBLUE under FNC Entertainment.
"Heartstrings" is a youth melodrama about love, friendship and dreams, set against the backdrop of a performing arts college. The drama reunited Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye who both starred in the TV series "You're Beautiful" (2009).
The album consists of 3 songs, the title track "Elvis", "Love is Only You" composed by CN Blue's Jung Yong-hwa, and a ballad called "Temptation". A band version of "Elvis" is also included on the album.
Park then starred in MBC's youth melodrama "Heartstrings" opposite Jung Yong-hwa. The same year, Park featured in her first Taiwanese drama, "Hayate The Combat Butler", based on the Japanese shōnen manga of the same name.